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    Francena Amparo (Dem) Legal Assistant

  • Lisa Paoloni (Rep)

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1. What can the County do to create employment opportunities for County Residents?

2. What can the County do to promote growth in the agriculture sector?

3. Now that the County has taken over the City of Poughkeepsie Bus system, what can be done to address the concerns of the residents for whom access has been reduced?

4. Dutchess County is struggling to find ways of coping with the growing opioid epidemic: how can we improve the effectiveness of current practice? Or, are there any alternative strategies that you feel would be worth considering?

5. How best can the County address the problem that inmate populations exceed the ability of the jail system to adequately house and support them?

6. Cities and towns in Dutchess County have seen a decline in the tax base, while infrastructure ages, and needs repair or replacing. How can the County address this?

7. What needs to be done to improve quality of and access to Mental Health resources for Dutchess County residents?

8. In 2015, 1 in 10 Dutchess County residents was receiving services from DCFS. What can the County do in order to improve upon what Family Services provides for those who rely on these services?

9. Should the County encourage development of alternative energy sources, and if so, what might be the most effective strategies?

Campaign Phone (845) 243-0076
Party Enrollment/Designations Women's Equality Working Families
Age 40
Experience I have over fifteen years of legal experience specializing in real estate and consumer protection laws and six years working in the county government. I have used my position in office to improve the lives of others through direct outreach, education and advocacy. I am always accessible to my constituents via email and telephone, and serve their interests only. Some of my bi-partisan legislative accomplishments include securing $225,000 in local water improvements alleviating hard water issues without impacting taxpayers; creating a new walk-in treatment center for mental health and drug abuse to help people in crisis from getting caught up in the criminal justice system; and creating local jobs by supporting projects that will enhance the operations and economic development potential of the former Dutchess County Airport.
Education BA in Legal Studies
Work with with Dutchess Community College and local high schools to expand aviation programs, and secure funding for construction of additional hangers and reuse of existing commercial buildings at the former Dutchess County Airport. The County should consider rewarding companies that hire county residents that are long-term unemployed and increase spending on infrastructure.
The County can work with Senior Centers, Dutchess Stadium and other recreational facilities to encourage the use of farm to table meals. The County can continue to encourage partnerships between business owners and farmers, and market farm to table restaurants to local residents and tourists. Something to consider would be creating a revolving loan fund to help small businesses kick start farm to table menus.
Local residents can form a community association that can advocate for residents for whom access has been reduced. There should be frequent town halls/forums so local officials can address transportation concerns and increase trust with community members. The County should also seek funding to expand and improve transportation routes.
Dutchess County should improve the quality of and access to Mental Health and rehabilitation facilities. We are in short supply of medicated-assisted treatments. The County should also advocate for including addiction treatments in all health insurance plans and removing limits on such treatments. People who are in crisis need treatment and should not be in our county jail. So, if we can focus on expanding treatment and prevention, this would help.
Most of the individuals in the county jail are in jail for non-violent crimes and many have substance abuse and/or mental health issues. If we move these individuals from the jail and get them treatment, we would reduce our jail population and there would be no need to house out inmates.
One way to address this would be to face the foreclosure crisis and not leave it up to the individuals to resolve. The County could also increase revenue by spending time optimizing the collection process thinking like a business on how to make it easy to make people pay their fees.
We need to get more therapists to our area. County residents are being left untreated because this problem, particularly adolescents. Non-governmental organizations that provide therapists need to rethink how they treat their patients and stop treating them like they are just a number. Shortening therapy sessions from one hour to 30 minutes so that the organization can treat more patients and therefore get more funding is unacceptable and irresponsible. The County should do more to check these organizations we give funding to.
I think we should hold public forums on what DCFS actually does and what their limitations are. I honestly think people do not know DCFS' function so having a better understanding would help prevent further misunderstandings/miscommunications between the agency and the residents they serve. I think that if we increase wages in Dutchess County, the ratio of residents applying for DCFS services would change.
Currently, the County is in the middle of a Solarize campaign. We should use this opportunity to increase the number of solar rooftops for county buildings and businesses through group purchasing, locally-organized community education and outreach.

I also think the County should encourage development of alternative energy sources. Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) allows participating local governments to procure energy supply service and distributed energy resources (DER) for eligible energy customers in the community. NYSERDA has developed the toolkit to assist local governments and CCA Administrators to develop CCA programs in New York State.
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