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Berlin Township Trustee

Berlin Township Trustee, 2 to be elected
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    Thomas D'Amico Real Estate Specialist

  • Steve Flaherty

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    Ken O'Brien Special Education Teacher

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What motivated you to run for election and what personal skills do you bring to the Township?

What do you see as the single greatest challenge for residents in your township and how do you propose to meet that challenge?

What are your hopes for the future of your Township?

I am a past Trustee but took some time off during my daughter's High School years. I have been actively involved with the Berlin Township since 1997 holding a variety of positions including the Zoning Inspector, Zoning Commission Member, Zoning Appeals Member and Trustee. I have always enjoyed being involved with our Township as we manage the rapid growth of our area. I have gained knowledge though my experiences and I have always been passionate about protecting our community.
I believe the biggest challenge that Berlin Township faces is the way we manage our growth. We must continue to monitor our growth and insist that developers abide by our Zoning Code.
I strongly believe that Berlin Township is the best Township in the area because of our rural character. We also have a great recreation area provided by the Alum Creek Reservoir. I hope that our future development can be managed so we can maintain our character and develop our commercial corridors in a way that keeps our Township a beautiful place to call home.
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My family has lived in Berlin Township since the 1820’s. I am working to keep Berlin a quality place so our families will want to stay here for many more generations. I have twice been elected Delaware County Commissioner. Prior to those terms, I was elected as the Berlin’s Fiscal Officer (Clerk) and Township Trustee. I have worked hard to balance budgets during good and lean years. I voted and worked with the other trustees to build Berlin’s Fire station on time and under budget. We worked together to get Medic 10 in our fire station, which helped save lives and saved money for both the Township and the County. My past experience at the County and with the township has shown me how to avoid costly problems. I have good relationships with neighboring township trustees and know how to get things done efficiently and in a cost effective manner. As a member of Berlin’s Zoning Commission and Chairman of Delaware County Regional Planning Commission I worked for smart, limited growth.
Growth of our Township has created challenges and opportunities. Berlin needs to maintain the rural character we all love. When land is developed, we must ensure developers pay their fair share with the burden they are putting on our roads. With Berlin High School being built, the township will need to review the nearby roads to make sure they are appropriate for the increased traffic. The township is also going to need to add additional firefighters. The number of volunteer firefighters available during 9-5 is limited. We need to make sure Berlin can respond when needed.
Berlin Township is a great township. It is a beautiful place, we need to protect our natural resources and only allow limited, smart growth. I plan to work with the other trustees to keep it a safe place, with roads well maintained and as clear as possible throughout the Winter. I plan to vote for additional firefighters who work to keep us safe: whether that is from a house fire, a boat rescue on Alum Creek, or a traffic accident. I also have a proven record of living within a budget and will continue to do so when elected. logo


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