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Bedford City Council, Ward 3

Term: 4 yearsSalary: $12,971Five candidates are vying for this seat: Otto Ersek, Victor Fluharty, Laura Hulett, Patricia Karabowicz, and Frank Spiker. Incumbent Marilyn Zolata is not running.
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    Otto Ersek Paralegal

  • Victor Fluharty

  • Laura Hulett

  • Patricia Karabowicz

  • Frank Spiker

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Why are you running (or running again) for mayor or a seat on City Council?

What do you hope to accomplish while you're mayor or on City Council--for your ward or for your whole city?

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing your community? And, if applicable, your ward?

Age 23
Education Cuyahoga Community College
Current occupation Currently dedicating my time and energy to campaigning for the council seat, the Charter of the City of Bedford states that City Council seats are part time positions and so I will seeking positions in law-firms that take cases of civil rights violations after the election.
Qualifications for office Knowledge of Oho Laws and Regulations such as the Ohio Sunshine Laws, Studies in Constitutional Law and Government, Highly Ethical and knowledge of Ohio Ethics Laws, the Ability to connect with people and put others needs before my own as someone who is representing a populous should.
Campaign Phone (440) 252-5153
Email address
I am running for Bedford City Council Ward 3 not because this is a glamorous job or because it comes with a title, I am seeking to change my city, it's time the City of Bedford joins the 21st century and that city policy and ordinances reflect that. our citizens just voted to raise the income tax because Bedford was facing tough financial times, the city relied on one large company for most of its revenue and that company went out of business and the city is looking towards its replacement to be our new goose to lay golden eggs. We cannot survive that way, nor can we survive without Economic Development, long gone are the days the companies seek out cities to do business in, it is now the cities who must reach out and say, "we welcome you" it is my goal to fight for an Economic Development Director who can advertise Bedford as the Gem of Cuyahoga County but also help our small businesses thrive in a time where online shopping or huge national chain stores dominates the market. Also, I am running because this city has forgotten who is sovereign, We the People. Bedford has a very large and diverse community and it is my wish to celebrate that diversity by conducting festivals to celebrate and learn more about our population and their cultures, therefore, making the city a beacon for those who wish to move to a neighborhood that is more inclusive and welcoming to the background of all citizens and bring businesses that value that diversity.
It is my goal that while in office to keep the city to its word when they frightened the residents into raising the income tax by threatening that all programs for senior citizens will be stopped and police and fire services will become limited. It is my goal to make sure that sewer and water lines will be replaced especially in Ward 3 where we have had so many water main breaks, that roads that have potholes and sidewalks that are now staircases will be repaired that we address and change our Point of Sale inspection ordinance that was deemed Unconstitutional by the Northern District of Ohio and that I feel is blatantly Unconstitutional and voids the rights that two parties may enter into a contract to purchase real estate by forcing the seller of a home that is either a century or half-century to bring that house up to state of the art condition thus inflating the selling price making it unaffordable for our aging population mostly on fixed income do downsize. Also, to make our city more welcoming to all residents of all race, sex, orientation, religious background and political leanings.
The biggest challenge in my ward and the city, in general, is that the people feel disconnected to the city government, restoring their trust in government is going to be the biggest challenge as there is currently little transparency and the needs of the people are ignored. But also that the city is not progressing to the future but living in the past, people are leaving the Bedford because of the income tax increase and when the people ask when the city is going to hire new police and replace those who are retiring after many years of dedicated services our only response is, “it’s a long process were working on it” however, this administration has no problem discussing the walkway from the downtown area of Bedford to the Metro-Park yet little word about the sewer, water main, roads and sidewalks so it is clear that the current city government is very disconnected with the needs of the people.It is also my goal to introduce a transparent government law that will force the city government to disclose all information as public record whenever they are out representing the city to any national organization such as the National League of Cities or Mayors and Managers, this law will require that the cities representative either the mayor, members of council, the city manager or any other appointed representative will be required to disclose where the representative stayed and that cost to the city, who the representative might have met and a detailed report of any and all seminar
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