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Shawnee School Board - Term Commences 01/01/18 - Vote for no more than 3

School Board Members set educational goals and establish policy for the school system based upon state laws and community values. Their most important function Is to employ a superintendent and treasurer and hold them responsible for managing the school in accordance with the school board s policies.
  • Clay Balyeat Attorney

  • Kenny Gross

  • Jerome J. O'Neal President of Plus Management ,Inc. Business and Helath Operations

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What is the single most important issue facing your school district and how would you address it?

Current Occupation Attorney
Education Ohio Norther School of Law - JD Eastern Kentucky University BS
Training & Experience Have served on the Shawnee School Board for two terms.
The funding decrease from the State in conjunction with the increase in expenditures. We are currently in deficit spending. Unfortunately, the school will need additional funds into the future to sustain our current level.
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Education Shawnee High School BA/BS Urbana University MBA Ashland University
Training & Experience Supportive and Involved in the Shawnee School Systems for over 40 years
Web Site http://N/A
Answering this question at this time is from an "outside" point of view. I have spent the last month reading over Shawnee Board data, as well as, the Treasure and Superintendent reports going back as long as 3 years ago but until you sit down with the Administration and Staff issues might change from what I think currently. The standard answer to this question is 'lack of school funding to face a growing demand on outcomes', but this has been an issue since I first ran for the School Board many years ago and it will be the same issue when the next group of leaders step in to direct the School. There will not be a magic pill that will give schools all the funding that they would like. The State budget saw it's largest increase ever in school funding and schools across the State are still heading toward fiscal crisis . Shawnee is no exception. Shawnee has been in deficit spending now for several years and is expected to remain this way under current operations for several more years. This combine with an aging buildings and grounds infrastructure makes for a perfect storm. Shawnee needs a strategic plan that will address this 'storm' for the next 3 yrs. and it needs to happen immediately. This will involve the Shawnee Community and School leadership sit down and see how best to ensure the storm will not effect the education of the students but at the same time address the problem. It wont be easy and some solutions will be both creative and painful. logo


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