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Aurora City Council Ward 3

All legislative powers of the Municipality under the Charter, together with all such powers conferred upon municipalities by the Constitution and laws of Ohio, shall be vested in a Council of nine (9) members. Six (6) members shall be elected by the electors of each of the six (6) wards, one (1) from each ward, and three (3) members shall be elected at large by the electors of the Municipality. The terms shall be staggered, shall be for a period of four (4) years.
  • Reva Barner Senior Healthcare Representative Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

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    John Kolb Retired

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How would you balance the need for economic development with community development that ensures a better quality of life?

What is your vision for your community and how would you implement it?

Age 47
Education Graduate of Kent State University Bachelor in Rhetoric & Communication
Training & Experience Ward 3 Council woman 2014- present Park & Recreation Committee=-present 13 years Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Ensuring a better quality life for our residences starts with prioritizing their desires for the community while protecting their property and by making sure the infrastructure of the city can handle growth, such as schools, roads, storm system etc. I support slow and controlled development that protects the small -town charm of Aurora. For example, I support tax incentives to entice businesses to expand in Aurora or move to Aurora. Our master plan for the city was well thought out but needs to be reviewed annually to accommodate change. As a long time resident of Aurora, I plan to be here 10 years from now so I want to make sure decisions today have a positive impact for the residence of Aurora 20 years from now. I believe Aurora is loved for its small-town charm and the character of the people who live here. I am committed to protecting both by managing city resources, planning and having the courage to either stick with the plans of the city or change the plans when needed.
My vision of the city is to cherish the small-town charm while balancing the city's economic needs through well thought out growth. No question we need to attract new residents and businesses while supporting what exists now. My priority is existing residents. You do that by making sure we balance the needs of ever generation of residents. I want make sure the older residents still believe that this is their town because the character of the city hasn't changed and they can afford to stay. That formula will work with other generations too because good people attract good people to their community. Aurora only has so much growth for the topography of our city. Aurora has beautiful parks, neighborhoods and green space and that is one of the main reason residents stay and move here. Therefore, protecting slow, controlled growth is very important for a community. Aurora is loved for its small-town charm and the character of the people. I am committed to protecting both.
Age 71
Education BA Sociology from Providence College
Training & Experience 40yrs placing worldwide insurance coverage for commercial accounts with unique and challenging exposures. Overcoming numerous obstacles; serving as the point person, working closely with many different opinions - I bring it all together. HOA Pres. co-mgr food pantry
Twitter @winston1946
Economic development and quality of life co-exist when we address the needs of both business leaders and residents. Liberty Ford moved here and we negotiated a side road main entrance and a campus environment. Jobs and revenue are coming to Aurora while quality of life is enhanced by easy traffic flow and an aesthetic campus. 1815 Tavern is an example of a building being repurposed which now produces revenue for the city while maintaining its historic contribution for Aurora. For the future we need to look to these examples.

I plan to address areas like Geauga Lake, our Historic District, and vacant business buildings so Aurora is more attractive and revenue producing. We have a beautiful yet inaccessible lake; unoccupied structures in the historic district; and vacant business buildings in shopping centers. Through discussions, meetings, and compromise I will use my skill as the point person, facilitating action and solutions so Aurora remains a desirable and aesthetic community for residents and businesses alike. logo


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