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Franklin Township Council Ward 2

The Franklin Township Council is responsible for adopting ordinances; reviewing revising and adopting the budget; levying taxes; authorizing bond issues and establishing general municipal policies. The Franklin Township Council election chooses one Council member to represent Ward 2. Each Council member serves for a 3-year term.Note: The wards are labeled by color. Look at the legend below the map to identify the ward in which you reside.Click this link to view the Ward map:
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    William (Will) Galtieri (Dem) IT Developer

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    Scott Siegel (Rep) benefits specailist

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What do you consider the most important challenges facing Franklin Township? What personal and professional experiences have prepared you for addressing these challenges? Lastly, how do you intend that the Franklin Township Council will address these challenges?

What, if any, new proposals for local ordinances and/or resolutions do you think are needed, and please explain why you believe this is so.

A municipality has two budgets - the annual operating budget and a capital budget. What are your priorities for each of these budgets? Please specifically address whether the Franklin Township Council's 2016 goals are goals you think are properly identified as priorities.

Qualifications/Experience Lifelong Franklin Township Resident. Franklin Township Sewage Authority Commissioner and Council Liaison.
Campaign Address 412 Cheshire Ct. Somerset, NJ 08873
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The challenges Franklin Township faces include adapting to an ever changing landscape. Franklin is not unique in the upcoming challenges such as working to attract businesses to strengthen economic development, making sure services meet the needs of our local residents, and ensuring our infrastructure is maintained. As a scientist I was part of a team responsible for helping to ensure projects stayed on track and constantly communicated with colleagues if issues arose. I also was responsible for overseeing several capital projects in the lab, minimizing disruptions to daily operations. As an IT developer, not only do I have to deliver what is asked, but in programming I have to predict various scenarios and take into account many different paths. As a commissioner I have helped to oversee a multi-million dollar budget as well as several capital projects, constantly asking questions to ensure we stay on budget and on time. My plans are to continue listening to the needs of the residents and looking for ways to make efficient improvements, ones which will not only help today but also still be useful in the near future. The only way to learn is to constantly ask questions, and anyone who knows me will tell you, I tend to ask a lot of questions in order to learn. I have watched many changes occur in this town throughout my lifetime. However, I believe Franklin’s best days are yet to come which is it is so important to foster an even wider range of residents involvement. If elected, this is my goal and commitment to residents of Franklin Township.
I am a big proponent of reviewing existing ordinances and resolutions to ensure they meet the current needs of residents. Last year I successfully pushed for a revision to the town’s snow removal ordinance for private communities to ensure both residents and first responders were protected during and after storms. The ordinance dated back to before all of the private communities were built in town and applied only to apartment complexes. The change forces communities to ensure a path is maintained at all times for access to all buildings. I am now pushing for an update to alarm registrations with the police to include a provision for residential security cameras to be registered. This would allow the police to know the location of cameras and with the consent of the resident, review in the event something happens in the neighborhood. This will allow for quicker investigations and potentially an increase in case resolution. I don’t plan to go in with an agenda of ordinances, but rather plan to address as needs arise.
The municipal operating budget continues to be below where it was in 2009 showing the town is functioning at a more efficient level. The 2016 budget focused on several key areas including beginning to redevelop two sections of Franklin, continuing to focus on parks, and paying for a portion of road resurfacing upfront, rather than bonding. Redevelopment helps to bring in new businesses which in turn help bring jobs into the township. Parks are vital because they give a safe place for children and adults alike to go and relax and exercise. Paying for roads outright start to reduce township debt, ensuring taxes collect go to services rather than interest payments. My plan for future operating budgets is to review how funds are spent and see if there are more cost efficient alternatives. I also look at historical trends and if there is something that is repeatedly costing the taxpayers, work to modify the practice. As for the capital budget, the town again has been focusing on parks and tracking public works vehicles for snow storms. One key project I am pushing for is to switch to using a road brine before storms. The town already has a majority of the equipment needed, this would reduce pre-treatment salt usage by approximately 75%, reduces the damage to the roads, and allows for better clearing of the roads. This is a proven method New Jersey and many other states have adopted with great success.
Qualifications/Experience BA Economics & Finance, Rutgers University. 30 years in municipal finance as bond trader and underwriter. 6 years experience in benefits such as health insurance, ira and 401k's for both individuals and companies.
Campaign Address 2301 Avery Ct Somerset, NJ 08873
Campaign Email
1) Poor fiscal record as in the previous 6 years Franklin Twp. ranks in the bottom 14% in Somerset Co, bottom 23% statewide of towns that have recent financials online and excluding Sandy damaged towns, bottom 15%. 2) Series of wasteful spending projects. 3) Masive play to play scandal. 4) Township website still in the 2oth Century. 5) Lack of a comprehensive disaster plan. 6) Unethical behavior.
A petition to return Franklin Township elections into a non-partisan basis, which we had for over a century. Our school board and fire depar department still utilize non-partisan election and both are bipartisan vs. a monolithic council.
1) The operating budget is inefficient we do not currently utilize zero based budgeting which is utilized by over 90% of US companies and almost 2/3 of US states. There have also been multiple examples of wasteful spending. 2) Franklin Twp does not utilize a capital budget which is the first way to prioritize non direct governmental expenditures and is the first way to find tax relief for residents. logo


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