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Pierce City Of Gig Harbor Mayor

The mayor shall be the chief executive and administrative officer of the city, in charge of all departments and employees, with authority to designate assistants and department heads. He or she shall see that all laws and ordinances are faithfully enforced and that law and order is maintained in the city, and shall have general supervision of the administration of city government and all city interests. The mayor essentially serves as both the leader in name of the city, and the day-to-day active city manager.
  • Jill Guernsey (NP)

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    Kit Kuhn (NP) retired

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What are the issues surrounding your city's infrastructure?

How do you think your city/town could best respond to homelessness?

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Phone (253) 318-0195
Town where you live Gig Harbor
Experience (300 characters max) Past Gig Harbor business owner (28 years), past board member Chamber of Commerce, Gig Harbor Arts Commissioner, past president of Downtown Retail & Restaurant Assoc., cofounder & president of Hands On Art, a 13-yr Peninsula School District program training 200 volunteers now in all 13 schools.
I love our beautiful city & I want to see it grow responsibly.We need better leadership because our current mayor is allowing poorly planned development to overcrowd our schools, overwhelm our roads with traffic, damage our environment & outstrip other infrastructure. I am opposed to development agreements that provide special privileges to developers & exploit the people who live here. Everyone should be governed by the same laws.We also need better budget oversight for our citizens.
1 Responsible growth: We cannot allow development to outstrip our infrastructure. Growth is good but we need a better, realistic plan for our schools, roads, traffic and other city services.I will hire a competent & effective city administrator to provide the professional management this city needs. 2. Transparent government & respect for the citizens. 3. Preserve the character & culture of our Maritime city & strengthen our downtown business district. We must protect our environment & our bay.
Number one. Responsible growth requires a competent, professional city administrator that can help the mayor guide our city so all our goals can be achieved. This will be done under my leadership.
I am concerned that excessive development promoted by the current administration will overwhelm our city services for seniors, that includes fire and paramedic support. I am committed to improving care for our senior citizens.
That is a very controversial issue. I am in favor of human rights and I have respect for the order of law. We should wait for the courts to decide what the laws governing these issues are before taking a formal position. In the meantime we should treat all of our residents fairly and with respect.
The city does not have a realistic plan for its traffic problems. I will make sure that we plan for & fund solutions for the congestion that we’ve inherited because of the ineffectiveness of the current administration. New development already in the pipeline will create even more traffic. If we don’t plan for & fund transportation solutions for this growth, we will face certain gridlock. We cannot allow development to outstrip our infrastructure.
This is important issue that has already come to our town. While Pierce County has funding for care of the homeless, those dollars are primarily being expended on the other side of the bridge. We need to work more closely with Pierce County and private organizations that serve the homeless to help develop and fund solutions. logo


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