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Metropolitan King County Council District No. 9

As the legislative branch of county government, the Council sets policies, enacts laws, and adopts budgets that guide an array of services for this region, including: the criminal justice system and jails, prosecutors and public defenders, District and Superior Courts; the King County Sheriff's Office, which directly serves the residents of unincorporated areas and contracts with many cities to provide police protection; election administration, public health and human services; Metro Transit bus service and county roads; wastewater treatment and solid waste management; regional parks, open space and trails; and records and licensing. Council members also sit on one of several of regional committees planning and providing multiple county regional services.
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    Denice Carnahan (NP) Business Owner/Registered Investment Adviser

  • Reagan Dunn (NP)

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Why did you decide to run for the council?

What are three major issues facing your county?

Of the three, which one is the most urgent?

What are the issues surrounding your county's infrastructure?

What is your commitment to senior citizens?

How do you think your county should approach legal and illegal immigration issues?

How do you think your county could best respond to homelessness?

Phone (425) 271-4049
Town where you live Renton, WA (Fairwood Area)
Experience (300 characters max) A professional with over 37 years of combined experience in the corporate and financial worlds, Denice is a proven problem solver and leader. First at Boeing and now as a business owner of an Investment Advisory Firm, she has worked to develop sustainable solutions to complex problems.
I love living in King County and I want to make sure that those who live here today can continue to live here tomorrow. We need to find balance when dealing with issues affecting growth and get to the root cause of homelessness and addiction. I have a passion for helping people and finding win/win solutions to these complex problems. The 9th District has been under served for far too long - Time for new vision and energy - more action, less talk!
1) Transportation - After talking with citizens from Bellevue to Enumclaw, the most common issue across the 9th district is transportation. 2) Financial Optimization - We need to make sure our tax dollars are being spent wisely. 3) Homelessness and Addiction - We need to get to the root cause of these issues. Studies have shown that it is actually cheaper in the long run to provide housing and support for the homeless, then it is to provide other unplanned services they may need.
Traffic is definitely affecting the most people and we can start working on that, but homelessness and addiction issues are the most urgent. A recent survey I saw, stated that 20% of the homeless have addiction problems. We need to treat addiction like all other ailments and find effective treatments that help people heal.
Only the residents of unincorporated King County pay into the roads fund. In the 9th District, our roads and bridges are in need of repair. We live in an area that is under served and we need better representation, so that we get the resources we deserve to fix our infrastructure. We also need infrastructure to support better mass transit options like park and rides/buses and docks/water taxis. Waster water and storm water facilities are other issues that need to be reviewed to make sure they can withstand the massive amounts of rain we get in this region.

Seniors are a very valuable members of our community. We should support those who need help. About 30% of those over 65 have some type of disability. We need to take a survey of the senior population and find out what would be the most helpful for them. Maybe tax relief, transportation to doctors’ appointments or involvement in the community. From the survey a comprehensive plan can be developed.
The approach the County is taking is appropriate. That along with the demand for comprehensive immigration reform at the Federal level, which they have done.
We need to take a look at what is causing the homeless situation then have targeted solutions for the various situations. We also need to make sure that the money we are spending is used effectively, by having a comprehensive plan to provide shelter to those in need.
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