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The City of Loveland is a home-rule, council-manager form of government. The City Council is a nine member policy-making board for the City of Loveland. The Council is led by the Mayor, who is elected for a two-year term by the community at large on the 1st Tuesday in November in odd-numbered years. The Mayor has the same voting rights as all other council members and is responsible for presiding over council meetings. This position is recognized as the City government leader for all ceremonial purposes. The City Council serves a critical role in the development of policy that provides the basis for decision-making. Decisions made impact the community for years into the future. This form of representative government is intended to ensure that the community leaders build a sustainable community that protects the health, safety and welfare of Loveland residents.The City Council meets the first and third Tuesday of each month for regular meetings at 6:00 p.m. and the second Tuesday of each month for a study session at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 500 E. Third Street.
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    John Fogle (N) Mayor Pro Tem

  • Larry Heckel (N) Retired

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    Jacki Marsh (N) small business owner

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What impacts do you think the proposed development of downtown Loveland will have on the City as a whole?

Please explain how you determine whether it is cost-effective for the City to use tax incentives and/or credits to attract businesses.

What are the priorities and actions the City should take to reduce air pollution?

What is the City doing now to address homelessness that you think is working? What, if any, additional efforts do you believe the City should consider to address homelessness?

Do you think the existing mental health and substance abuse facilities in Loveland are sufficiently accessible and affordable for residents? Please explain.

Background For 47 years I have lived in Loveland. Raised my family, owned businesses, been involved with Rotary, City Council, church and the community as a whole. This is my home -- and I protect it jealously from those that wish to move here and change it. Loveland isn't broken -- let's not fix it!
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Twitter @fogle_john
The Downtown core of Loveland is it’s ‘heart’ and soul. Property values are increasing, sales are up over 20%, and the downtown is alive at night. Soon, our parking problems will be history. When Loveland’s downtown thrives – the city thrives. And we are seeing healthy growth everywhere. As a City, we can all be proud of what is happening, ‘Come on down!’, Food, Drink, Shopping, games and so much more – all maintaining the small town feel - make for a wonderful evening for the entire family.
The philosophy is called the ‘but for’ scenario. I.E. If this incentive is not given – what will happen? Critics often say that the projects will happen anyway – which in most cases is not true. So the real question becomes – Do we want Loveland to have the newest and nicest developments? Or shall we be content with second rate ‘fill in’ type developments that come 10 years after our neighboring cities have all the great developments? Tough questions - that is Councils job.
Having a great road system is the best we can do. Cars are the big polluters, so having them stuck in gridlock is a huge problem. The City over the last 3 years has spent $25 million on road improvements -- some of which are just getting designed -- so watch for the construction zones! Next comes our efforts with clean power. The new Solar Farm at Mehaffey is a great example of this. The City is committed to protecting the environment, as evidenced by our partnership with PRPA.
Loveland has a few programs that address homelessness, but they aren't as effective as I would like to see. We have recently dedicated $500K/year to the effort, but that is only starting to be implemented. I don't believe a 'homeless shelter' is the answer, and we are walking a fine line of becoming a 'sanctuary city' for the homeless. Through our partners HNS and Loveland Housing we are slowly addressing more homeless needs. The problem is bigger than the recourses and will require a lot of $
I support the Counties efforts to add a Mental Health Center. While some of the local private hospitals offer services -- the prices are astronomical -- and simply our of reach for those of limited means. Mental health problems are an increasing problem, and we need the County facility to have a 'local' place for our residents to access -- NOW! This problem will not go away, and building more jail space is only a Band-Aid. Please support the County issue coming in 2018! It is badly needed.
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I think that it will be good for the community but there where a lot of other things that needed to be completed before a development of that magnitude was approved for that area.
It is always cost effective because you will have sales tax dollars coming in that you didn't have coming before and will eventually pay for its self.
I feel that we should look towards Lighting Hybrids a local business that specializes in green energy and work towards getting all city vehicles outfitted with there systems. Many of our busses are currently run on there systems and I think it would be great to help the local community in both aspects.
Its a subject that need some real attention but we are on stuck on a fine line where if we do much the population will grow and if we do to little that will only hurt the community as a whole.
No, They are not affordable as most heath needs are not. There are some real changes that need to be made here to help the people that need it. It will take time but I feel we can come together as community.
Background Professional Background: Small Business Owner, brick and mortar boutique and gallery in Downtown Loveland Independent Jewelry Artist – Selling my designs in galleries and boutiques throughout the country General Manager, Home Service Company (annual revenues of $2 million) Purchasing Director, Int
Contact phone 970-667-4784
Twitter @jacki4mayor
Developing Downtown Loveland will increase activity & vitality & increase numbers of people shopping and dining. Property values will increase, prompting some owners to invest more in the care & improvement of their downtown properties. Small businesses in Downtown Loveland should see an increase in business revenue which will hopefully exceed increases in rents, property taxes & operation expenses. A vibrant, appealing Downtown is a gift to all Loveland residents.
I question the need of incentives. It is my opinion that when businesses choose a location they look at population, infrastructure & quality of life for their employees. We have a lot to offer here in Loveland. Incentives should be rare as we want businesses who value our community & understand that investing in it is a smart business decision. Incentives, if given, must provide a timely return on investment that is tangible for the tax-payers funding that incentive.
We can take steps to increase awareness of our air quality & we can educate the public on things they can do to reduce pollution. As a city we can help by increasing pedestrian & biking trails. We need to significantly increase public transit options at affordable rates. We need to protect our existing trees & plants & we should add more trees & plants throughout our city.
I support the City's Community Partnership Office’s efforts to address and find solutions for our homeless population. I also support our City’s adoption and implementation of CAHPS. I support Connect 137's efforts in Downtown Loveland. We as a society need to humanize the homeless to counter negative stereotypes. We need to strengthen & expand our efforts to prevent homelessness by understanding the causes, identifying those at risk & by developing an action plan for prevention.
We don't have enough resources for mental health issues & substance abuse. These facilities are funded & budgeted for at the Federal, State and the County level. The lack of facilities does create a drain on our health care & other emergency services. Our current method of emergency room treatment & jail time is expensive & unproductive. We should support our County in obtaining State & Federal funding. We should advocate for more facilities & treatment options in Loveland. logo


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