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Euclid City Council, Ward 6

Term: 4 yearsSalary: $11,000Incumbent Patrick M. Delaney is running against challengers Lee F. Bock and John M. Wojtila.
  • Lee F. Bock

  • Patrick Delaney

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    John M. Wojtila Civil Engineer in Real Estate Development

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What do you think are the biggest challenges facing your community? And, if applicable, your ward?

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Age 55
Education Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Cleveland State University
Current occupation Principal ~ VP of Development and Construction Services at the Zaremba Group, LLC
Qualifications for office Dedicated to the community including previously serving on City Council from 2008 through 2011.
Campaign Phone (216) 288-4698
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I previously served on Council and am extremely proud of how I served the residents of Ward 6 and what I was able to accomplish. I am a licensed professional engineer working as a civil engineer for 32 years. I have experience in all aspects of real estate development. I understand the City's infrastructure and the challenges we face with its age and condition. I am hoping to get elected again and bring my knowledge, integrity and vision to City Council. My unique experience and skill sets will be an asset to Ward 6 and the whole City of Euclid.
I would hope to accomplish the creation of a template to enable the easy formation of neighborhood associations. Ideally the association would include the ownership, control. and management of common property. This common property would help to solidify the association for the long-term. I would also continue the update of our zoning code making it both relevant and current. I would like to add Overlay Districts for both our Freeway Corridor and Euclid Avenue. The steps will help to ensure positive redevelopment. I would also evaluate alternate options to our yard waste disposal. This analysis would determine if there are better economical and environmental ways to handle our yard waste (which is currently treated like all other waste). Lastly, I would work to ensure our Housing Department is equipped to handle all the necessary property inspections. The Housing Department needs to ensure all identified violations are corrected and in a timely manner.
Safety and security is our greatest issue. The residents, businesses, and visitors must be and feel secure. Beyond being a basic need, safety and security promotes and fosters growth. This is not solely a unique issue with the City of Euclid; but nonetheless, needs to be first and foremost within both the Administration and Council. We need to ensure our safety forces are equipped with the tools and training to perform their duties at the highest level. logo


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