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    Albert Borroni Director, Educational Technology

  • Isabella Moreno

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    Sandra Redd retired RN

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    Anne Schaum Nonprofit manager

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    Jason Williams Founder/CEO of Get with the Program, Inc.,

  • Kenneth Yancey retired union electrician

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1) The school age population in the Oberlin School District continues to decrease, and the cost per pupil is well above the state average. What one change would you work for that would address this issue.

2) Imagine you are trying to convince some parents to send their child to the Oberlin schools. What 2 or 3 features of the school system would you highlight?

Education BA Oberlin College Ph.D. Kent State (Neurobiology)
Training and Experience Current Board Member H.S. Physics Teacher Visiting Professor Oberlin College Board Finance and Meeting training Eastwood PTO
Age 54
It is time for us to address the maintenance and administrative overhead associated with having too many aging buildings. Not surprisingly I am supportive of the effort to reduce the number of buildings from 4 to 2. The original configuration was designed for twice the number of children and it is time to modernize and provide an environment that is conducive to 21st-century teaching and learning. Modernization will both provide a safer environment and should reduce maintenance and energy costs.

We must also modernize our business practices. While this may require an initial cost, it will in the long-run reduce the need for time-consuming and costly reporting processes. We need also exploring shared services partnerships.

While the above measures will reduce costs, it is important to also recognize that small districts are required to provide the same services as larger districts. As such the cost/pupil in our district will always be greater than that for larger districts
Our curriculum is framed by the International Baccalaureate which aims to do more than other curricula by developing inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who are motivated to succeed. We also work with the Oberlin Kids Community Collaborative which assist 0-5 year olds and their parents in making sure their children are ready for school. Furthermore, OCSD provides full-day preschool. Our lower schools have small class sizes and engaged and creative teachers. We also work hard to provide not only academic opportunities but also, options for children to develop their artistic and athletic prowess by supporting a free music option for everyone (band, choir and/or orchestra) and various sports. Teachers also involve students in outside academic competitions (i.e. Model UN, Academic Challenge, Band competitions).

At the H.S. we have a strong connection to the JVS and make available IB courses as well as access to, if accepted, Oberlin College courses and courses at LCCC.
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Education Associate degree
Training and Experience I have not been a school board member but I am willing to learn. I have been involved with the schools for over 30 years.
Age 62
First we need to do an internal assessment to find out what our costs are,Then we need to evaluate each cost and what is the benefit. For the most costly we need to determine if the benefit outweighs the cost. Can we eliminate some or part and continue this process until we have gone through all the items one at a time removing those that do not benefit the students directly.
Oberlin has some great educators. I have seen the dedication of these teachers. I have read letters from former students thanking teachers for the great educational experience. The teachers come in early and stay late to help students succeed. If you attend Oberlin High School for 4 years and you meet the criteria you can attend Oberlin College at a reduced cost. Oberlin is a small diverse community, the racial tension that exist in other places is not as prevalent here. The school offers numerous after school activities and community service opportunities.
Education B.A. Psychology, Allegheny College, 1993 Oberlin High School, 1989
Training and Experience OSBA campaign finance, leadership, and transportation workshops
Age 46
There are two things we can do to increase the district’s student population: we can attract more students or we can reduce the number of students who choose another option. I believe families should always have the choice to select what they feel is the best educational option for their child. We must make our district the choice for more families.The change I promote is an internal marketing effort to change the narrative within the district. Instead of allowing the squeaky wheels to control the story, let’s encourage and advertise the positive stories. That does not mean that we ignore the challenges that we face, but that we give energy to the successes. This means that every student, parent, and resident of the district becomes a raving fan, able to dismantle the unfounded assumptions about our community and educational environment because we all have stories of the great things happening every day for our children. It means that our kids are proud of themselves and our community.
I would include details about the International Baccalaureate (IB) program features specific to their child. Since the program includes the entire student population from Kindergarten through 10th grade, it is important that parents understand the it is not just the 11th and 12th grade diploma candidates who are touched by this innovative approach to teaching the whole child to be more well-rounded world citizens. The second feature I would highlight is the wide array of activities for children to be involved in. Our racially and economically diverse district is committed to “no pay to play.” With 51% of our students qualifying for free and reduced lunch, it is critical that we level the playing field and invite any child who wants to play a sport or an instrument in the band or orchestra to do so without adding a financial burden. The third feature I would highlight is our highly supportive community, both the district employees and the residents of Oberlin.
Education Bachelor's Degree from Oberlin College
Training and Experience 15+ years in working with preschool through 12th grade student populations domestically and internationally.
Age 34
In order to protect Oberlin students from instructional cuts that could affect student achievement, I want to identify and share best practices (for instructional and non-instructional costs i.e. transportation) from similar yet high-performing school districts. By identifying and implementing best practices, our district can operate at maximum efficiency— thus ensuring residents get what they pay for and their children's education would not be compromised.
I would highlight:

1). OCSD's International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP)

2). The role Oberlin College has in offering high-quality student-tutors and educational programs to OCSD students

3). Our district's diversity. According to OCSD is the sixth most diverse school district in the entire state of Ohio
Education graduated Lorain high school, attended Central State University, classes at LCCC, four year electrical apprenticeship
Training and Experience I was active in my union, and served on many committes, joint apprenticeship committee, and executive board
I would seek out redundancies in the system, excluding teachers, custodial staff and others.
The Oberlin school district is particularly attractive because of the way all of the students attend all of the schools in the system. The school buildings are separate and distinct in location and personality . This affords the maturation of the the students in each of the buildings to progress at a natural pace, relatively free from more mature influence. It also allows a more personal relationship between parent and teacher logo


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