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Member of Board of Education (3 to be elected)
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    Mark Butler (write-in) self-employed

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    Deborah Guebert Math Tutor and Educational Activist

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    Jayna L McDaniel-Browning Social media/marketing consultant

  • Frances O'Flaherty Science Teacher

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    Michael Joseph Wiener Assistant Prosecuting Attorney

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What motivated you to run for election and what personal skills do you bring to the Delaware City School District Board of Education?

What do you see as the single greatest challenge for students in the Delaware City School District in the next four years and how do you propose to support students in meeting that challenge?

In what areas are improvements or innovations needed as Delaware City School District moves toward excellence?

I was motivated to run because I want to improve literacy and diversity in school district. I would also like to see the effective implementation of anti-bullying policies. I want make sure performing arts and other extra curricular programs are maintained. Finally,. I want to empower students, teachers and community for a successful school district. What I would bring are excellent organizational and communication skills as well as educational and life experiences.
I see the greatest single challenge for students in the Delaware City Diostrict is in preparing themselves to be successful students while meeting the challenges of school, home and community.
The Delaware City School District must improve the academic report card for all students.Their must be a stronger effort in recruiting staff and teachers from culturally diverse backgrounds. Parents, school administrators, teachers and community members must work together to develop creative strategies for a successful school district.
As a math tutor, I ran into the same kind of incoherent and counterproductive math methods as thousands of parents across Ohio. This began a personal quest to rescue a subject that is nothing if not logical, orderly, and full of pattern. With a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Physics, a Master’s degree in Physics, earlier applied experience as a medical physicist, and more recently, many years as a math educator, I believe that my understanding of the issues, as well as workable solutions to them, will help students gain more satisfaction and benefit from their math studies.
The single greatest issue for students in Delaware City Schools in the next 4 years is the same as that for every student at any time in history - to be able to read fluently, and with good comprehension. To write well, also essential, will follow. The best way to achieve this goal, is for parents to read to their children from an early age, and to talk to them about whatever activity they are engaged in. For children who start school or kindergarten without this “home advantage”, the best chance of catching up on their word deficit, is with a structured, content rich curriculum, such as E. D. Hirsch, Jr.’s Core Knowledge, now downloadable without charge for K-8. This approach has been shown to have superior results for children of all levels of ability, and is effective in closing the knowledge gap between the less advantaged and the more privileged, something which the more utopian schemes such as the widely promoted Common Core system have failed to do.
The high need for remedial coursework among Delaware City high school graduates entering Ohio public colleges (36% in 2015) certainly gives pause for thought. A stronger focus on foundational basics in the elementary years, and a continued emphasis on a broad background of essential knowledge, rather than on job-oriented skills, should help improve the level from which our graduates begin their future careers, at college or otherwise.
I served as co-chair for the DCS bond issue four years ago. Getting a closer view of the good work our board and administrative team were doing inspired me to remain involved! Although I was already a weekly classroom volunteer at Woodward Elementary (and have been now for 7+ years), joining the Board was a logical next step.

Through my weekly school volunteer hours, I have a unique, first-hand perspective of DCS that few, aside from staff members, can claim. And as a parent to two DCS students, I have a vested interest in educational excellence at Delaware Schools. I want my kids to succeed, but moreover, I want ALL of our kids to succeed!

With 20+ years of business and management experience, I am skilled at strategic planning, communications, budgeting, training, hiring, and evaluating, all of which are important to running a successful school district. I also understand that with work and family, strong communications between schools and parents have never been more important.
Adequate school funding remains the single greatest challenge for Delaware City Schools, and it directly impacts each and every one of our students. Unlike most schools in the state, our student enrollment continues to grow at a brisk pace. As a "capped" district, the amount of money we receive from the state per student is significantly less than the state average; even though we have more than 5,800 student currently enrolled in DCS, we only receive funding for 3,900. It is a testament to the dedication and innovation of our administration and staff, and to the unfailing support of our community, that we've continued to provide great educational experiences for our students under these financial constraints.

As a Board member, I'll continue to keep a close eye on spending while encouraging our state leaders to provide fair and adequate funding for every K-12 student in Ohio.
Our schools strive to grow healthy, confident, responsible and successful young adults. To support this goal, anti-bullying initiatives, arts programs, and physical activity are three areas of focus for me.

Bullying is a problem at most schools. Our district must continue to actively seek solutions to a problem that affects far too many students. I have attended multiple seminars on causes and solutions, and will continue to promote this issue in our schools.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) programming is imperative to our kids' success. While many districts have cut arts funding, research confirms that creative arts programs support positive academic outcomes. I will continue to be an active supporter.

Research also confirms that increased activity improves student learning, test outcomes, and behavior. Most of us remember daily gym class, but this is not the case for most kids today. Increasing physical activity in our schools remains an important issue.
I am running for re-election because I still believe that schools are a vital link in our communities and I don't believe we can exaggerate the importance of a good quality education to the individual. With fourteen years on the Board and being a high school classroom teacher since 1990, I bring a unique combination of education experience to the Board. I enjoy serving the community and giving back to a school system that provided both of my children with excellent and diverse educational experiences.
I think the greatest challenge for all of today's students is preparing for an uncertain future. AP classes, vocational opportunities, and the up-to-date technology used within the classroom are all ways that help our students become well-rounded problem solvers and life-long learners. Since none of us can see into the future, giving our students the tools to deal with any number of situations is the best strategy.
We strive to improve every day; our staff and faculty are among the best in the country, our students excel in academics and extra-curricular activities, the administration constantly bringing forward new information and ideas to help the students perform at an even higher level... The area where we need improvement is at the governmental funding level. Our funding cap is what stands in the way of lower class sizes and other very basic needs that would improve the education and future of each student.
From an early age, I have always felt a sense of civic responsibility. I see running for Delaware City School board as a continuance of my desire to serve our community.

For more than two years I have regularly attended school board meetings, and educated myself about the operations and needs of the school district. I have actively volunteered for the schools on several occasions as well as with our Parent Teacher Organization. I served on the 2016 Delaware City School levy committee, as well as the current levy committee. My family and I have lived in Delaware for 15 years and we are proud to call this city our home. We are excited that our two children are Schultz Elementary Pacers!

Electing me as a member of the Delaware City School District Board of Education will allow me to put my background, training, and experience to work for our schools as we continue to provide and further grow the excellent education that we have come to expect from our schools.
The greatest challenge facing students in the District is increased enrollment combined with budgetary constraints,

Delaware is experiencing high residential growth. Our district is adding roughly 100 students annually and is projected to continue at that pace for the foreseeable future. At the same time, State funding is not fairly and uniformly applied across the state, as the formula includes minimum funding levels and funding level caps. Our student enrollment is about 5,800, yet we are capped and only funded at 3,900. Each additional child is only increasing the costs to our district, and because of the funding caps, there is no increased assistance from the State,

Our schools will not be able to function at the same excellent level they do today without funding changes. I propose we continue to explore and implement operating efficiencies in the same way we do today while advocating at a state level for changes in the State funding formula and a fairer distribution of funds,
A school must improve on or innovate with many factors to continue to provide an excellent education to students. Two examples include technology and educational strategies.

Early on, students are exposed to test taking on various computer devices and assignments may even require internet access to complete them. In order to better serve our students’ needs, we must closely monitor technological developments and determine how to better implement those developments into the classroom.

Similarly, educational strategies change over time. Teaching a subject as we did 25 years ago no longer makes sense as our understanding of how a child develops has changed and increased at the same time. To better serve our students’ needs we must continue to monitor and adopt educational programs and strategies to effectuate best teaching practices for our students.

I support such efforts and would encourage increased efforts in these areas in order to continue our school’s path towards excellence logo


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