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Lago Vista Mayor

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    Kevin Sullivan Real Estate Agent

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    Ed Tidwell Fire Specialist

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Given current budget constraints, how do you propose to manage the needs of your city, such as job growth, transportation and public safety?

What other pressing issues are facing your community and what actions would you propose to deal with those issues?

Why are you seeking this office?

Background Life long Texan and have spent my adult life in the software professional services industry and real estate. Decade plus resident of Lago Vista.
Education BBA in Finance from UT Austin MBA from Southern Methodist University
Our city has strong needs in the area of core infrastructure (water and waste water facilities), road rebuilding and maintenance, police, and economic development. These vital areas have received less than they needed in the past 8-10 years as previous administrations invested millions to support 2 local golf courses. I’ve worked hard in my last 18 months on city council to break that cycle and return our focus to essential services and investing in things that will help us grow in a positive fashion. By working closely with the other major entities in our area (LVISD, ESD #1 and #7, and the POA), we can achieve our objectives of focusing on essential services and promoting positive growth for our city.
Lago Vista is unique in that it was fully laid out during its inception as a private resort community 40+ years ago. Streets were laid and lots fully platted at the time, but water and waste water infrastructure was not extended to all the lots, and as a result, we have a large number of undeveloped lots in Lago Vista. In addition, we have streets that were built 40+ years ago that have not had the appropriate maintenance performed on them in the intervening years. The lack of utilities and solid streets has been a hindrance to our growth and has become a growing issue for residents and long-time lot owners that would like to become residents. As mayor, I would seek to solve this issue through extension of a current pilot program.
Since becoming a full-time resident over a decade ago, I've participated in a wide variety of roles including youth organizations such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and sports leagues; organizations within my church; and the local Property Owners Association. Through these volunteer roles, I've had the good fortune to be exposed to many people in my community. It has given me a chance to learn what people find important in our community and how they would prioritize those items. I am seeking the office of mayor of Lago Vista to bring to fruition the desires I've heard in the community and to serve the citizens of Lago Vista to the best of my abilities.
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Background 1stSgt USMC retired - 26 years. City Council member - 5 years. President/Manager of youth sports and 4H club. Member - VFW, American Legion, Lions.
Education BioMedical Science Major Texas A&M University 1982-1986
Twitter @eddietidwell
The first step is "Vision". The City currently has a Comprehensive Master Plan that lays out where we want the City to be through the year 2030. Within that plan we must assess our current situation and visualize where we want our PD, our Admin, our streets, and our transit system to be over the next year and over the next 5 years. Next is "Planning". We must create a Strategic Plan to address the 5 year vision and an Action Plan to address the annual vision. These plans are used to identify our mission, to execute our plan, to administer our plan, to finance our plan, and to control the growth. Planning also includes auditing the results and adjusting as the next years budget will alter our plans. "Communication" ties it all together.
All issues must be dealt with in the same manner. It doesn't matter if it is our golf course, our affordable housing, our Capitol Improvement Projects, or our Retail growth. Some issues will undoubtedly need more attention or closer scrutiny but the process is the same. I plan to use the same 3 steps: Vision, Planning, and Communication. Various methods of citywide communication, brainstorming and researching will be used to produce a vision for each issue. Options will be developed. From there, Strategic Plans and Action Plans are developed to address the visions and the options. The execution of these plans must be detailed and thorough. Audits and analysis will allow us to develop Succession Plans, thus allowing for future growth.
I have served on Council for 5 years and with 2 Mayors, 5 City Managers, and 15 fellow council members. I have spent this time getting to know my community, what the citizens want, what the main issues are, and what the problems are we face. It has become apparent that we as a City have no clear vision of what we want our City to be. We as Council have no plans to deal with issues. We are reactive instead of proactive. We are not providing what the citizens want or need. We are slowly falling apart and growth is coming our way. Beyond that, we don't communicate. The citizens rarely know what is going on in the City, why Council votes the way it does and they never receive follow up information. I plan to change the way we work as a City.
I will continue to use my Town Hall meetings to listen to the citizens. I will use advisory boards along with staff and council to develop our "Visions". Council along with staff and subject matter experts will produce our "Plans". I will produce Comprehensive Plans, Strategic Plans, Action Plans, and Succession Plans for each department, each fund, and each amenity. I will produce the same plans for future annexation and retail growth. I will use my Town Hall meetings, weekly press releases, video press releases, radio, and social media outlets to "communicate" the activities of the city staff and council actions to the citizens. Through the collaborative efforts of the citizens, the staff, the council, and my leadership, we will grow. logo


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