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School Board Member - 4 Year Term - Term Commences 1/1/2018
  • Yvonne Baker Accounting Professor

  • Terry Lowe - Write In Candidate

  • Randy L. McElfresh State of Ohio

  • Michael Swinford - Write In Candidate

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What are your skills, talents and expertise that will help you contribute as a school board member?

What are the biggest challenges facing your school district and what specific solutions do you seek?

What do you hope to accomplish while you are a school board member?

Education Masters of Accountancy, 2008 Bachelor of Business Administration, 1994
Age 46
Employer Cincinnati State
Experience Teach a variety of accounting courses. Prior to teaching, I worked in public accounting.
I have a financial background. I have a Master’s Degree in Accounting and I hold a Certified Public Accountant License (Inactive). I am an accounting professor at Cincinnati State so I am also familiar with budgets in an academic institution. I am analytical and detail-oriented. I graduated from Felicity Franklin, my son recently graduated from Felicity Franklin and I have a daughter that currently attends Felicity Franklin High School. I care about the school and the education that each child receives.
There are many challenges. Felicity Franklin is a small district with a high population of students who receive free and reduced lunch. Our middle school and high school report card is a challenge, but overall they are improving. We have added electives and expanded our FFA program. We have incorporated blended learning and one-to-one technology. I want us to continue to do better each year until the middle school and high school are as excellent as our elementary.
In addition to improving the middle and high school scores, I would like us to continue to improve communications with parents and the community. We are also making strides in this area. We recently re-vamped our website, adopted Final Forms and launched a mobile app.
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Education High School Diploma
Employer State of Ohio
My full time employment has provided an adundance of experience in working with other people, personnel management, critical incident management, budgetary issues, and various other management/administrative tasks. All of my past experience allows me to approach problems and issues with an open mind. Anyone in a leadership position needs to fully understand an issue, be willing to work with others to develop a solution, put that solution in motion, and then monitor outcomes over a short and long period of time.
My experience as a school board member has shown me that most of the issues facing the district are related to budgetary issues and also with student performance. Budgetary issues can be difficult to overcome because funding is limited and does not appear to be increasing in the future. Continued proper management of funds/spending is extremely important in solidifying the future of the district. Our student performance continues to improve under the leadership of our management team and staff. I look forward to continuing to see improved results as our teachers work together and also as additional electives are offered. Great strides have already been made which we all are very excited about!
I have three goals as a board member. First, I want to continue to work with the other board members and school leadership to keep us operating within our budget. Fiscal responsibility from all parties involved is extremely important to me. Second, we must continue to improve student performance. Felicity Franklin Schools has already seen marked improvement in student performance. Some of our scores are the highest in the county. The teaching staff is very happy with the improvements, but know we can always get better. We have outstanding educators and I look forward to additional improvements which are just on the horizon. My final goal is to continue to improve safety. In the interest of confidentiality I will not elaborate on what my ideas are, but I look forward to changes that will be conducive to a safe environment for our kids.
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