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Liberty Township Trustee, 2 to be elected
  • Holly Adams

  • Shyra Eichhorn

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    Mike Gemperline Owner Medical Furnishings Group

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    Scott Lynch Business Owner

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    Bryan Newell Project Manager/Transportation Planner

  • Chris Shear

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What motivated you to run for election and what personal skills do you bring to the Township?

What do you see as the single greatest challenge for residents in your township and how do you propose to meet that challenge?

What are your hopes for the future of your Township?

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I have the heart, the time, and the passion to serve and protect our community, its residents, and our tax dollars. I am a 29 year resident of Liberty Township. I am particularly motivated at this time because I now have the time required to do the job justice and I am very concerned with the future development of our community. At this time, our community deserves leaders that have the time to be guardians of our community, our tax dollars, and our services. I fit that bill. Also, I am very concerned with conflicts of interest and what is motivating some of the candidates. I have attended trustee meetings and been engaged for years. Others running never attended a single meeting until they decided to run for trustee and they still don't attend most meetings. I have no ulterior motives, just a heart to protect us, our money and our community and I know what the job entails. I care! (for more see facebook page Gemperline For Liberty)
Irresponsible Development and Over Development: I have the time and the experience to collaborate with our neighbors in an effort to protect our community from being exploited by developers. Together we can create a mutually agreed upon development plan for future development and put an end to developers pitting us against each other. We are neighbors and friends who all live in the same community. Also, unlike other candidates I promise to never allow tax payer dollars to be surrendered to residential developers to offset their development costs ( TIFs)

High Property Taxes I pledge to Oppose any New or Increase in Township Levies, Taxes, or Fees. The Township is financially stable. We do not need any more of our resident's money
To maintain the semi rural feel of our community as we develop the Sawmill Parkway Extension and the undeveloped township. To maintain and even improve our service levels in fire/EMS, roads, and parks without ever raising taxes or imposing levies or levy increases. To develop responsibly without burdening our schools and traffic flow. To connect our multi use trails without tax increases or levies For taxpayers' dollars to be directed and spent on projects that the taxpayers want which does not include lawyers, lawsuits, or trutees' friends and their businesses.
I have always wanted to be involved in public service on the political end. Through an acquaintance, I learned of the opportunity that I am now seeking. I am confident, as a business owner, that I bring a certain skill set and tools that would benefit our Township. I have started my business, Patriot Medical, from the ground up. Patriot currently has approximately 50 employees and serves an aging population in long term care facilities and hospice care. The tools and skills I am speaking of were learned over the past 15 years by growing and managing my organization. We are currently licensed in 6 states and have 6 current locations in the state of Ohio. I am very proud to have started and grown my company to what it is today. The success of Patriot Medical has been largely due to my being fiscally responsible and accountable to all facets of the business. My employees come first because they take care of my customers; that is how I grew my business.
While we have several challenges, the one I get asked most about is the expiration of the part of the CEDA agreement that allows development north of Home Road as well as annexation by the city. I propose to meet this challenge by having a better working relationship with the city of Powell. We will eventually have to choose a dance partner between Powell or the city of Delaware. I choose Powell. Our current leaders have not done an adequate job pursuing a stronger relationship with Powell. I have been endorsed by the vice mayor of Powell; Jon Bennehoof. This endorsement has shown the Township residents the trust and confidence that the city has placed in me to bridge the gap between the city and the Township. We need to get rid of the us versus them mentality and work together for a brighter more inclusive future.
My hope is for the Township to flourish and grow into something we all continue to be proud of. I want to ensure the residents get the first class services they deserve with out a tax increase. I think we can all agree that government entities can be more frugal. Our number one priority should be to support our local fire and EMS staff. This is a matter of public safety that should be governed locally. I will not accept any outsourcing of any safety services. Keep both fire and EMS here local! We should also provide first class services and amenities in the way of our roads, parks and expanding bike paths. We will continue to see growth, therefore it is essential we have leaders in office that can manage it properly while being fiscally accountable.
My dad was a township trustee in Carroll County, and I grew up working alongside him as he tended to the responsibilities of the job. On sunny days, we mowed the old cemeteries together, and after storms we cleared trees and debris from roads. Because of my experience with my dad, I have always had an interest in giving back to the community. In February 2016, I was appointed to the Liberty Township Board of Zoning Appeals. For the last year, I have also been on the committee which is updating the Comprehensive Plan. It was during this process that I realized I could offer value-added leadership to the Township thanks to my education and certification as a City and Regional Planner. I will bring traffic, engineering, and planning knowledge and expertise that we don’t currently have on staff. Becoming trustee would allow me to use my skills and education to give back to my own community.
We have an a-typical situation in that the city is still part of the township, and therefore our residents have very different concerns. Making decisions that benefit all residents is a balancing act the trustees must carry out every day. This is a tremendous challenge as our situation lends itself to an “us vs. them” mentality on many issues, but especially development/annexation. What we need is to have leaders who can think comprehensively, see all sides of an issue, and communicate effectively with residents about the issues and challenges of the day. It is only through open and collaborative dialogue that we can develop the best solutions possible. I have years of experience leading these types of discussions and problem-solving exercises for other communities, and I can bring meeting facilitation and constructive dialogue techniques to our discussions as well.
We are in the middle of a technological revolution like no other time in history, and we need to make sure our community does not get left behind! The businesses of the future will be online telecommuting out of one's own home or in small store fronts. To attract these businesses, we need to stay ahead of the technology infrastructure game and make sure we are offering the highest speed internet and connectivity. Communications connectivity will be the backbone of communities and "smart cities" in the future. A community built on housing alone is unsustainable in the long term. Attracting quality businesses that offer jobs to our teens, regular workforce, and our seniors is critical to help keep our tax burden in check. These 21st century, neighborhood scale businesses are in line with our community vision and character and will limit impact on roads and services. As trustee, I will initiate a plan to explore public-private partnerships to upgrade connectivity options in the Township.
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