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Eastpointe City Council Two 4 year terms, GE Nov 2017
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    Cardi DeMonaco Jr. Software Engineer

  • Clarence Duren

  • R. J. Johnson

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    Monique Owens Police Officer

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    Edward Williams Business Owner

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Describe your background, experience, and qualifications for this position and the reasons you are running for it.

How would you ensure that our community is inclusive to all our citizens? Please address your stand on the "at large" or "districted" city council situation.

Describe one thing for which you are proud of your community and describe one thing you think is a challenge and how you would address it.

Occupation / Current Position Senior Software Developer at the Michigan Court of Appeals; City Councilman in the City of Eastpointe
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Campaign Phone (586) 744-3864
Education Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
I am running for re-election because I enjoy solving problems and engaging in the political process. I believe that my background as a homeowner, software developer, and long-time community advocate excellently qualify me to continue serving as a City Council member.

My interest in government started after having the opportunity to shadow a former Mayor while I was National Honor Society president in high school. In college, I was encouraged to run for student government as a senator. Through that, I became engaged with a statewide student government organization, the Student Association of Michigan. I was elected Vice President and then President of SAM. After college, I wanted to get involved in the City. There was an opening on the Zoning Board of Appeals in 2012. The City Council appointed me and I served for two years. In 2014 there was a vacancy on the City Council, and after applying and interviewing, I was appointed and subsequently won election to continue the term in 2015.
In Eastpointe we are inclusive, and this can be seen in our appointments to Boards and Commissions. I ensure that at the Council table, we put forward qualified candidates, and in turn this has created an inclusive City. Although Eastpointe has a diverse group of citizen participants, the US Department of Justice decided to sue the City of Eastpointe for its at-large City Council elections. They would like the City to change its system to a district system, with one district having a majority black residents. We are taking this issue very seriously. When the lawsuit was first filed, we soon after had a press conference explaining what was going on. Many residents, black and white, came and expressed their displeasure that the federal government was sticking its nose in Eastpointe where it does not belong. I believe that residents in Eastpointe vote based on merit and not on the color of the candidate's skin, and that the hardest working and best candidates will win in November.
One thing that makes me proud to live in Eastpointe is that folks are friendly and care about the City in which they live. Residents are involved in many organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Eastwood Odd Fellows and the Knights of Columbus. Many community events are held such as Cruisin' Gratiot, the Lions HarvestFest and the Chamber's Deck the Halls charity auction. Dozens of residents take part in eleven different Boards and Commissions in the City. There is a lot of passion in our City.

One challenge in Eastpointe - a challenge in many cities right now - is water and sewer infrastructure. There is a limited amount of money to invest in water and sewer projects, and I am working on ensuring those dollars are used effectively. With the Flint Water Crisis and 15 Mile Sinkhole in recent memory, water and sewer infrastructure cannot be forgotten. I am voting at the Council table to put the most pressing projects first.
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Occupation / Current Position Police Officer
Campaign Phone (586) 209-3927
Education I have a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice at Madonna University.
I have a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice at Madonna University. I have been a police officer with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department for 11 years and have been a mentor and volunteer in many organizations for pregnant mothers, high school/G.E.D. completion and the disabled. One of the many reasons I am running for city council is to bring safety to my community. In the past I was a victim of a crime in Eastpointe and I don’t want to see anymore residents become victims.
To ensure the community is inclusive to all citizens is to make available programs to everyone. To become a successful community there should be resources available and government programs to back them up. I am willing to do the work to seek out those programs that will make us grow as a whole. My stand on “the at large and/or “districted” city council situation is simple. I stand on equality and fairness and in both there are inconsistences but nothing is perfect but God.
One thing about my community I am proud of is that when someone is hurt we are all hurt and we help one another. Most of my neighbors have become family and that’s hard to find in most neighborhoods. One thing that is a challenge in my community is to be pro-active. I have addressed this by starting a neighborhood watch which brings strength in the community.
Occupation / Current Position Run all aspects of ironclad Enterprises, including Sales and recruiting.
Campaign Phone (586) 467-5594
Education I'm a graduate of Martin Luther King and I have an Associates Degree in Electronic Engineering from National Institute of technology.
Edward Williams is a dedicated, servant leader whose been married for 19 years to his wife, Deana with two children, Joszn'e & Eddie. Edward has been an active resident of Eastpointe since 2009. As business owner of Iron Clad Enterprises, Edward currently serves as both a member and Executive Board Member on the Eastpointe-Roseville Chamber of Commerce. He along with his family attends Love Life Family Christian Center, a staple of Eastpointe and serves as Deacon, Children's Ministry Teacher, leads the Culinary Ministry. speaker and mentor. Edward looks forward to serving our community.I am running for Eastpointe City Council to bring about change and keep the community striving for greater! I sincerely want to be an intricate part of the growth in our community where neighbors know their neighbors and look out for one another. Where the residents take pride in their property. Where business is flourishing from the support of the community and the business owners return appreciation
I would like to forge a relationship between public safety and the community whereas there is open communication, respect, trust and a sincere concern for one another. I want to build upon that to ensure the community that our public safety has our best interest in making our community a safe and secure place to live. I would like to see increased funding to allow public safety's engagement with the community through open houses, neighborhood block clubs and other programs to promote community awareness.

I am willing to carry the torch to restore respect, integrity, trust and healthy dialog in our community with our public safety by listening, learning and leading. I think that if the city is divided into four districts it would not help the voting process but it would further complicate a new and already complex system. Our city is not big enough to have four separate districts we are not a big city were a great city and in order for a family town to stay great we can't separate.
Eastpointe is one of a few cities in Michigan that has received the redevelopment ready certification , We are also a city that has a balanced budget . Regaining the confidence of our residents , I would start by meeting our Neighbors and citizens listening to there concerns learn what steps we need to take to resolve the issues , and lead us into the future. logo


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