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Longmont City Council Ward 2

The City of Longmont, is governed by a seven member Council. The Mayor is elected to serve a two-year term and each Council member is elected to serve a four-year term.The Mayor and Council members are the leaders and policy makers in the community elected to represent various segments of the community and to concentrate on policy issues that are responsive to residents' needs and wishes.Electors can expect to see the following City Council positions on their ballot: Mayor, two year term ending November 2019 Two Council Members, At Large, four year terms ending November 2021 Council Member, Ward 2, four year term ending November 2021
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    Marcia Martin retired

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    Jeff Moore City Council Ward 2

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What are the three major issues the City faces in the next five years?

How would you ensure that City policy discussions and decisions incorporate the voices of people who are living in poverty, experiencing racial discrimination or are otherwise disenfranchised?

Explain why you feel it is or is not necessary to acquire additional water storage for the City?

It has been 17 years since the campaign finance rules were written. Do the need changing? How would you change them?

Background Software engineer by training. Elected StorageTek Fellow in 2005. Became involved in Smart Grid after leaving Sun Microsystems. Retired in 2014.
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1. Threat of incursions by oil and gas industry. 2. Lack of a sufficient supply of affordable and attainable housing. 3. Price pressures on market will drive out Longmont's workforce, ending economic diversity, damaging the sense of community that Longmont now enjoys, and turning us into a "bedroom community" that will age into a retirement community because young, upcoming people cannot get a foothold in the overpriced city.
First, there must be provision for formal two-way exchange between Council and the public. At least quarterly, the City Council, City Manager, and City Attorneys (at least) must sit in a panel and accept questions from the public, which they are required to answer if they are germane to the business of the city. The informal "Coffee with Council" and the one-way "Public Invited to be Heard" are insufficient. A real dialog is needed.

Advocacy groups such as El Comite, neighborhood associations, and other citizen-led interest groups should have the opportunity to participate in policy creation and work with the city staff to accomplish mutual goals. We have something of a model today with HOPE and OUR Center.
Longmont should be adapting its landscaping, regulations, building codes, and habits to conserve water, not find reasons to take and hoard more water. In the future, there will be contention over the water in the Colorado River basin. If Longmont is perceived as a water hoarder or a water waster, we will not be well regarded and will lose credibility in the litigation that will certainly follow an extended drought. Colorado's Windy Gap water rights will be too junior to survive an extended period of shortage anyway. We might as well get used to being responsible now.
A limit should be set on how much a candidate can spend on his or her own campaign. Otherwise, the existing contribution limits seem reasonable.
Background Retired Manufacturing Engineer Family: Wife Ingrid, Son Doug and his wife Denise, 2 granddaughters We have lived in Longmont 22 years Profession: Retired Manufacturing Engineer Public Service: Longmont Downtown Development Authority, Longmont Housing Authority, Library Board, Airport Advisory Board, Youth Council, Water Board Denver Regional Council of Governments, North Area Transit Alliance, Commuting Solutions, CO Highway 66 Planning and Environmental Linkages Study, National League of Cities Information Technology and Communications Committee, and National League of Cities Board of Directors, President, Meadowview 7&9 HOA. Bachelor of Science Industrial Technology, Iowa State University
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Housing Costs are increasing and there is no end in sight. Even families making 6 figures are finding housing that they can afford, let alone families making minimum wage. Securing funding to finish the flood mitigation work along the St. Vrain. We are currently about $40Million short of the required funding to finish the project. We need public transportation improvements. RTD is studying BRT along CO 119 to Boulder and I am trying to garner support to add a Bustang stop at CO 119 and I25 for the Ft Collins to Denver route.
I think the biggest group in the question is those in poverty. I do not hear about racism or disenfranchised individuals on a regular basis. Addressing poverty and homelessness is a big issue and we are currently moving forward with a coordinated services model county wide to address homelessness. This is a regional approach to get people into housing and assisting individuals who want to improve their situation. Council can require that staff communications include an impact statement describing how decisions will affect people in poverty or on fixed incomes. For example, when we have a rate increase, how we can connect elderly on fixed incomes or families in poverty to assistance with utility bills. We would need to develop a system to identify qualified households.
I do feel it is necessary to secure additional storage. • We own water on the western slope that we cannot store. • With climate change we cannot be sure which side of the divide snow will fall. • We need to secure financing with bonds. o Continues the Windy Gap surcharge on new construction o New residents will help pay for the project with rates • The project will be built at 90,000 ac/ft with or without us. o We need to control our allocation of 10,000 ac/ft o Someone will be taking any part of the allocation we do not take • Adds resiliency and redundancy to our water portfolio • Secures water ready to go into our water treatment plant without additional treatment • Is consistent with our raw water master plan • This project is the lowest cost new water supply available to us.
No, they are comprehensive and require transparency. logo


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