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Whatcom City Of Ferndale Council Position 6

The City Council is the legislative body for the City. The Council adopts local laws (ordinances) to secure the safety and assist the well-being of the city residents, the city's physical environment and amenities, and the city economy. The Council is responsible for approving financial expenditures and adopting the city budget as well as establishing policies and regulations in order to guide the city's future. The elected mayor serves as chief administrative officer for the city.
  • Connie Faria (NP)

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    Kate Hansen (NP) Behavioral Health Case Manager

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What are the issues surrounding your city/town's infrastucture?

How do you think your city/town could best respond to homelessness?

What is your commitment to senior citizens?

How do you think your city/town should approach legal and illegal immigration issues?

What are other major issues facing your city or town?

Of those listed above, which one is the most urgent?

What methods will you use to work with the mayor (if you have an elected mayor) or the city manager or administrator(if you have an chief administrator hired by the council)?

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Phone (360) 325-2017
Town where you live Ferndale, WA
Experience (300 characters max) Twelve years working as a non-profit professional in health and social services. Extensive volunteer work including currently serving on the Ferndale Community Service Cooperative Board. First-time candidate who is very committed to ensuring a high quality of life for the residents of Ferndale.
Ferndale is a rapidly growing city on top of old infrastructure designed for a smaller town. Our wastewater plant is quickly approaching capacity. The people who live here want better maintenance of the roads and more sidewalks to help their children stay safe. Traffic is increasing and there has been a plan in the works for many years to put in a railroad overcrossing that would connect two parts of Thornton Road. Ferndale needs to raise more money to complete that project. I know that these issues are on the forefront of many of Ferndale’s residents’ minds and I would work hard to find ways to fund our city’s infrastructure needs.
Currently when someone in Ferndale becomes homeless they have to go to Bellingham for much needed help. As Ferndale grows we need to consider that there’s a need for more social services here in our own city. This is my passion, as in my professional life I work with underrepresented and underserved people as an advocate for their needs. We also need to increase affordable housing in Ferndale and attract more family wage jobs to the city.
I am fully committed to helping our vulnerable populations. For seniors, this means ensuring they can maintain a high quality of life by working with community partners such as Aging and Disability Services, Ferndale Senior Activity Center, Whatcom Transportation Authority, and more, to make sure their needs are met. Many would benefit from Ferndale working towards a more robust public transportation system, building more affordable housing for seniors, increasing access to nutritional foods, and providing opportunities for recreation and companionship.
Treatment of immigrants in Whatcom County has been an emerging issue lately. The value of our community lies in our citizens, regardless of their immigration status. I want everyone in our city to feel safe and not be at risk from local law enforcement of being forcibly separated from family members. We should leave the path to legal immigration to the federal government and meanwhile safeguard the people that work in and contribute to our community.
Bringing in and keeping living wage jobs is a constant concern. We need to protect jobs at Cherry Point. This is one way the economy and environment can work together. Keeping those jobs means we don’t have to export unrefined crude oil to be refined overseas where they have fewer regulations. Another issue is that Ferndale is lacking revenue to keep up with all of the city’s needs. We need to attract businesses that have Ferndale’s best interest at heart to bring in more sales tax. Many people in Ferndale have also expressed a desire for more outdoor recreation options. A bigger skate park could help keep our young people busy and out of trouble. Putting more resources into parks would be of great value to the residents; if we expanded our trails it could help increase access to downtown and bring the community together.
The city of Ferndale is facing roughly 2.7% annual growth, which brings a number of challenges. Keeping up with that growth is a primary concern of many of the residents I’ve spoken to, in terms of infrastructure needs, expanding services, and attracting more businesses and jobs.
My job on City Council will be representing the citizens of Ferndale and advocating for their needs. This will be my focus when working with the mayor and any other individuals or agencies. I work well with others and enjoy collaborating to solve problems. Compromise is important when working with others, always with the best interest of the citizens in mind. logo


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