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San Juan Port Of Lopez Port Commissioner 3

4-year term (ports in counties with over 100,000 pop); 4 or 6 year term counties with under 100,000 pop) Salary $42,106 (2013) in King, varies in other port districts. The Port District is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the port facilities within their jurisdiction. The commission sets the general policies of the district, which are implemented by the hired professional Port Director and their professional staff. One of commission's main duties is the adoption of the district's budget and proposal of any Port levies to be placed on the ballot to the people. The commission sets policies and approves all spending via the budget, whether for operations or capital items or public facility maintenance and improvements. The council also sets salaries for district employees.
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    Larry Bailey (NP) Attorney/ Businessman

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    Paul S. Henriksen (NP) Retired

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Why did you decide to run for this position?

What are three major issues facing the port?

Of the three, which one is the most urgent?

What is your primary interest in the operation of the port?

Phone (360) 468-2162
Town where you live Lopez
Experience (300 characters max) 40+ years: business lawyer; business owner; leader of local/national nonprofits; Education: Dartmouth College, AB (scholarship recipient;current class president); Univ. of Illinois,JD(2007 Distinguished Graduate Award)
​As a 42 year homeowner and a full-timer​ since 2010, I’m very​ concerned about the future of our wonderful community. Our 20-50 yr old population is shrinking because of the lack of good jobs and affordable housing. ​As a consultant to The Lopez Hamlet​, I have experienced this directly as it struggles to maintain adequate staffing. Our amazing island cannot remain vibrant if it consists only of retirees, vacationers, and transient workers.Our airport is in great condition and remains our first priority, but now we must broaden our Port's vision and address the needs of our entire community. Ports are the only public agency mandated to promote economic development--create new businesses and jobs to retain young people. Ports similar to Lopez have reinvigorated their communities,without raising taxes.Why not Lopez? I have worked with ports for 25 years. I believe I have the right vision, experience, and skills to transform our Port into a valuable resource for the entire community.
1.Expanding Port activities ​to fully ​use its powers to address the needs of the entire Lopez community,without raising taxes. ​2.​Accessing FAA grants /selling non-essential assets to reduce Port bond debt and redirect tax levies to community projects. 3.Ensuring the final Airport Master Plan encompasses all potential community needs, including EMS, without raising taxes and avoiding expensive,divisive options like eminent domain and clear-cutting properties of neighbors.

The most urgent issue is expanding the vision of the Port to use its powers to address the needs of the entire Lopez community​.Since the Port's creation, approximately 98% of its expenditures have been on the Airport.The Port has no history, experience or detailed knowledge of economic development(employment/job creation). The Port's 1st priority always has to be a safe airport. Our commissioners have done a great job and that mission has been accomplished. Now, we need to expand our vision, engage the community,and then plan and implement a program of creating jobs and increasing year-around employment.
My primary interest is creating the framework for planning, funding,and executing economic development(employment/job creation). I also have special​ interest in : ​ ​--bringing in voices from local businesses and local special purpose districts, to help the Port run ​more​ efficiently;​ and​ --helping local businesses recruit and retain local talent.
Phone (360) 468-4822
Town where you live Lopez Island, Wa
Experience (300 characters max) Director Camp Nor'wester, 1989-2012, Camp Nor'wester Board, 1990-, Lopez Island Yacht Club Board, 2015-, Lopez Island Historical Society Board, 2017- Substitute Lopez Island School Bus Driver, 1980- Lopez School Nicaragua Trip Chaperone and Fundraiser, 2006- Lopez School PIP Program Volunteer 2012-
As a longtime resident of Lopez I am aware of how important the Port is to our community, and I think it has been an underappreciated asset for the island. Whether it is commercial transportation, delivery of packages or emergency medical transport, the Port impacts all of us on a daily basis. When a group of people asked me to run for the Port Commission position, because they thought I would be a good candidate to represent the broader community, I was very interested and honored. I feel that this opportunity will allow me to apply my management and problem solving skills and make a positive contribution to the community in a new and meaningful way. I have served in a number of volunteer and paid leadership positions and I believe they have prepared me to be a good Port Commissioner.
1. Providing and maintaining good access for our emergency services at the airport.

2. Maintain airport infrastructure to ensure continued safe operations while exploring opportunities to contribute to the community in new ways.

3. Managing Port resources in a fiscally responsible way.
The most important issue is maintaining safe viable emergency transportation services for airlift of those in need of urgent medical care. The airlift services prefer to land at the airport because of increased safety especially during inclement weather and the long periods of darkness which we experience in the winter. The Port should put the safety of our Emergency Medical Services and the dedicated men and women that provide them on the top of the priority list, as well as those that they transport to the mainland. If elected I would work with our providers to be sure that our residents have access to safe and reliable transport off the island in times of need.
My primary interest in the operation of the Port is to take a creative look at how it can benefit the community beyond the services it already provides. Ports are a valuable and nimble resource for meeting community development and access needs. Because of the work of past Commissioners we have a safe, efficient and effective airport that is maintained to FAA standards. That gives us the opportunity to look at new ways that the Port can be involved in the community. I have lived on the Lopez for nearly 40 years and have interacted with many different groups. If elected, I look forward to bringing ideas from the broader community to the Port Commission. logo


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