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Mt. Clemens Mayor

Mt. Clemens Mayor, 1 two year term, GE Nov 2017
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    Barb Dempsey Mayor

  • Mike Zubas Jr. Caterer employee

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Occupation / Current Position Mayor, City of Mount Clemens
Campaign Phone (586) 465-4918
Education Graduate of Mount Clemens High School, St. John Institute, MML Officials Academy
Facebook Barb Dempsey
I have been Mayor for 13 years, and served as a City Commissioner for 16 years prior to becoming Mayor in 2004. I have a total of 29 years of municipal government experience. I am retired Director of Patient Financial Services from St. John Northeast Hospital. I’m running because I believe that there is meaning through service to our community. I have spent most of my life in Mount Clemens and I’m blessed to be part of a community that not only has a great history, but a bright future. I was Mayor during some of the most difficult times in our City’s history: home and business foreclosures, financial/budget shortfalls and rising costs. We are on a major comeback and I feel that I have the experience to move the City forward and upward. Home sales are up, new businesses are moving in, and finances are stable.
I would see that the City create a welcoming environment that will provide citizens a voice in their government; encourage citizens to get involved in their community by participating in committees and events; meet with local community leaders, schools and faith groups to share knowledge and understanding of their needs; hold open houses and invite leaders and members of different groups to meet and work together on common issues.
I’m most proud of the people in our community. During the difficult times, this community came together and saw the need to pass a charter amendment to increase our millage rate so that we could continue to provide the services to our residents. Employees took cuts in pay and benefits, and vendors reduced their service cost by 10%. It took everyone working together as a team to keep the City moving forward. Because of this, we were able to avoid having the State appoint an Emergency Financial Manager. What I see as a challenge is making sure that the City stays financially sound. We need to encourage economic development by working with the Macomb County Economic Development department, the Downtown Development Authority and private developers. We also need to make sure that the budgets are reviewed on a monthly basis to see if any variances have occurred that may create a problem in the future.
Occupation / Current Position I handle all the utility type tasks around the kitchen. I help with basic cooking and dishware cleaning tasks, check and take in inventory, and a variety of other duties.
Campaign Phone (586) 321-6476
Education I graduated from L'Anse Creuse High School Central. I attended Macomb Community College for several terms.
Facebook One must search "Zubas for Mayor"
As a child, I fell in love with the area. Dad moved us away, but I moved back, due to feeling homesick. I learned from my Dad to think and research into politics and history of a subject. I am fascinated with classic cars, enjoy bicycling, and am skilled at computer repair. Although the Great Recession ravaged this area, like everyone else, I've done my best to live. Now, I feel compelled to do something more. From a varied work experience, I know what people need and want out of their jobs and what they expect out of the job of Mayor. I enjoy meeting and listening to residents, learning their needs from our city and hopes for it and look forward to us working together to benefit it. It seems to be in a slump and although attention is given to the downtown, more than the neighborhoods, I understand it has limited sources of income. The county seat land and buildings and the many fine churches means it lacks the tax base it needs. I am working on ideas to bring in new businesses.
I am already working on two parks in the lower-income, African-American community, learning from the people what those parks need. We have no Parks and Recreation programs to speak of. Activities of those departments can bring young and old of different backgrounds together. We need to encourage small businesses, which tend to bring out unique cultural skills and products. A Mayor of the people can be that encouraging influence.
It is an old town with a history which focused on health using the nonmedical treatments from the natural springs here. A dual challenge is the inadequate tax base and lack of jobs—I would bring back the focus on health by making Mt. Clemens a mecca of holistic health alternatives. There will soon be the new marihuana law and, I hope, hemp industry and I’d like to see us on the ground floor. Hemp plants can be turned into clothing, non-toxic diesel fuel, paint, varnish, detergent, ink and lubricating oil, health foods, organic body care, and “nutraceuticals.” It can grow on poor soil with little water and no pesticides—we have land suitable for it and workers for production. logo


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