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Brooklyn Heights Mayor

Term: 4 yearsMayor Mike S. Procuk is being challenged by Village Councilman Tom Lahiff.
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    Tom Lahiff Senior Vice President - Business Development

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    Mike S. Procuk Mayor, Village of Brooklyn Heights

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Why are you running (or running again) for mayor or a seat on City Council?

What do you hope to accomplish while you're mayor or on City Council--for your ward or for your whole city?

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing your community? And, if applicable, your ward?

Age 62
Education Kent State University - Bachelors in Business Administration - Marketing
Current occupation Senior Vice President Business Development - We Build Apps LLC
Qualifications for office 10 years experience - Councilman at Large, 35 years experience Corporate Sales primarily as a Financial Advisor
Campaign Phone (216) 533-1279
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The primary source of revenue for Brooklyn Hts is the 2% employment tax we receive from the employees of companies located in our community. This represents over 80% of our revenue. We currently have 31 commercial buildings with available space totalling over 640,000 square feet. This represents nearly 1/3 of our business community. Last year we operated at a $187,000 deficit and this year the deficit is projected to be $542,000. This estimate was done by our Clerk/Treasurer before we recently lost one of our largest employers. We need to have a Marketing plan in place to keep the businesses that we have and to attract new businesses to fill the vacant buildings. As a Financial Advisor I developed a Marketing strategy for selling pension plans to business owners in the area. I lead the company I was with for 7 straight years by setting up strategic centers of influence and generating referrals from them. This generated over $30,000,000 in assets. We need to have a Business Development Committee comprised of some of the smartest and most successful people in Brooklyn Hts to put together a plan to do this. Many of the residents have been asking me for 3 yeares to run for Mayor.
I hope to help solve our cash flow problem. If I can help do this, we can maintain our village's excellent services that makes Brooklyn Hts a great place to live and work. We have excellent senior programs. It is important to continue these because the seniors built our community and we owe them our loyalty. We also need to maintain and increase the programs for children and families. We need for the children to be a part of our community because they are our future. We need to work closely with the Cuyahoga Hts school system because that will keep up the value of our homes. We need for our residents to feel they are a big part of our community through new events. All these goals can be realized by solving the cash flow situation.
Most residents are unaware of where we are financially. They have been misled for years that everything is fine and the no need for concern. Once they realize where we are, we need patience for the business development plan to work. There is no need to panic, but we cannot continue the path we are on. We have $1,000,000 in our General Fund but 16 years ago our cash balance was $16,500,000. We do not need to make cuts or reduce our staffing. We will not sacrifice safety to balance the budget. Implementing a successful Marketing plan will change the course of our financial future.
Age 64
Education Graduate Valley Forge High School
Current occupation Mayor, Village of Brooklyn Heights
Qualifications for office Steady, experienced leadership with my proven track record. As an insurance agent, I worked tirelessly for my clients and had a personal relationship with each of them. Prior to holding elected positions in the village, I volunteered on numerous projects in the community and learned, first hand, the needs and hopes of our residents. With 9 years on council, 16+ years as mayor and member and leadership status on associations and committees throughout the area, I have gained a unique perspective and insight to the demands of running a municipality.
Campaign Phone (216) 459-0201
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I want to continue the effective economic development in Brooklyn Heights. We have positive business movement in progress with a substantial new tenant currently moving into our community. I will continue to lead our staff to obtain grants and stretch our tax dollars as I have done successfully with 6 million in grant dollars to date. I will sustain the quality of Brooklyn Heights through integrity, honesty, and experience.

We have a vibrant community with superior services and programming and I plan to continue and expand the opportunities for our residents including an Exterior Maintenance Plan.

I will maintain my volunteer involvement with the many organizations and associations that have furthered the initiative of keeping Brooklyn Heights in the limelight for residents and business owners alike.

Our latest, reliable and straightforward financial report reflects we are 11.27% above our projected +$413,554 for this year. See the report here
All of our departments have received grants this year stretching our tax dollars. I recently applied for additional grants to update our Master Plan and for Park Improvements. If successful, pavilion #1 will be improved and hard surfaced parking will be added. These improvements will add handicapped parking spaces close to diamond #2, and additional access for our concession workers. A redesign will also make crossing the street safer. Together with our great administrative team, I intend to carry on the aggressive pursuit in obtaining grants and upholding the fiscal obligations for a strong financial budget. I will continue my work at the local, state and federal levels to safeguard our community’s master plan including safety, services, recreation and economic development. I will work nonstop to hold true to what Brooklyn Heights values.
Since first elected, we have been through a lot together. The State has cut or eliminated revenue that municipalities used to receive. We rely on municipal income taxes as our revenue stream. Economic Development is key to our success. I have been our Director the past 2 years. Last year was our highest collection ever and we added over $250,000 to our surplus. Currently we only have 10% vacancy in our commercial buildings. Many of these buildings are warehouses and will not generate enough revenue to build up our capital improvement fund. Council must re-evaluate the fact for the past 13 years, all revenue is deposited into the General Fund. While I have been successful at obtaining over 6 million dollars in grant funding, we must stabilize our capital improvement fund. logo


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