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City of Delphos Mayor - Unexpired Term to end 12/31/19

The city of Delphos is a home rule municipal corporation established under the laws of the State of Ohio.The City operates under a part-time Mayor/Council and full-time Safety/Service Director form of government,Salary: $13,500.
  • Joshua Patrick Gillespie

  • Douglas Mullenhour

  • John J. Parent Mayor

  • L.Wayne Suever Retired Fire Chief City of Delphos

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1. What is your 5 year vision for economic development in Delphos?

2. Crime prevention and the safety of residents is a primary concern for residents, what can city government AND the private sector do to make Delphos a safer place to live?

3. If the Governor balances the state budget at the expense of municipalities, as has occurred in the past, how will you make up the shortfall?

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Current Occupation Current mayor of Delphos. I am also a sportswriter for a daily newspaper in Van Wert County.
Education Bluffton University
Over the next five years, Delphos will continue to pursue new business while encouraging growth of the established businesses within the city. We will do this by addressing areas of concern within the city's infrastructure and by working with private sector groups to revitalize the downtown area.
The number one priority for any city official should always be the health and safety of the residents. These concerns have remained at the front of my mind in every discussion and decision that I have made as the mayor of Delphos, and decisions will continue to be shaped with health and safety in mind. The city administration can support this cause by ensuring that our employees at both the police department and at Fire and Rescue are dedicated and well-trained. Through a couple of the more active private groups within the community, we have already seen the organization of a fire prevention workshop, which is free and open to the public. These types of activities will be vital to both reducing any unfamiliarity between the residents and our emergency responders and to educating our residents on how to keep themselves out of harm's way whenever possible.
Should the city face an economic deficit, we would be prepared to trim costs in a variety of areas. That said, the city is in a position financially that we could make these cost-reducing changes in a more gradual manner than we've had to in years past. This would allow the city employees and citizens to have a period of adjustment before the next phase of the financial reorganization would begin.
Current Occupation Owner CW Repair LLC
Education Graduate Delphos St. John
Training & Experience Attended National Fire Academy "Strategic Planning", Ohio Fire Academy various courses, former Fire Service instructor, Fire Safety Inspector, Fire Investigator, served on the State of Ohio Firefighter and Fire Safety Inspector Training Committee, served on the Allen and Van Wert E-911 operational committees".
For Delphos to grow with additional industry and jobs this will take City Council, or the economic development committee to purchase land since the present industrial/commercial sites are occupied. The city and two adjoining townships need to work closely together to make this happen, we need jobs for young people to remain to live here. A joint venture between the townships and the city would benefit everyone.
The staffing of Police Department and Fire/Rescue Division need to be brought back to the levels before staff cuts. Safety of the citizens needs to be a primary issue for the city council. The recent violent type crimes, the surge of opioid drug use and overdose occurrences there is dire need for highly trained safety forces available to handle this growing issue. The citizens need to stay aware of what is happening around them, report any suspected criminal activity and secure their property. Commercial property owners, like individuals must take careful steps to protect their property from criminals.
If the governor and state legislature continues to siphon local money off, there is only one option left for local government and that is to increase taxes to meet their financial obligations to continue operation. logo


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