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Rocky River Director of Law

Term: 2 yearsSalary: $59,000Incumbent Andrew D. Bemer (Dem) is running unopposed.The Law Department of the City of Rocky River, under the direction of the city’s law director, functions as the attorney for the City of Rocky River and its officials by providing legal advice to the mayor, City Council, and all of the various departments. The Law Department reviews legislation, contracts, and all legal documents to ensure all business of the city is conducted in a proper and legal manner, and represents the city in all proceedings before any court of law or administrative body.
  • Andrew D. Bemer (Dem)

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A law director can negotiate and draft contracts for the city, handle civil law suits filed against the city, and file criminal cases. What experience do you have in each of these areas of the law?

What other qualifications do you bring to this office?

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