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City of Enumclaw Council Position No. 1

The City Council is the legislative body for the City. The Council adopts local laws (ordinances) to secure the safety and assist the well-being of the city residents, the city's physical environment and amenities, and the city economy. The Council is responsible for approving financial expenditures and adopting the city budget as well as establishing policies and regulations in order to guide the city's future. The elected mayor serves as chief administrative officer for the city.
  • Tony Binion (NP)

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    Steven Cadematori (NP) Former hotel owner-operator

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What are the issues surrounding your city/town's infrastucture?

How do you think your city/town could best respond to homelessness?

What is your commitment to senior citizens?

How do you think your city/town should approach legal and illegal immigration issues?

What are other major issues facing your city or town?

Of those listed above, which one is the most urgent?

What methods will you use to work with the mayor (if you have an elected mayor) or the city manager or administrator(if you have an chief administrator hired by the council)?

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Town where you live Enumclaw
Experience (300 characters max) Enumclaw City Council, position1 appointed March 2017. Enumclaw Lodging Tax Advisory Committee 2009-present. Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors 2006-Present. Chinook Scenic Byway, VP 2004- present. Visit Rainier, VP 2008-present. Co-Owner and Operator Alta Crystal Resort 1997-2017
Some of the biigest issues concern a need to form a Stormwater Utility to more adequately fund and address drainage and flooding issues as well as consistently meeting environmental discharge targets and reporting requirements. Most of this is currently being funded in an ad-hoc way through the general fund, so the utility needs to be designed in such a way to minimize the cost to our neediest and most disadvantaged citizens as well as to schools and critical public facilities, while achieving fairness to property owners of all sizes.

The next is to build on the progress to finishing road paving, curb, gutter and sidewalks achieved through our Transportation Improvement District, ADA ramp rehabilitation program for disabled citizens and other with wheeled mobility needs.

The next is to build capacity for the SR 410 corridor with particular focus on the current White River bridge and proposed Foothills Trail bridge to reduce auto traffic and add a safe pedestrian and bicycle path.
One of the smartest things you can do is to look at ways to keep people in their current homes, providing paid city vouchers for emergency utility and rental assistance as we do know through Plateau Outreach Ministries. We also want to be careful not to be a magnet for importing homeless populations from other jurisdictions. That means we should continue to prohibit safe heroin injection sites, retail marijuana outlets and any mental health services targeted to people out of our region.

This community excels at providing services to those in need, from alleviating hunger, taking care of our veterans, and we need to be focused on both the non-profit community and government front that we continue to do so and offer more as needs dictate.
I hope in just a few years to be a senior citizen myself! I have volunteered through our Enumclaw Rotary Club to support our Senior Center programs as well as through supporting our city appropriations to run this building and the many necessary human service and fun activities planned there. We have to make sure that Care Vans such as from the Rainier Foothills Wellness Foundation are sustainable through donations and any available public grants.

Currently, we have new capacity coming online at Highpoint and have plans to approve another active senior 55+ community if that opportunity arrives. This is a great place to retire! From outdoor recreation and sightseeing to a calm. quiet pace of life with convenient and plentiful medical and dental services, churches, shopping. I plan on staying here through my retirement and helping those who are also staying here and being sure, as a community we can serve their special needs.
I believe in abundant legal immigration to serve those who have valid reasons to live here, or offer special skills and are willing to join our labor force or can be vital, law-abiding members of our community. We also have an illegal or not quite yet legal community including young people who qualify for the DACA program and relatives of those who are legal residents, and are not citizens. It takes compassion and patience to look at each person's particular immigration issues and that cannot be fairly or effectively handled with mass deportation or the referral of every misdemeanor to ICE.

Please understand this is not just an issue for people who have arrived from Mexico or Central America, but from countries all around the world, including Europe, Asia and Africa.
Our city is experiencing the same epidemic of opioid drug abuse and addiction seen elsewhere throughout our region and our country. This is not easily solved, but I understand why some are litigating pharmaceutical companies for deceitful marketing and urging better border security to interdict black tar heroin. It is also a challenge to prevent addiction before it starts, which needs to be supported on our community level.

My background is very specific to tourism promotion and planning. That is why I suggested the formation of our Tourism advisory board and serve as the city council liaison and secretary. This serves as an opportunity very specific to Enumclaw with our rural, historic charm and location which accesses some of the best outdoor recreation in the country.

Believe it or not, Enumclaw population has grown just 1% per year for the past 2 decades. This is far short of the rest of King County, but that's fine because it suits who we are and who we want to be!
Opiod abuse, related homelessness and crime are probably the biggest issue and I will work on many aspects of this problem including housing costs and availability as well as supporting food banks and other community services. I will also look to fellow councilmember for ideas and direction.

I plan to continue offering leadership on the development of our tourism promotion and historic downtown facelift plan that we are cuurently developing and trying to garner city support to begin its implementation. There are other issues involving reducing traffic on our main thoroughfares and the state highways that come into and go through our city.
We have an elected mayor whom I have worked with the past 8 years and 4 years previous when she was on the city council and Chamber of Commerce Board. She is retiring and will be replaced by one of two of my fellow councilmembers,with both of whom I have an excellent working relationship and the one who is not elected will remain on the council.

Hopefully, that will be with my continuing on the council which I just began this year! So, please make a point of completing and mailing in your ballots and encouraging your friends and family to do so also! logo


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