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Lago Vista City Council Place 3

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    Arch Davila Retired

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    Enrique Lopez REAL ESTATE BROKER

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Given current budget constraints, how do you propose to manage the needs of your city, such as job growth, transportation and public safety?

What other pressing issues are facing your community and what actions would you propose to deal with those issues?

Why are you seeking this office?

Background Public school Teacher/Coach
Education Associate of Science in Electronics Technology, Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, Texas Teacher Certification
Economic development is needed to create more jobs in Lago Vista. Job creation will occur in conjunction with the success of economic growth in this semi-rural area. Currently, there is no city-wide public transportation, but as our city population grows, local carriers may become necessary to meet the mobility needs of some of our citizens. Finally, in this community of less than 7,000 residents, public safety is well maintained, as the crime rate is relatively low, and the Fire, EMS, and Police Departments are well managed.
The most pressing issue is that of restoring aging infrastructure. Many of the city’s 160 miles of streets are in need of repair. Historically, the city has not seen the new home construction rate that is currently taking place. Also, the city’s waste-water system needs to be updated. This system which handles the city’s effluent water disposal is old and failing. The city’s infrastructure will continue to be challenged to keep pace with the city’s growth, and it is critical to supporting future residential and commercial growth.
I am seeking a place on City Council to participate in decision-making that represents the desires of the city’s residents and to promote cooperation between the City of Lago Vista, its Property Owners Association and School District. The recent growth of the city demands attention to identifying future needs and services for its citizens, and to develop a practical plan that keeps pace with the growing Lago Vista population. I have great interest in serving the citizens of Lago Vista to preserve the city’s culture and character.
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Background I own and manage a local real estate office in Lago Vista. I also own and am responsible for the content of Lago Vista News (A Facebook page)
Education I graduated from Round Rock High School in 1980. I attended Texas State University and the University of Texas
• Stop subsidizing golf. The City of Lago Vista currently owns and operates two golf courses. The Highland Lake Golf Course and the Lago Vista Golf Course, The City has been trying to resuscitate these two golf courses for many years to the tune of millions and millions of dollars. City infrastructure has always taken a back seat. If the question is "Do we repave some of our streets or do we repair or golf cart paths?" Historically, expenditures on the golf courses have always take precedence. This year alone, the golf courses have cost the City about $775,000. This is a huge amount considering that the population of Lago Vista is about 7,000 residents.

What other pressing issues are facing our community? We need to improve our streets. There are many many miles of abandoned streets through out Lago Vista that are in desperate need of repairs and repaving. We need to run water and sewer lines. Lago Vista has many unbuildable lots. Some of these lots have panoramic view, but unbuildable because the lot or street has no water and sewer lines. We need to build and refurbish our potable water plants. As Lago Vista grows, we have to keep up with the influx of new families moving in . We need to build or refurbish sewer treatment plant. Many of our existing plants are old and outdated.You definitely know that they are there if you happen to live close to one. The smell is terrible!
As many of you may remember, I also ran for City Council in 2005 as it happens, I also ran for Place 3. I ran against Randy Krueger. Today, Lago Vista is faced with huge and costly issues one of them being the golf course. This tiny community of about 7000 residents has spent close to $8,000,000 in these 2 golf courses since they were acquired. Worse yet, the golf courses have been losing money year after year. This year, the losses exceeded $775,000! Who benefits from this? The tiny number of residents that play golf every day (and twice on Saturday) at insultingly low green fees. This tiny list includes many previous City Council Members and Mayors. If you ask why we don’t have nice streets and sidewalks? Well here is your answer $8,000
I own and am responsible for the content of a Facebook page called Lago Vista News. This site has been one of the driving forces in uncovering wasteful spending, neglect and mind boggling decisions made by the past and current City Council Members. Many of their decisions have negatively impacted our property taxes, property values and the infrastructure that includes paved streets, water and sewer lines, lack of sidewalks and the list goes on…At a time when Lago Vista had no local newspaper or had no other means to hold City Council Members accountable for their incompetence or wasteful spending….Lago Vista News was and always will be there to be the voice of the people to question and hold Council Members accountable. logo


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