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    Ramandeep S. Arora (DEM, WFP, WEP) Project Manager

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    Rose Marie Walker (REP, CON, IND, REF) Nassau County Legislator

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Every candidate in every Nassau County election for decades says something like: “We must reform the unjust property tax system to provide businesses and homeowners with a transparent, fair and clear assessment program going forward.” And it never happens. Other than repeating the above, what is your specific plan for fixing this system that continues a debt burden for Nassau County.

Integrity, honesty, trustworthiness are all qualities we expect from our politicians, yet Nassau County has had several elected officials that have faced criminal charges. What specifically will you do to implement accountability, transparency, checks and balances, and proper oversight? What concrete steps will you take to re-build the public’s trust?

Having the financial resources to live in Nassau County is becoming increasingly difficult. What strategic plans do you have on the county level to support and partner with the various municipalities to create more affordable housing for young adults, working families and seniors?

Redistricting and gerrymandering affect the choice of candidates that voters elect to represent them. What are your views for setting up an independent redistricting commission for Nassau County for the drawing of lines after the 2020 census? If you agree with setting up an independent redistricting commission, how would you make it a reality in Nassau County? If you are not for an independent redistricting commission, why not?

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City/Town of Residence Hicksville
First let’s remove the portion of our property taxes that is being used to pay for the corruption we have seen in the current administration and in years past. The “Corruption Tax” is used to pay for inflated contracts that politicians have handed out to their donors, for the ridiculous salaries that have been given to political appointees who are part of the “friends and family” program, and for the legal bills to defend the indefensible actions of the people we have put in office. The first step in fixing our property tax system is to replace the elected officials who have created this mess. The second step is to hire more staff for the Assessment Department and to upgrade the computers they use and the resources they have to conduct a fair assessment. The County should never have awarded a contract to Standard Valuation Services, a firm that makes political contributions to do the job that the County has a responsibility to do in-house.
I believe term limits are a true solution to corruption. I pledge to serve a maximum of 3 terms (6 years total) in the Legislature if elected. We have seen too many leaders indicted and convicted on corruption charges—from both parties--and I attribute a lot of this to their thirst for endless power.

I support the appointment of an independent anti-corruption officer to provide checks and balances.

I pledge to spend my entire first term in the Legislature making as much information available to the public as possible. Corruption thrives in the shadows, and I believe we owe it to our constituents to share all information about how the county buys goods and services.
Tax credits, like the kind Jeff Gold has proposed to incentivize volunteerism (such as for volunteer firefighters) is an excellent way to allow young adults to stay at home, contribute to our communities and still help their parents and families save a few dollars on their tax bills. I also believe that we need to offer incentives for families to pass down homes from one generation to the next, and I think we need to roll back transfer fees to encourage young adults to buy the home they grew up in. I generally support downtown revitalization efforts, but I believe that communities need to have a voice in this process and that we have to be careful about politicians making decisions with regard to redevelopment without sufficiently addressing the concerns of existing residents.
I fully support the creation of an independent redistricting commission for the County, and the best way do this is to really help people understand how political gerrymandering has truly hurt our County. I will gladly make this issue a main priority if I am elected. There is simply no way to justify how our current boundaries are drawn, and elected officials who have participated in political gerrymandering to protect themselves need to be replaced this Election Day.
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City/Town of Residence Hicksville
Prior Civic Service Town of Oyster Bay
This is an issue that has plagued our county for decades. Last year the Legislature passed a law to create a disputed assessment fund. This will dramatically decrease the County's massive financial liabilities for commercial tax certiorari and allow our financial resources to be allocated to reducing backlogged claims and paying down tax certiorari dept. We have also passed legislation increasing the information commercial property owners are required to provide the county for assessment purposes. I will continue to inform and educate our residents as to the procedures they must follow to challenge their assessments if they believe the county has overvalued their property and continue to host multiple tax workshops. There are several promising proposals under consideration including mandating a three -year cyclical assessment, returning to an elected assessor,demystifying tax bills by allowing for a "full value" assessment exploring the concept of transferring assessment to the towns.
Over the past two years my colleagues and I have passed numerous laws to enhance the oversight and transparency of County government including new disclosure requirements for lobbyists, vendors and consultants, detailed business histories for those doing business with the County, political campaign disclosures for vendors, and the hiring of a Procurement Compliance Director and Commissioner of Investigations to ensure all contract processes and procedures receive strict compliance. Most recently, the Legislature banned felons from running for office and amended the County Code of Ethics to include, among other things, a politically diverse Board of Ethics, mandated ethics training for County officers and employees, enhanced contractual disclosure and penalties for anyone, within or outside of government, that attempts to induce any county officer or employee from violating their ethical obligations.
From 2000 to 2010 Nassau Democrats raised taxes on average 4.23% a year and spending 4.4% a year. From 2010 through 2017, Republicans raised taxes on average 0.3% per year and spending 0.7% per year. Since 2010, every financial indicator in Nassau County has improved. The budgetary structural gap has been reduced by 80%, dept is down and our bond rating was recently increased to A+ status. My colleagues and I have fought hard to hold the line on taxes and spending. As a Legislator, i will continue to aggressively monitor our budget. It is very important to me and my constituents that Nassau County retain its suburban character, but i do support and will continue to work with all levels of government to facilitate transit oriented and "downtown" development, to provide workforce housing opportunities and senior hosing opportunities throughout Nassau County.
New York State Law unambiguously places the responsibility for adoption of legislative district lines for Nassau County with the Nassau County Legislature. Our Charter, adopted by referendum, mandates a process that engages political expertise and public input. New York State Law and legal guidance from both state and federal courts provide for standards that can objectively allow decision makers to adopt a plan that protects the constitutional goal of "one person, one vote" As a Legislator in the 17th L.D. , I am always willing to discuss improvements to this process. However, the law and the democratic process place this great responsibility on elected officials. logo


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