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Roseville Council, 3 4 year terms, GE Nov 2017
  • Jan Haggerty

  • Dee Bowman Lindroth

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    Bryan Shishakly Designer

  • Bill Shoemaker

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    Steven Wietecha Retired

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How would you ensure that our community is inclusive to all our citizens regardless of ethnicity, culture, and religion?

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Occupation / Current Position Owner/Creative Director - Vanguard Design Group Vice-Chair - Roseville Downtown Development Authority Adjunct Instructor - University of Detroit Mercy Trustee - South Central Macomb Dems Club
Campaign Phone (586) 596-9101
Education University of Detroit Mercy - B.S. of Architecture and Masters of Architecture Wayne State University - Studies in Urban Planning Columbia College Chicago - Studies in Photography Lakeview High School
I am dedicated to making Roseville a strong and welcoming community for generations to come. While attending university I focused on community based projects that aimed to produce social benefits as a first priority. I have worked as a designer and facility manager on local, national, and international projects and now am the owner and creative director of a local design agency. With my business I have been able to do pro-bono community design work in southeast MI. I am also an adjunct instructor at the University of Detroit Mercy and have been an active member of my community. I am currently the Vice-Chair of Roseville’s Downtown Development Authority where I have helped coordinate community events as well as a design competition that garnered international attention. I decided to run in the hopes of bringing fresh forward thinking ideas to Roseville through progressive policy change. My goal is that this will help ensure that our community strong for my daughter as she grows up.
I come from a diverse ethnic, cultural, and religious background and I would like to use that experience to help bring people together. I come from a family where my Arab-Muslim grandfather married my English-Protestant grandmother and my Italian-Catholic grandmother married my German-Jewish grandfather. I am proud of my heritage because it gave me a different perspective of the world, but my greatest pride has nothing to do with faith, ethnicity, or culture. It is about the character of those family members and the ideals that they all upheld, that we are all one people on this earth and our surface differences aren't what make us good or bad, it is our actions. It is in that spirit that I hope to bring both policy change and community events that will help bring together our residents to learn about on another and support one another. It is only through interaction and dialogue that we begin to understand each other and foster a truly inclusive community for our future generations.
I am proud to live in community where people support and care for their neighbors. Nowhere else that I have lived in my life have I felt the sense of community that I feel in Roseville. I have seen this on a large scale while coordinating events for the DDA and finding an outpouring of volunteer support to ensure that the community has a fun, safe, and successful event every time. We do have our challenges however, and many of ours in Roseville are the same that other inner-ring suburbs face across the country. We need to find a way to grow and thrive during a period where we see residents leaving in larger numbers, especially our younger generations. To fix this we need to rethink how we operate from the ground up. This means revising our city charter to reflect the newer more modern needs of residents. This lays a foundation for more forward thinking, creative, and progressive policies and will help us as we implement plans to make Roseville successful economically and socially.
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Occupation / Current Position City Councilman
Campaign Website http://N/A
Campaign Phone (586) 634-4865
Education Graduate of Brablec High School, Roseville, MI and continuing education credits from Macomb Community College and MSU
Facebook Steven Wietecha
Retired after 34 years with the City of Roseville beginning in the Department of Public Works and advancing to Engineering Inspector / Street Administrator.

To keep the City of Roseville moving in a positive direction with strong Police and Fire Departments, Code Enforcement to eliminate blight and quality City services for our residents.
While laws prohibiting discrimination are enacted at the State and Federal levels our community is diverse and welcoming to everyone regardless of ethnicity, culture, religion or any other aspect.
I was involved in the process of the City of Roseville being the first certified Redevelopment Ready Community in the State of Michigan.

Aging infrastructure is a challenge we face and we need to seek out Federal Grants and alternative resources to repair and maintain. logo


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