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The Livonia City Council consists of seven members elected at large, and is vested with all legislative powers of the City except as otherwise provided by State Law or the Livonia City Charter.The three candidates with the highest number of votes will serve a four-year term. The candidate with the fourth highest number of votes will serve a two-year term.Vote for four (4).
  • James David Hooper

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    Suzan Hyssen Regulatory Affairs Consultant

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    Jim Jolly Attorney At Law / City Council Member

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    Steve King Leader of Steve King & The Dittilies, DPS P.E. Teacher

  • Brian Meakin

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    Gerald A. Perez Currently Co-Owner/Operator of Aunt Polly's Playhouse Childcare, Livonia Police Reserve Officer and Madonna University Publice Safety Officer

  • Laura M. Toy Co-Owner, Cardwell Florist, Livonia

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    Cathy K. White Livonia City Council Member

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What are the priority issues facing this office and what actions would you take to address them if elected?

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Education BA University of Michigan MA Eastern Michigan University JD Wayne State University
My husband and I moved to Livonia to provide a safe, secure environment where our family could flourish. I want to ensure that Livonia is equally welcoming to all our citizens. While I stayed home with my daughter, I was able to volunteer for a number of civic and school activities, as well as work part time and earn an MA and my law degree. As an attorney, I’ve been lucky to work in both the public and private sector. In my current position, I use my analytical skills to ensure regulatory compliance. I also offer my services pro bono to the disadvantaged who need someone to represent them. I work hard to find the right answer to a problem, and I would bring that persistence and attention to detail to the city council. I want to help make Livonia a city where all families thrive.
The priority is creating a master plan that takes into account changing demographics and needs of our citizens. This means we need to be mindful in how areas are zoned, how we make use of our public spaces, and how we court businesses to come to our city. My work experience as an attorney, as well as a volunteer with public service organizations, lends critical analytical and reasoning skills to any task. Ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations means I’m familiar with solving difficult problems. I would work with the zoning commission to craft a plan that takes into account how our topography is laid out, as well as how we can best utilize a mixed use of public and private space. In order to create a thriving, vibrant city, I would partner with civic initiatives, business leaders, and governmental agencies to fully implement this master plan.
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Education Law degree - U of D Law, Bachelor's degree - Western Michigan University, Detroit Catholic Central
I have served 2 years on the Livonia City Council, 7 years as Livonia Magistrate, and 1 year as Livonia Court Officer. I'm an attorney with 9 years experience in practice. My family is active at St. Colette Catholic Church, and my wife and I volunteer with the Livonia Goodfellows, the Livonia Symphony Orchestra, the Livonia Civic Chorus, and the Livonia Public Schools where our children attend school. I am running because I want to continue to serve by asking tough questions, finding creative solutions, and making sound decisions. In my time on city council I created Livonia's first neighborhood grant program, worked closely with police and fire professionals for a safe Livonia, supported senior initiatives and programs, partnered with St. Mary hospital and Healthy Livonia, and worked to strengthen city relationship with LPS.
As a city we need to continue to engage residents by improving communication, fostering a sense of pride and ownership in our community, and continuing to be responsible with our resources. There are many things we can do to accomplish these goals such as more frequent and targeted electronic and paper mail to residents, recognizing those residents and businesses that maintain their property by adding value to the city, and making sure we utilize available resources in the most responsible and impactful manner. We need to continue to provide quality services while listening to resident perspectives about what works and doesn't and what areas need additional attention. I want to continue to focus on neighborhoods by expanding the neighborhood grant program, investing in Greenmead to make it all it can be, and crafting a master plan that will set Livonia up to thrive going forward.
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Education Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology Master of Science, Educational Leadership
I am a lifelong Livonia resident and owner and founder of Steve King and The Dittilies, the official band of the State of Michigan. Having performed over 10,000 shows and counting over the past 40 years. I am also a DPS P.E. Teacher, 25 year athletic Coach and residential Builder. I have built 5 homes in Coventry Gardens 3 of which have been featured on the annual Christmas walk. Father to four children that all attended LPS schools and graduated with distinction. All four have college degrees and my oldest son is a Doctor. I am running again for a seat on council because I want to be the change agent that will help engage the public in the direction of the city. I have served on the school board and challenged the status quo offering ideas and policies that improved the schools.

I have innovative solutions to every challenge the city now faces.
Livonia is a city that is lacking in one key area. A central gathering place like Kellogg park in Plymouth. If elected I will work with the citizens that have promoted this idea and help make it a reality. Aging Infrastructure needs to be addressed. Our roads are bad and we need to partner more effectively with the County and State to fix them. Safety is always paramount and the precipitous rise in petty crime has become a quality of life issue. We need to distribute our resources more effectively to reduce, larcenies,vadalism and B & E's. Population is shrinking and Legacy cost are rising. This has been ignored for too long and a long term solutions needs to be worked on now. Although this is a non-partisan office this city has been controlled by one party and it is reflected on council and all of the department heads and appointments. This needs to change.
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Candidate has not yet responded.
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Education Fordson Highschool: Architecture Henry Ford Community College: Bio-Med Schoolcraft College: Police Academy & Small Business
I have lived in Livonia since 1983. My wife, Pauline, and I enjoy all the amenities the city has to offer. We have 2 sons, Aaron and Max, from previous marriages. Aaron and Rosanna have 3 children, Giovanni, Silvio and Rosalia. Max, to our sorrow, was a victim of the opioid crisis in 2006.

I am retired from A T & T. Check my Facebook Page for details. I am a Livonia Police Reserve Officer and have been since 1994. Pauline started her Daycare in 1994 and I joined her full time in 1998. We will be retiring from Aunt Polly's this year. I have owned 2 other businesses, Sporting Goods and Appliances/Furniture wares. I am also currently working part time at Madonna University.

All these experiences have put me in touch with many families. I have felt their tears and cheers. My business background has allowed me to see how businesses and citizens can work together.

Get out and Vote Livonia

1. Infrastructure issues such as Road Repair / Water & Sewer Pipe Repair / Abandoned Business & Residence Structures

2. Reduce our Carbon Footprint


4. Ordinance relevance


1. Lets use some of our tax dollars also some of our revenue from our Oil Wells and Cell Towers to help alleviate this problem.

2. Lets take a look at *Solar Panels and Wind Mills for some or all of our City Buildings. Lets take a look at Hybrid Vehicles for our City Transportation Needs.

3. Besides hiring The Pied Piper. I believe that we seriously need to address this. It is the 800 pound gorilla sitting in the family room. I believe that we need to do a study and hire an extermination facilitator and eliminate this problem.

4. Weed out all unnecessary Ordinances.

* Credits and rebates available from some of the energy companies.

* Look at Madonna University's Solar Panel Project.
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Education Bentley High School; Schoolcraft Community College - Associate of Art; University of Michigan, Dearborn - Bachelor
I have always had a passion for public service and want to put my knowledge and abilities to work for the residents of Livonia. As a young woman, I was proud to start the first recycling center in Livonia and to start a small business in the city (Cardwell Florist) which is still thriving today. I am always looking for new and innovative ways to make government work better for the people it serves. Just one small example is my introduction of the (once red and now brown) drop box at City Hall for residents to conveniently drop off utility and tax payments, as well as other city paperwork, after-hours without the expense or delay of mailing them. My previous experience as a Council Member, City Treasurer, and legislator allows me to ask thoughtful questions when examining policy and budget proposals to help achieve the best possible outcome for our city and its residents.
For me the priorities include land use, both in terms of economic redevelopment as well as utilization of vacant commercial property in the city. My philosophy is that whatever we do with commercial property in the city it has to fit with the surrounding neighborhoods and be perceived as value added by the residents. It’s not just about the buildings, it’s about people. I don’t think one-size-fits-all solutions work. Another priority issue for me is maintaining a high standard of public safety services, particularly with our large population of seniors and families this is so important. We are having some issues right now recruiting first responders in our city, there is a lot of competition for the best and brightest with other communities and I want to look at creative solutions to fill out our workforce in this area and to retain them once they are in our city.
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Education Juris Doctor, Wayne State Law School and a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing (with distinction), University of Arizona
I served as Chief Assistant City Attorney for the City of Livonia and retired after working for the City's Law Department for 29 years. During that time I represented the City in civil litigation, provided legal advice to the City's elected officials and department heads, drafted City ordinances and Council resolutions and was a prosecutor in the 16th District Court. With this experience, I gained a deep understanding of City government and municipal issues. I ran for City Council for the first time in 2015 and was elected to serve a two-year term. I am running for re-election because I care deeply about this City and wish to help make decisions that will benefit our residents and businesses in the future. I recently graduated from Michigan State University's highly regarded Michigan Political Leadership Program which has enhanced my ability to be an effective City Council Member.
The City has too many vacant commercial buildings and I plan to assist the City's Economic Development staff in reaching out to business owners and developers to make them aware of opportunities to redevelop these sites and expand their operations. In addition, public safety and emergency responsiveness have been key strengths of our City and I would make budget decisions to ensure that our first responders have the resources and support they need to attract qualified applicants to fill vacancies that arise. The City will be adopting a new Master Plan in the coming months and I will be advocating a progressive approach to land use issues that will encourage preservation of green space, pedestrian walkways and bike paths, modern mixed-use developments, desirable homes for young families and more housing options for seniors including ranch style condos and independent living apartments. logo


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