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American Township Trustee - Term Commences 01/01/18 - Vote for no more than 2

Trustees are the legislative authority of the township. They also fulfill executive responsibilities for road maintenance, cemetery management, police and fire protection, EMS services, solid waste disposal and zoning in the township.
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    Paul Basinger Retired Lieutenant Allen County Sheriffs Office

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    Lynn D. Mohler Adjunct Professor at Sinclair Community College

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Current Occupation American Township Trustee serving since elected in 2002, School Resource Officer Elida High School, Independent Business Owner - Basinger Process Service LLC
Education Bath High School - Multiple Supervisory and Leadership Classes and Seminars. Graduate of Allen/ Lima Leadership, Continuing Education Classes by Ohio Police Officer Training Academy, Continuing Education Classes by Ohio Township Trustees Association, and I am a Graduate of Ohio Township Leadership Academy
Training & Experience Certificates of Completion for : 1. Conducting Effective Meetings 2. Communicating and working with the Media 3. Communicating and working with Citizens 4. Building Sustainable Communities 5. Team Building 6. Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution 7. Leadership Skills and Styles 8. Effective Decision - Making 9. Technology in Government
(419) 235-8500
Education Master Degree Wright State University
Training & Experience Eight years American Township Trustee
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