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Spokane East Valley Sd 361 Director Dist. #3

4-year term No Salary, some districts offer small per diem for evening meetings. School Board Members or “directors” – are the elected governing body of the school district, serving four-year terms. The school board’s governance responsibilities fall in four major areas: Vision – focuses the work on student achievement through a comprehensive strategic planning process; Structure – provides prudent financial planning and oversight; diligent and innovative policymaking; Accountability – sets specific goals and a process for evaluation, reporting and recommendations for improvements; and Advocacy – champions public education in the local community and before state and federal policy makers. The School Board sets the general policies of the district, which are implemented by the hired professional district Superintendent and certificated teaching staff and personnel. One of the critical duties is the adoption of the district's budget and proposal of any school levies to be placed on the ballot to the people. The commission sets policies and approves all spending via the budget. The council also sets salaries for district employees.
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Of three major issues facing your district, which one is the most urgent?

What is your position on Charter Schools as a part of your public school system?

What is your position on testing of your students?

What is your opinion on "start times" for elementary and secondary school?

How can the on-time graduation rate be improved?

How should bullying be addressed?

What would be your plan to see that your school district students earn their civics credit required by the new state law?

What is your opinion of student suspension for classroom disruption?

Phone (509) 991-5339
Town where you live spokane valley
Experience (300 characters max) Life experience and full time student
The three most urgent issues facing my community are; a growing student population in need of a new school; a growing population of "choice students" outside of the district boundaries choosing to opt into East valley schools; and a larger class size that endangers student/teacher interaction and the state funding for smaller class size and is in need of more staff. Our biggest and most urgent issue is finding the funding for a new school and staff since we have reached a tax levy cap of 28%.
My position on Charter schools has always been against them because they are not accountable to the voters and the community and the have no state oversight board like a board of directors, which makes them exclusive schools. Charter schools are unconstitutional and cannot receive federal funding because of the previously mentioned issues. I believe the focus should be on improving public education and funding rather than to undercut public access.
Student testing is another issue that arises every year. Students spend three-quarters of their time at school in preparation for the state and district tests without reaching the national expected goals in math and science. There seems to be a failure in the test-based accountability academics model that needs to be financially expanded and funnelled into more of a focus on learning based opportunities, like our "choice students," CCP, parent/teacher partnership, and college readiness . My stance is to provide more funding in this area.
My position on "start times" for the schools is that later start is the best way to progress for our secondary and middle school students. There is sufficient research backing up academic score increase with this policy implementation and that it aids in parent work schedules and childcare needs .
On-time graduation for our high school students can be improved by increasing our focus on expanding learning based opportunities. More online programs, a shift to internships earning credit and a paycheck and partnering with local businesses, improving our tech courses and access to the internet for more in need families, and providing more of a flexible schedule that will gear them towards college.
The affects of bullying has recently hit near my district with the Freeman High school shooting and have strained relations in our community. Safety for their students and staff is a main concern for all school districts . We should also refocus on developing student competencies like teamwork, responsibility, goal setting , and leadership and commit to retraining and educating students on talking about and working through their differences to promote a healthy community and to promote and atmosphere that will allow students to freely talk about bullying instances in school.
My plan for students to earn their civic credit required by the new state law is to increase funding for quality classroom instructions focused on government, history, law, and democracy. We need more daily discussons of politics covered in the news and more extra curricular activities like Mock congress, Mock trial, and debate. We need to reintegrate the students into the democratic process with their ASB elections by providing candidate debates. Finally, we also need to introduce more community service activities to the curriculum. The goal is to make a well rounded and community focused citizen in our community and I believe these ideas my help in this process.
Finally, my opinion for student suspension for classroom behavior is it needs to be reformed into last ditch learning opportunities and should be utilized like a classroom. Out of school suspension prevents student/teacher interaction and accessibility, while in school suspension is more a form of punishment and study session. We need to use this time with these students to set them back on a path to on-time graduation, or even provide community service learning opportunities.
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