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Metropolitan King County Council District No. 3

As the legislative branch of county government, the Council sets policies, enacts laws, and adopts budgets that guide an array of services for this region, including: the criminal justice system and jails, prosecutors and public defenders, District and Superior Courts; the King County Sheriff's Office, which directly serves the residents of unincorporated areas and contracts with many cities to provide police protection; election administration, public health and human services; Metro Transit bus service and county roads; wastewater treatment and solid waste management; regional parks, open space and trails; and records and licensing. Council members also sit on one of several of regional committees planning and providing multiple county regional services.
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    Kathy Lambert (NP) King County Councillmember, District 3

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    John Murphy (NP) Attorney, Subject-Matter Expert, Physician Assistant

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Why did you decide to run for the council?

What are three major issues facing your county?

Of the three, which one is the most urgent?

What are the issues surrounding your county's infrastructure?

What is your commitment to senior citizens?

How do you think your county should approach legal and illegal immigration issues?

How do you think your county could best respond to homelessness?

Phone (425) 891-2014
Town where you live Redmond
Experience (300 characters max) I serve on the King County Council and currently chair the Regional Water Committee & Vice Chair the Budget & Law & Justice Committees. I serve on Flood District & WSAC Legislative Team - WA Assoc of Counties & NACO National Assoc on technology & law committees. Former House of Representatives mbr
Serving the people of my district and the county is an honor. I enjoy meeting with people and hearing their issues, concerns, and needs. I like solving problems in addition to creating new opportunities and systems to make government work more efficiently and effectively. I believe that my past experiences in business and as a school teacher and mother help me to have very practical approaches to problem solving. I want to continue providing expertise and insights on many county projects.
Roads - Our roads need to be repaired. Our infrastructure is not in good repair largely due to a broken state formula that does not fund local roads or bridges properly. Drugs - We have an opioid problem & need to provide the necessary treatment on demand to restore people's lives. There are many forces causing this from mental illness, to adverse childhood experiences to poverty that all need addressing. Budget - Retaining the top credit rating so that we save taxpayer money & use $ wisely
They are all important and different staff works on each. So they are the most important in each department. Roads need to be repaired so that we can keep people moving safely and able to get to work, do their errands, and get home quickly and efficiently so they have more time with their family. Roads keeps our economy strong with products moving steadily. The costs to replace our roads & bridges grows steeply as it moves from repair to reconstruction. Transportation impacts every one's life
There is not proper state funding for our roads and bridges. The state must step up and not put the roadways - 1500 miles that serve all 2.1 million people solely on the backs of the 200,000 people that live in the unincorporated areas. (Only the unincorporated area residents pay for all the rural roads) This is not what the GMA planned and is not sustainable as we are seeing. We have an aging wastewater system. Seattle has some wooden pipes and combines waste water and storm water. We need to look at the entire system and bring it up to current standards. We just did a report on one facility and have new information on the systems that need to be updated. Transit buses need to be able to serve all parts of the county so no one is left without various transportation options. We need to do a better job of land management reducing noxious weeds, reducing forest fire potential and maintaining our good soil land. Most people do not realize that the gov owns about 62% of King Co.
I serve on the board of a senior center & work closely with two other centers also. I have assisted them with various needs such as donated vans, kitchen remodeling and helped them with other needs. My dad is currently 93 so I am aware of the needs of seniors and how socializing makes a huge impact on health. On Sept 21 I will host a public form on how to avoid financial fraud taught by an FBI agent to help protect our seniors. The senior centers call on me whenever they have issues & need help
My grandmother came from Germany and worked hard to learn the language and to pass the citizenship test. She was an indentured servant. So I know how important immigration is & the impact on our country. We need to have people to fill all the jobs here. So we need to work with our schools & other countries to be sure that the skills & trades needed are filled & give people opportunities. People here illegally should not worry about deportation if they crime victims and work toward citizenship.
We have 266 people moving here every day. We have to have housing stock coming on line to meet that demand. The more we do not prepare the more supply and demand will continue to increase housing costs. We have to make more affordable products on the market and work with groups to help people get funds for down payments and work with them on how to maintain and preserve their property so they can build assets. Homes are the basis of most people's wealth. We need to have a variety of housing.
Phone (206) 940-6502
Town where you live North Bend
Experience (300 characters max) I bring decades of experience serving communities across King County. I am an attorney, subject-matter expert, and former firefighter, having served as Deputy Fire Chief at Eastside Fire & Rescue for 20 years as well as CEO of the National Traffic Safety Institute. I have also authored two books.
I’m running because the Eastside is my home, and we are facing urgent issues that need to be addressed. Our roads are crumbling while traffic continues to get worse. Housing is becoming less and less affordable. Our environment is in danger. The county is best-positioned to address these issues, but rather than results, we are given excuses. My opponent was elected as a Republican and even contributed to Donald Trump’s campaign. This is unacceptable, and it speaks volumes about her priorities.
Our county roads budget is tremendously underfunded, housing is becoming less and less affordable, and the growth we are experiencing is lacking the foresight needed to properly mitigate the ripple effects that threaten the residents and natural environment of the Eastside.
These issues are all inherently interconnected and urgent. But due to the nature of road and bridge deterioration, the cost of fixing our roads increases exponentially the longer we wait.
Our county roads budget is underfunded by $260 million every year. We have gotten to this point, in part, because the folks living in unincorporated areas of the county are stuck footing the entire bill for the roads that we all use, as well as because the county property tax is capped at one percent. We have been told for the past 20 years that this will be resolved. I’m running because it is time to stop kicking the can down the road.
Our funding priorities should reflect our population. I commit to fighting for expanded services for seniors, many of whom rely on the county to help pay their rent, build community, and get around. I was pleased that the King County Executive added senior services to the new levy proposal on the November ballot, and I supported his initial proposal to distribute one-third of the revenue to seniors. But I was disappointed to learn that my opponent slashed in half the new senior services funding.
I believe that the greatness of a community can be measured by how well it treats its most vulnerable members, and we should address these issues with compassion. Rather than pursuing policies that aim to divide us by casting immigrants as "the other," we need to be celebrating the very diversity that makes King County a great place to work and raise a family. It is time for our cities and county to stand unified in opposition to efforts that tear families apart.
Instead of continuing to criminalize poverty, we should be empowering the vulnerable members of our community by giving them the resources they need to escape chronic homelessness. We need to invest in long-term solutions that include housing support and job training. The county should invest more resources into preserving affordable housing units, as well as work with municipalities to require developers and landlords to reserve a percentage of their units for low and medium-income residents. logo


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