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Lago Vista City Council Place 5

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    Stephanie Smith Bookkeeper

  • Dick Weatherly retired Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

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Given current budget constraints, how do you propose to manage the needs of your city, such as job growth, transportation and public safety?

What other pressing issues are facing your community and what actions would you propose to deal with those issues?

Why are you seeking this office?

Background Elected in 2015 and seeking a 2nd term as a Lago Vista City Council Member Place 5.
Education Richmond Community College in Dallas 08/2000-08/2002; GPA: 3.0; No degree. Duncanville HS, Duncanville, TX; 1996-2000; GPA: 3.73; Received diploma.
Transportation: Prioritize identified existing roadways in the greatest need of repair and secure a funding source. Continue to finish the sidewalk grant near the Lago Vista Middle School.

Public Safety: Citizen's approved a November 2016 ballot initiative for a new Emergency Service District #7 which will overlay the existing Emergency Services District #1 for improved paramedic/ambulance capabilities. Efforts are underway to improve our Insurance Service Office (ISO) Rating resulting in improved response times and reduced fire insurance rates.
Infrastructure: Complete our $6M water and waste water capital improvements that were approved in early 2017. We increased our tap fees to afford more staff to keep up with an increasing housing starts that demand more water/sewer services.

Job Growth: Pursue workforce housing for lower income citizens to serve our local businesses. We need more rooftops to support increasing business growth and employment opportunities.
Being the youngest council member (age 36), I want to continue to be a voice for young families that make up a growing part of our town. We need to determine recreational needs for our youth, especially during summer. We need to consider some economic incentives for business; both existing & new. We need to continue to encourage property owner participation in civic beautification.
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Background Born and raised in Texas. Multiple universities. Anesthesia training in U.S. Army. Previous city councilmen in McAlester,OK. Conservative.
Education Registered Nurse Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
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The 2017-18 budget will already be in place when the new council meets. The main job will be to insure that allocated funds are used to the benefit of the city through proper auditing and oversight.The hardest part will be meeting the needs of city operations with the current budget. The one area I see were real improvement can be made without additional cost is transportation. The current CapMetro agreement provides several needed services, but our needs are changing. I would help establish a group to meet with CapMetro and change the present service to one that better meets our needs into the future, within the limits of the current financial agreement.
Over the last 2 years I have seen a caustic attitude develop of pitting one segment of our community against the other. Part of this has developed from misinformation and lack of clarity by both the council and others in the community. My hope is to improve the flow of factual information to our citizen. We are a changing city and work is being done to improve our media communications. However, not all our people are able to access the media world. We need to insure through letters in the water bills, community groups, and whatever other means is available that the work of the city government is reported and all the fact are available to the citizens. Effort must be made to pull our community back together.
I have watched in dismay as the current council has done one thing after another that was against the wishes of the citizens or will have long term detrimental effects on our city. The discord in our communities must be overcome. My previous council experience, a strong desire to see every citizen have an open mind and open ear on the council, and a willingness to commit the time and energy to help our city come together as we move into the future will guide my service on the council. It is my hope that the people of Lago Vista will come together November 7th and say they are tired of the discord with their votes.
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