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Poudre School District (PSD) has established a director district plan of representation. All school directors are voted on at large (i.e. - eligible electors of the school district vote for one candidate from each director district). Serving as a PSD Board of Education Director is a volunteer position. Board of Education Directors serve four-year terms. Meetings are generally held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month in the Conference Center (Boardroom) of the Johannsen Support Services Center, 2407 LaPorte Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado, 80521. The second Tuesday is usually a full business meeting; the fourth Tuesday typically begins with a short business meeting followed by a work session. Both meetings are usually preceded by a dinner session that takes place in the Superintendent's conference room, just outside the Conference Center. The business portion of the meetings typically begin at 6:30 p.m. and are televised on Cable Channel 10 and streamed live on YouTube. Board members also serve on one or more special committees that meet periodically throughout the school year. Elections are held on the 1st Tuesday in November in odd-numbered years.
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    Carolyn Reed (N) Business Owner

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Given the school district’s limited revenue, what do you believe are the best ways to cut expenses for the school district and what are the short term and long term consequences of each cut?

What would you propose the Board do to attract and retain well-qualified teachers and staff?

Please provide your perspective on school vouchers.

Are there areas of our public education system that need to be changed to better prepare our students for the future? Please explain.

What ideas do you have for the Board to enhance communication with the community?

Background I grew up in Wellington, where I currently live. I attended PSD schools and graduated from Poudre High School in 1978. I was a UPS driver for approximately 18 years. In 2006 I opened my first restaurant and I now operate 7 restaurants from Cheyenne to Denver. My husband and I have 6 grown children.
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My first goal would be to keep cuts as far from students as possible. In as far as it is practical, I would prefer to start cuts at the central office. However, depending on the depth of cuts, I believe we could have to go deeper. The long term consequences of making central office cuts, is losing talent and short term, potentially affecting training and oversight.
I would like to see teacher pay increased. However, this would be difficult to do, because of budget constraints. Even small pay increases of 2-3% can greatly affect the budget, and trigger spending cuts else where. One other possibility is to offer increased benefits and on going training.
I do not support vouchers. Public education is weakened when tax dollars are spent on private school vouchers. Public schools must serve all students. Public schools, unlike private ones, are required to educate everyone who comes in the door, including students with disabilities or limited English skills, who need more resources.
A majority of our students will enter the workforce after graduation, with something other than a 4 year degree. I would like to see more emphasis placed on helping students identify what career path they are interested in, what jobs are going to be available, and how to make that a career a reality. Paying for higher education can be a stumbling block for students. Helping them formulate a financial plan can help them avoid large amounts of debt.
We need to talk about the topics that interest our community. We often have only one or two people show up to our BOE community engagement sessions. However, if we are discussing topics that really interest them, such as late start times or testing, they do show up and or write to us. logo


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