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Town of North Hempstead Supervisor

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    Judi R. Bosworth (DEM, WFP, IND, WEP) Supervisor, Town of North Hempstead

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    Stephen Nasta (REP, CON, REF) Lecturer John Jay College of Criminal Justice

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What viable tactical steps are you proposing that would attract people to your city/town and keep current residents from leaving Long Island for other states?

What specifically will you do to increase the availability of low income/middle class housing, rental as well as ownership, in order to keep our young people from leaving and to attract other young people to our communities.

Since we are seeing the effects of climate change in the form of serious hurricanes and other weather events here and elsewhere in the country, what will you do to strengthen the infrastructure of our towns and cities to deal with the aftermath of such events?

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Campaign Phone (516) 286-9955
City/Town of Residence Great Neck (North Hempstead)
Prior Civic Service Nassau County Legislature Great Neck Board of Education
As Supervisor, I am working hard to keep taxes low while maintaining the level of service that our residents deserve. My administration’s responsible financial practices have lead to a reduction in debt by $31 million. We have passed all three budgets with bipartisan support and below the tax cap. Moody’s Investor Services has reaffirmed our Aaa bond rating, the highest possible, allowing us to borrow at low rates, saving our taxpayers’ money. We are continually improving our extensive network of parks and recreational activities. We recently completed Petrus Park, are renovating Whitney Pond Park and are continuing the visioning process for North Hempstead Beach Park. Project Independence enables our senior residents to age in place by providing services including transportation, exercise classes and social opportunities. The recent expansion of our transportation program to individuals with disabilities has given them the ability to live more independent lives in our Town.
The Town is working to ensure that low and middle housing continues to be available to help attract young people to stay in or move to North Hempstead.

The building department reforms during my time in office have created an environment that encourages developers to work in North Hempstead. The number of certificates of occupancy issued each year has been steadily increasing since I took office in 2014. In addition, we require that builders adhere to the Long Island Workforce Housing Act, increasing the availability of affordable units. Our efforts to combat illegal rentals and non-compliant landlords help to ensure that all housing is safe.

The Town’s Community Development Agency continues to rehabilitate abandoned and underutilized properties to provide new or like new homes to low and moderate first time homebuyers. This fall we will be working with the Long Island Housing Partnership to conduct another lottery for 4 three-bedroom homes in the Town.
Since taking office, I have had a strong commitment to public works and capital improvement projects, including several storm resiliency projects. Using FEMA funds, other federal and state grants and capital funds, we are working hard to ensure that our infrastructure can withstand extreme weather events. Critical projects include restoration of the Town Dock, rebuilding of bulkheads and seawalls and aquatic sand removal in Hempstead Harbor and several ponds in the area.
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Campaign Phone (914) 860-4387
City/Town of Residence Great Neck Plaza
Prior Civic Service Steve is a former NYPD Police Inspector, an Executive Management Position; with over thirty years of proven positive management experience in the public sector. He has a Masters Degree from CUNY, John Jay College of Criminal Justice and is a Graduate of Columbia Universities , School of Business, Police Management Institute. As Inspector, he Commanded two active and diverse Police Precincts, where he worked closely with members of the community, to improve their quality of life, and was honored for reducing crime. Steve also led several Borough Narcotics Investigative Units, supervising over 450 dedicated men and women, who played a major role in arresting opioid and illegal gun dealers. Based upon his reputation for honesty and positive results in 1999, Steve Nasta was appointed Chief of the Investigators Bureau in the Office of the Bronx District Attorney, and served for over 12 years. In this high -level position, Steve managed numerous successful investigations into Sensitive Political & Government corruption cases; he also led investigations into Opioid Drug Gangs and other serious crimes in the Bronx. Steve has dedicated his entire career to serving members of all communities he worked in. He is also an active Member of the St. Mary’s Council of the Knights of Columbus in Manhasset.
To attract new people and keep current residents from leaving the Town of North Hempstead, I will take immediate steps to halt future tax increases, attract new business and improve transportation options. When elected I will begin by reviewing all town expenditures with the goal of eliminating waste and insuring that every town employee provides a true and valuable service to the people of North Hempstead. To attract new business which will increase our tax base, I will meet with representatives of every Chamber of Commerce in North Hempstead and form an inclusive “Think Tank” to find out what they perceive as roadblocks to new businesses; then, work with Town and County Legislators in a bipartisan effort to remove these roadblocks to development. I will work closely with partners in government such as the MTA and the Nassau County NICE Bus Transportation System to improve service and parking for commuters. to ensure viable transportation options.
In order to increase availability of affordable housing and encourage new residential buildings, I will meet with Builders and ensure them that the current non- functioning Building’s Department will be overhauled and brought into the 21st Century by increased use of technology and retraining of all personnel. In addition, I will propose tax incentives to both builders and residents to develop and purchase affordable local housing.
As witnessed by the recent horrendous effects of Hurricanes on parts of Florida and the devastation in Puerto Rico caused by power outages, I will lobby our utility suppliers to remove overhead power lines and change to underground wiring. While it may initially sound costly it will save lives and (will) attract new businesses which need uninterrupted service. In addition, relying on my past experience in the NYPD as a manager I will develop emergency response plans in conjunction with our partners in all levels of Government with the goal of public safety. I will identify, equip and notify the Public of all suitable safe shelters to be used in the event of any impending serious threat. This will be done by working in conjunction with the Nassau County Police Department and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. I also will make certain that we have a plan in place that all movable town equipment is moved outside of the flood plains and stored in arears which are elevated to reduce logo


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