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Westland Mayor

The mayor of Westland is elected at large and serves a four-year term.Vote for one (1).
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    Kevin Coleman City Councilman/Music Instructor

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    William R. Wild Mayor, City of Westland

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Campaign Phone (734) 751-6321
Education Bachelor's Degree, Western Michigan University
34 years old, 4 years on City Council, Michigan Municipal League Training, Westland Veterans Association, Westland Festival Committee, Lee Honors College. I seek the office of Westland Mayor so that our great city can once again put the concerns of everyday residents first, prioritize to budget to boost public safety and have a local government that is more accountable to its people.
Getting tough on crime again in Westland: after a 25% cut to police by our current Mayor, our PD is understaffed and break-ins and armed-robbery have become too common in our city. I will reduce administrative expenses and add to the police budget to hire 6 new police officers. Bringing in new jobs and investment: Westland needs and economic boost and that will require selling off city owned commercial land to investors and keeping taxes and water rates under control so that people can afford to do business and live here.
Campaign Phone (313) 999-0136
Education Graduated Westland John Glenn HS (honors), Studied Business U of M-Dearborn, Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education
I am 49 years old and married with three children (15,12,10) My wife is a public school teacher (Farmington Schools). I am a small business owner and have owned an auto recycling facility for 30 years. I have served as Westland's full-time Mayor since 2007. I previously served on the Westland City Council from 2001-2006. I also served on Westland's Planning Commission from 1999-2000. I currently serve as a Trustee for the Michigan Municiple League, The Michigan Ambassador for the US Conference of Mayors, and Chairman of the SEMCOG Economic Development Task Force. I also serve on the Board of Directors for the Michigan Municiple Risk Management Authority (MMRMA), Wayne-Metropolitan Action Agency, the Tai Initiative and Your Child.

I am running for re-election to continue my work in making Westland the premiere community in Wayne County to live, raise a family, worship or own a business.
Public Safety- I will continue to work with the City Council to make sure that our Police and Fire Departments have the manpower and resources to keep our city safe for it's residents, business owners and visitors.

Neighborhoods- My major focus for the next four years will be reinvesting in Westland's neighborhoods and eliminating blight. I launched a comprehensive Neighborhood Makeover Program that will revitialize our city's 50 neighborhoods. You can check our progress and learn more by visiting

Business attraction- Westland's local economy for decades has been dependent on the Westland Shopping Center and it's surrounding retail. I will continue to strategically recruit a diversity of businesses to align our city will changing consumer trends.

Quality of Life- Continued investment in parks, senior & family activities, recycling, art & culture and bike paths. logo


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