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Vashon Island Fire and Rescue Commissioner Position No. 4

6-year term; No salary. A Fire District is responsible for fire response and containment and for emergency medical services. The commission sets the general policies of the district, which are implemented by the hired professional fire chief and fire district personnel. One of commission's main duties is the adoption of the district's budget and proposal of any fire levies to be placed on the ballot to the people. The commission sets policies and approves all spending via the budget, whether for operations or capital items or public facility maintenance and improvements. The council also sets salaries for district employees.
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    Candy McCullough (NP) Firefighter/EMT, Inspector

  • Jan L. Milligan (NP) Retired non-profit executive

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Phone (206) 463-9935
Town where you live Vashon Island
Experience (300 characters max) President of the National Association of Elected Fire Officials. Current VIF&R Fire Commissioner. Regional VP & negotiator for firefighter union IAFF local, I-66. 30+ years volunteer with VIF&R. Nearly 40 years an emergency responder – 27 years, a career Firefighter, Instructor & Lieutenant
Seeking re-election to build on our quality reliable emergency response capabilities into the future. For nearly 40 years I have been actively involved in fire and emergency response services as a volunteer and as a career professional. I am passionate about Vashon Island Fire & Rescue & our ability to continue providing excellent emergency response services. With the many changes VIF&R has experienced this past year; Paramedics transitioning to King County employees, two new Chiefs, one senior commissioner retiring & diminishing financial reserves; I believe my experience will be valuable in formulating a solid plan for the future. We have identified our critical needs & priorities & share a vision of a strong future. Our priorities include addressing staffing issues, diminishing reserves, deferred maintenance and formulating a community-centric strategic plan for the future. I believe I have the wisdom & experience to provide insight & value to designing the future of VIF&R.
Safety of our emergency responders, patients and victims who call for help. VIF&R lacks adequate staffing to respond to multiple medical calls or, medium to large emergencies of any sort. With a 260% increased in calls for service since 1990 and a decrease in local volunteers, we need to increase staffing. Financial stability - The cost of providing necessary services exceeds our revenue. We need more funding to recover from rising costs, long-term deferred maintenance of equipment and facilities and 27 years of not asking taxpayers for tax increases. Strategic Plan - Chief Krimmert has recently completed an in depth analysis of the state of Vashon Island Fire & Rescue and with that detailed information and previous research from the Strategic planning committee, VIF&R needs to create a solid long range community-centric strategic plan.
Our first priority is safety and providing quality care for your loved ones during an emergency. Saving lives and safety of all involved, during an emergency incident. It is critical we establish adequate staffing to safely respond to several simultaneous medical calls, a fire or, another type of emergency. In order to achieve our first priority, we need to increase our revenue. Since 1990 VIF&R tax rate has declined by a third while we have experienced a 260% increase in calls for service. VIF&R has been deferring maintenance on equipment and fire houses for far too long. We need to get back to establishing funding to repair and maintain, as well as creating a replacement schedule for apparatus. A revision to the current staffing model includes adding part-time paid staff, that will be scheduled to enhance and fill the gaps when we lack volunteers. The full time career staff will team with and train the volunteers and part-timers to enhance our emergency response capabilities.
Current President of The National Association of Elected Fire Officials. My continuing education & networking with other commissioners nationally, gives me an advantage over less experienced & new commissioners. Integrity and dedication to VIF&R and my community. Have nearly 40 years in the fire service at all levels from Firefighter/EMT to Captain. 30+ years a VIF&R volunteer, including six as a fire commissioner. Served VIF&R as the Interim Training Officer and Fire Recruit Academy Director. 27 years a professional with the Boeing Fire Department. Regional VP and negotiator for Firefighter Union IAFF, local I-66. Member of the Congressional Fire Services Institute and Washington Fire Commissioner Association. Member of VIF&R strategic planning oversight committee and dedicated to continuous learning how to be a proactive and productive fire commissioner. I believe I am informed and well prepared to provide needed oversight and fiscal responsibility for your tax dollars.
Phone (206) 949-1184
Email janLmilligan@comcastnet
Town where you live Vashon Island
Experience (300 characters max) 30 years of executive level management of non-profit organizations including risk management, strategic planning, finance and accounting, program development, HR and outcome evaluation.
I have the skills in planning, management and finance to successfully guide Vashon Fire and Rescue through its current financial problems and to balance the on-duty crews and department's resources with the community's needs for public safety responders.
Commissioners fail to understand the impact of excess real estate, too many old vehicles, and not enough responders to meet island needs. The current levy is far too little to fund basic operations at a safe level.
Both adequate funding and intelligent management are needed to rescue the department.
Savvy about all aspects of organization management; finance and accounting expertise; deep appreciation for the challenges and operational needs of fire departments (having been married to a 30+ year career firefighter/paramedic). logo


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