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Town of Bethlehem Town Clerk

The clerk is in charge of most town records, issues certain licenses and permits, files reports with county and State agencies as required, is involved with election administration, posts legal notices, and is, in many ways, a pivot around which the town operates. The salary for this position is $73,457/year.
  • NANCI MOQUIN (Dem, Ind) Town Clerk

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Community Involvement Volunteer at Household Hazardous Waste Day and organize the yearly Holiday Parade
Experience and Qualifications I have held the position of Town Clerk for 8 years. Prior to that I worked with our Town Planning and Zoning Boards for 7 years.
Occupation and Special Skills I have worked as a paralegal in the real estate field, managed an office and been a program educator for Cornell Cooperative Extension and created databases for a variety of companies.
Website, facebook page or other links none
I have held the position for 8 years. It is an evolving office and I have brought more efficiencies enabling the ability to handle the increased responsibilities.
Records management, especially electronic records is ever evolving. Transparency of those records and privacy of our residents is a sensitive balancing act. logo


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