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Virginia House District 23

The Virginia House of Delegates is the lower house in the General Assembly.
  • Scott Garrett (Rep)

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    Natalie Short (Dem) homemaker

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What changes are needed in Virginia to ensure election integrity and voting access?

What are your recommendations for improving health care coverage so that it is adequate, affordable, and accessible to all Virginians?

In 2021, who should have responsibility for redistricting in Virginia? What criteria for drawing district lines should be followed?

What is your position on "No Excuse" absentee voting?

What are your legislative priorities?

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In Virginia is important to ensure election integrity and voting access and we can do this by providing same day voter registration and repealing "voter ID" laws, which suppress turnout for qualified voters, at every turn. These laws are targeted to certain demographic and we need to make sure these laws do not stand. We also need to restore the rights of all ex-offenders and make sure they are aware of this service and how to do it upon completing their time.`
Something that is very important to me is healthcare for all of our citizens and I believe we can achieve this by expanding Medicaid. We could save the state budget 73 million dollars and year. We forfeit 6.6 million dollars a day to other states by choosing not to expand and we have already spent 2.4 billion in tax dollars to date. Not only is it fiscally responsible and proven to work in other states it is morally responsible. It would provide 400,000 people with health coverage.
Gerrymandering is huge problem. There is no way our legislators can draw these line in an unbiased way. I believe that there needs to be computer software developed to ensure party-equal, unbiased lines. I do agree that it should continue to be compact and contiguous.
"No Excuse" absentee voting should absolutely be instated. If it is our right to be able to cast a vote we shouldn't have to prove why we can't show up at the polls o Election Day. If we want a high turnout of votes we should make it as easy as possible for the voter to cast their vote.
My top three priorities are expanding Medicaid and ensuring affordable healthcare access for all, protecting public education, and fighting for equal pay for women. I want to fight to support our struggling families of Virginia. I will stand up for what is important but look forward to working across the aisle to help lift our communities up. I also want to make sure my constituents know that I am listening and I am trying to find a solution to their concerns. logo


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