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New Providence Borough Council Three Year Term-2 seats available.A Candidates Forum will be held on Wed. October 18th at 7:30pm at the De Corso Community Center, 15 E. 4th St. New providence
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    Keith Doll (Dem) Registered Nurse

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    Nadine Geoffroy (Rep) Mom/Financial Professional/Volunteer/ Substitute Teacher

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    Jamie Baer Peterson (Dem) Teacher, Opera Singer and Director

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    Robert T. Robinson (Rep) Orthodontist

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What in your experience has prepared you to deal with the Borough's municipal issues?

New providence's tax base in both residential and non-residential areas has strengthened (Lantern Hill is on the rolls, the big apartment properties have been re-assessed and new housing and hoe renovations are at a good pace). If elected, would you advocate any changes in New Providence's spending priorities?

Current Elected Position Democratic Candidate, New Providence Council
Compassion. Commitment. Communication. When I think about whom I want to represent me on my Borough Council, these three defining characteristics are at the forefront.

As an oncology nurse, I embody each of these qualities daily. Prioritizing the patient’s needs above all; looking past their disease to compassionately treat the whole patient. Demonstrating a commitment to the profession; applying education and research to reflect the newest evidence-based practice. Dedication to clear, concise communication; being able to assess a critical situation and maintain open lines of dialogue between medical staff. Being recognized as a leader in a team environment; selected to mentor the development of new nurses and chosen to lead educational training programs for colleagues.

As a new father, I share a vested interest in the future of New Providence. I understand the weight of my decisions will not only impact the future of my son, but all families, as we grow together as one community.
As a candidate, of the issues I hear directly from residents, concern regarding over-development and overgrowth of the Borough changing the dynamic of our small-town feel is among those at the top of the list. In examining our future spending priorities, it will be important to remain fiscally responsible in promoting smart growth of our downtown district, while finding ways to come to bipartisan agreements on funding new projects that enhance the quality of life for all residents. With any decision that is ultimately made, it is of utmost importance to include those of the community within the discussion.

I would look to maintain and expand upon open spaces to help preserve the beauty of our community, while funding projects to upgrade our current parks with new recreational areas, like walking and biking paths, picnic groves, and an outdoor music space. I would also prioritize the expansion of current health and wellness initiatives, such as prescription drug take-back programs.
My life experiences have prepared me well to help address the issues facing our Borough. I was a project manager for an investment bank. This position required me to identify existing/potential issues, brainstorm viable alternatives, then plan, test, and implement a solution. Besides working out the logistical and financial details, I also had to take into account the perspectives and needs of all stakeholders. These experiences will enable me to not only produce workable solutions to our Borough’s issues, but also communicate effectively with the diverse groups of stakeholders involved to make sure these solutions work for everyone. I have significant experience in budgeting, financial analysis and reporting, and audit control. I have first-hand knowledge of many areas of the town. I will educate myself on the issues facing our communities, devise solutions, then work as a team with my fellow Council members, Borough officials, and residents to implement and execute those solutions.
My first priority would be doing what is best for the residents of New Providence in an efficient and transparent way while maintaining the excellent quality of life that New Providence offers. Spending priorities must be looked at on both a short and long-term basis. There is always change in discretionary spending in any given year while accounting for impacts on future budgets to avoid wide swings in taxes imposed on our residents. Our current Council has successfully balanced short-term priorities with long-term stability of the Borough’s finances. Our AAA ratings recently achieved from all three rating agencies were the result of this conscientious budget process that has been continuous and ongoing for years. As a resident, I am very satisfied with how Borough Council utilizes our tax dollars. If elected, I would like to see this process continue, as I am sure it will. I would be able to contribute to the budget process to ensure that we stay on the same prudently-planned path.
Current Elected Position None
Imagination, creativity, vision, collaboration and communication are all skills that I have honed through the years, as a music teacher, stage director, opera singer and community volunteer. As a director, I start with a vision of what the show will be, then make a detailed action plan for the production, making sure I am working within budget restrictions. Communication is key, as that vision must be implemented through detailed discussions with the production team, cast and crew taking into account their ideas and suggestions and supervise and follow through to the final production. As a teacher, I solve problems every day, figuring out how to best help each student learn a new concept, and achieve their goals. In my long career as an active volunteer in the schools, community, and my church, I have often tried to look at the problem from a different perspective, and then consult experts and collaborate with many people to get the job done and stay within the required budget.
As a new member of the council, I would certainly need to study the budget and see if there is indeed a surplus from the added property taxes. If there is a surplus, I would consider advocating for the following spending priorities: A. Increase Traffic and Pedestrian Safety • Left turn signals for stop light at South Street and Central Ave • All crosswalks on major roadways made more visible by flashing light • Increase sidewalks leading to schools and downtown B. Develop and beautify Borough Parks, by adding benches and walkways especially in Veterans Park C. Increase number of recycling bins/garbage cans downtown, in parks, school grounds and near train station parking lots D. Return services previously cut in leaner times like the 2nd Bulk pick up E. Slow down current 2% annual property tax increases
Current Elected Position Elected member of Borough Council
As a member of the New Providence Borough Council, I have 10 years of experience with municipal issues. I’ve been the Chair or Vice-Chair of the Borough’s Finance and Personnel Committees, Community Activities Dept. and Dept. of Public Works, and served on the Borough’s Ethics and Public Safety Committees. Prior to being elected to Council, I served on the New Prov Board of Health, Emergency Management Committee and as a Rec Program youth basketball coach. I’ve owned a small business in NP for 25 years. I experienced the challenges of dealing with local government as a business and commercial property owner. I have also lived in town for many years. These experiences have been invaluable and give me perspective and understanding as I work with local home, business, and property owners. My experience as a local business and homeowner, a volunteer on Borough committees/boards and a Council member allows me to confidently state that I am well qualified to address future municipal issues.
New Providence’s tax base is in a strong position at present due, in large part, to strategic financial planning and the Borough Council and town administration practicing fiscal responsibility. This has been verified by our annual audits and highlighted by the Borough’s recent AAA rating from all three major bond-rating agencies. The Borough’s spending priorities are aligned with our strategic plan, taking into account short and long term financial needs, requirements and goals. The Borough has done a good job adjusting to an ever-changing economy. We have been and continue to be well prepared for commercial tax appeals, snowy winters, etc. The Borough’s fiscal responsibility has allowed us to meet the needs of our residents and to provide a safe community, attract new businesses to our downtown, maintain reasonable property taxes, improve recreational facilities and create a great quality of life. If reelected, I would continue on the same successful pathway. logo


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