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Bath School Board Term Commences 01/01/18 - Vote for no more than 2

School Board Members set educational goals and establish policy for the school system based upon state laws and community values. Their most important function Is to employ a superintendent and treasurer and hold them responsible for managing the school in accordance with the school board s policies.
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What is the single most important issue facing your school district and how would you address it?

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Education Bachelors Degree - Miami University, Masters Degree - BGSU
Bath Local School District provides excellent educational opportunities for its residents. However, when compared to other schools in Allen County, Bath falls in the middle of the pack. I know the majority of the residents don’t consider ourselves to be middle of the pack people. While the state is constantly changing what is measured and how it is measured, the trend over the last 3 to 4 years has shifted negatively for Bath in some of the student achievement areas. This is an area I would focus on as a school board member as I believe this is the primary purpose of public education. Here are some things I would propose and support as a school board member to improve student achievement: * I would work with the superintendent to ensure appropriate resources are available to drive student achievement. * Suggest and implement student study table guidelines for those participating in extracurricular activities. These would set minimum classroom performance expectations to be monitored by coach/adviser. Students not meeting these minimum expectations would be required to attend a study table staffed by community volunteers in the evening until expectations are met. * Develop/Identify opportunities to help parents take more active roles in their child’s/children’s education. * Establish a culture within the district that expects results. Expectations often drive results more than perceived ability. Help me make Bath Local Schools the best in Allen County! logo


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