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City of Glen Cove Council Members

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    Andrew Bennett (DEM, WFP, WEP) Middle School Principal

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    Joseph Capobianco (REP, CON, IND) Attorney

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    Matthew J. Connolly (REP, CON, IND, REF) Attorney

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    Marcela L. Delafuente (DEM, WFP, WEP) Unemployed

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    Nicholas A. DiLeo Jr. (REP, CON, IND) Insurance

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    Kevin P. Maccarone (REP, CON, IND) Attorney

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    Gaitley Stevenson Mathews (DEM, WFP, WEP) Speech Coach / Entrepreneur

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    Pamela D. Panzenbeck (REP, CON, IND) Retired Teacher of Computer and Business Education

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    Jeffrey J. Peress (GRE) Custodian

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    Anne Phillips (DEM, WFP, WEP) Tax Administration

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    Marsha F. Silverman (DEM, REF, GCF) Finance

  • Roger C. Williams (DEM, WFP, WEP) pastor

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    Michael Zangari (REP, CON, IND) PURCHASING AGENT

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What viable tactical steps are you proposing that would attract people to your city/town and keep current residents from leaving Long Island for other states?

What specifically will you do to increase the availability of low income/middle class housing, rental as well as ownership, in order to keep our young people from leaving and to attract other young people to our communities.

Since we are seeing the effects of climate change in the form of serious hurricanes and other weather events here and elsewhere in the country, what will you do to strengthen the infrastructure of our towns and cities to deal with the aftermath of such events?

Campaign Phone (516) 945-9401
City/Town of Residence Glen Cove
With the Waterfront Project now underway, Glen Cove government officials need to make sure that the master plan for the city is being appropriately supported. For example, this project needs to be connected to the downtown businesses in a meaningful way such as creating bike paths and walkways that are inviting to cyclists and pedestrians. That way those who live in the new waterfront buildings can easily access existing businesses and city events held in the downtown area.
There are numerous economic development projects under consideration in Glen Cove. If elected, I would push to increase the standard 10% of housing devoted to affordable housing to 20%.
I think a balanced budget with appropriate funding given to the repair of major roadways and bridges is one way that we can protect ourselves against the ravages of serious weather phenomena. In addition, educating taxpayers with regard to preparing for severe weather in the form of mailing literature and holding town hall forums to discuss ways to improve local response are both initiatives I would support.
Campaign Phone (516) 428-2713
City/Town of Residence Glen Cove
Prior Civic Service Glen Cove City Councilman since 2015
My focus is on making the City of Glen Cove an attractive living destination for the young, old and those in-between. The City has many attractions including beaches, a wonderful and affordable golf course, and a diverse community. The downtown is being revitalized with an Italian-style piazza which can be used a community and social gathering place. The Garvies Point development will have parkland and open space for all to enjoy. I will continue to focus on the construction of affordable housing while making the City a destination spot to attract people to our wonderful City.
Glen Cove is “open for business” for contractors who intend to build attractive and truly affordable housing. I would support giving contractors incentives to build any housing which keeps our young people in our community and attracts young people into our diverse community with beaches, a golf course and a state of the art movie theater. I would encourage any new development to have an affordable housing component.
I would attempt to procure as many grants as possible to help strengthen our infrastructure to withstand the catastrophic weather events that we are experiencing lately throughout the country and world. We recently obtained a grant to repair our garage. I would also explore bringing the best possible talent to make a firm assessment of our infrastructure and what positive and cost efficient steps we can take in that regard. I would also ensure that our downtown is not over crowded and all building are made to code and as safe as possible.
City/Town of Residence Glen Cove
When my wife and I chose to move to Glen Cove to raise our family, it was because we could see it was a wonderful community with a rich history and a bright future. The fiscal achievements and development that has been realized through the leadership of Mayor Spinello make our city a location that not only has improved quality of life for its residents, but makes it a destination location that families will seek out.
The waterfront revitalization in Glen Cove will not only create jobs, but attract both families and professionals to our city. Through continued economic success, development, and improvement in residential services, our city should see more families wanting to move here and more young residents wanting to stay.
Glen Cove's residential services and various municipal departments always stand ready to help our community. Being on the North Shore of Long Island, the risks of extreme weather are real, but history has shown that our city's response has always been swift. The safety and security of residents is the number one priority, and I look forward to working to maintain that high standard if elected.
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City/Town of Residence Glen Cove
My hope is to address the increase in tax that we have seen recently. I hope to promote and help new businesses so that our economy can strengthen enough so that we can decline in taxes.
It is important to keep young families in this city and in order to do so we must address their needs. It is not easy to raise a family and as a city we should have the resources needed for a family to build its roots in Glen Cove. We must allow families to rent or own a home without the exorbitant cost. I would promote government subsidized housing in order to provide low cost housing for families.
It is important to be proactive as opposed to reactive in this case. Climate change is real and we can see that in our very own lives. In order to be proactive we must promote education of climate change. It is important that the citizens of this town understand the effects of climate change and understand how to manage how its effect. In terms of infrastructure, it is important we maintain our roads and buildings. We must make sure they meet our standards to protect against future storms. We want our infrastructure to withstand weather events such as hurricanes and not just become another issue to deal with in the aftermath.
City/Town of Residence Glen Cove
Prior Civic Service Glen Cove City Council
The City of Glen Cove and its current administration has made great strides to secure new and exciting projects for the City. These projects will help attract businesses and residents to Glen Cove who might have looked elsewhere in the past. There have been a countless number of potential new jobs and businesses entering into the City. This past summer also included many new community oriented projects such as the new Dog Park and free movie nights. The addition of the Ferry Terminal in Glen Cove will also create an alternative mode of transportation into New York City so residents do not need to rely on the train or car alone.
With the future of the Waterfront, Villa and Village Square projects becoming a reality, there will be new communities available for families looking to relocate to the Glen Cove area as well as retain those already living in Glen Cove. The City has been successful in combating Illegal housing and home values have increased by 10%. This coupled with the new Ferry Terminal provides a great attraction to young people who are looking to move into a community that will have greater access into New York City as well as a local destination to spend their money in the local economy without having to spend time traveling across Long Island.
Natural disasters have unfortunately taken a toll on the United States in recent weeks. This is not unlike the impact we experienced first hand during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. But, as Glen Cove continues to draw in new businesses and positively develop property in a way that adds them back to the tax roll, we will be able to improve our infrastructure and continue preparing for the possibility of future natural disasters.
City/Town of Residence Glen Cove
Prior Civic Service Volunteer of Glen Cove Jr. Baseball & Softball
I think the best option would be to revitalize our downtown area. By rejuvenating our Commercial District, we can increase our tax base by ensuring that our current local businesses are prospering and by attracting new businesses. This would certainly go a long way in stabilizing our City’s finances. This City has been sitting by idly while so many other communities on Long Island have rejuvenated their Commercial Districts with new business infrastructure and entertainment, making them more attractive places to live, work, and play. Our current Administration have done a great job in undertaking large-scale projects that will rejuvenate our shoreline and outdated downtown area. Furthermore, I think that our community can do a better job in celebrating our cultural diversity. Glen Cove is an extremely diverse community and I think that by embracing such diversity and finding ways to celebrate culture, we can create a significant attraction within our community that other places lack.
I would not increase the availability of any low income/middle class housing in Glen Cove. Our City offers more low income/middle class housing then almost any other community in Nassau County, and without question the most on the North Shore. That being said, one of Glen Cove's biggest problems is in fact our ability to keep our young people in our community and attract other young people. However, that is certainly not due to the lack of affordable housing. Instead, I attribute it to the fact that we have high property values, which is great, however not much else in the form of other attractions to offer. It is hard to sell a potential young home owner on purchasing a property for X amount of dollars, when a property of equal size/condition can be found elsewhere on the Island for Tens of Thousands of Dollars cheaper in a community that offers superior lifestyle attractions. As a young person myself I know first hand that this is a common opinion among young professionals.
Being located directly upon the Long Island Sound, it is clear that the City of Glen Cove is one of many that faces a heightened risk when it comes to natural disasters such as Hurricanes and Tropical Storms, like the one we experienced only recently with Super Storm Sandy. Preparation is the key when it comes to dealing with daunting tasks such as natural disasters. I think that we can do a better job in identifying specific areas and neighborhoods of the City that we know based upon experience will be danger areas, and put more efficient safeguards in place. Furthermore, we need to research and identify newer cost effective technologies and infrastructure that will assist our community and emergency personnel in dealing with such disasters in a more efficient capacity. Last but not certainly not least, the communication and procedures amongst our City and Utility Companies should be routinely tested and evaluated.
Campaign Phone (516) 399-0064
City/Town of Residence Glen Cove
Prior Civic Service Proud to call Glen Cove home, Gaitley Stevenson-Mathews, 56, has been a resident of of the city since 2007. An entrepreneur, Gaitley works as a vocalist and acting/speech coach and worked for many years in arts administration, serving as Producing Director of a theater company. Gaitley also worked for more than 20 years as a professional actor and director and is a proud union member (Actors' Equity Association /AFL-CIO). He is very involved in the community and church where he serves as an Elder. Gaitley is married and lives in the Landing area of Glen Cove. He loves the city and looks forward to putting his strong communication, administrative, and community-building skills to work for the people of Glen Cove.
We must make Glen Cove a community of opportunity --- a place of sustainable development, cultural enrichment, strong schools, and jobs.

We must move from having groundbreakings to actual ribbon cuttings. We must seek every opportunity to make better decisions for balanced, sustainable development. Taxpayers are overburdened because of large tax breaks to developers. While tax incentives can be a terrific way to help existing businesses thrive and bring new businesses to our city, a 40-year tax break, representing $97 million in lost revenue, is excessive.

People will gravitate to a downtown that is vibrant/inviting. We can encourage more cultural activities to attract people to downtown. The concerts are wonderful but we can do much more. The city could encourage local artisans and local businesses to organize special events.

Sustainable development, reasonable taxation, an inviting downtown, stronger schools, and an aggressive push to bring new businesses will improve the city.
Future development must be cognizant of the needs of those citizens who have been long-time residents of Glen Cove but have limited financial resources. These include working families, minimum wage workers, and elderly on fixed incomes. It is heartbreaking that individual and families, who have been long-term residents of Glen Cove, have to live in fear of having to move from the city they love because of current housing trends. Future development must include housing options for citizens of all income levels.
With the impact of climate change, we are experiencing storms of increased frequency and severity. The city must be ever vigilant with regards to critical infrastructures, including roads, water, sewer, gas, and electricity. These challenges will be amplified with the future addition of large developments and the resulting increase in population density of downtown. Environmental impact must be a major aspect of future development, especially as it affects the coastal areas of our city. We must be prepared to respond to the needs of our citizenry. Police, EMS, firefighters, Harbor Patrol, and other first responders must have adequate support and training. Risk assessment and preparedness must be regularly evaluated. The most vulnerable areas of the city must be identified and reevaluated for changes on an ongoing basis. Special emphasis must be place on areas that may have larger populations of elderly people or populations that have physical disabilities.
City/Town of Residence Glen Cove
Prior Civic Service Two terms as a City Council Member
As I write the answer to this question, the City of Glen Cove is in the midst of two major revitalization projects. Our central downtown area is now being demolished to be rebuilt with a beautiful design, The Village Square, a large central plaza for meeting friends and holding events such as concerts and outdoor markets, street level shops and restaurants with rental apartments above. A brand new AMC Movie Theatre is a grand addition to our downtown. Our waterfront redevelopment will create a destination attracting people of all ages, residents old and new.. Simply put, plans for this project include parks, playgrounds, restaurants, an outdoor amphitheater, an esplanade and other recreational space along with residential space, both ownership and rental units.
Plans for housing as I said above are in the works at this time. Workforce housing, rentals, and condominium projects are part of the plans of our revitalization projects which have already begun. Glen Cove's downtown will be one where millennials and others can reside, dine, and shop. Our administration has stabilized taxes and made repairs to our parks, playgrounds, even creating a new dog park. Green initiatives such as single stream recycling, solar energy panels on city buildings and a soon to be electric car charging station in our municipal garage are all things we can be proud of. Our municipal garage is now lit by L.E.D. lighting. Long Island—specifically the City of Glen Cove—has everything to offer, beaches, parks, recreation, a golf course. It is a beautiful place to raise a family, let us work hard to keep our young families here.
In the event of serious hurricanes and/or other weather events, emergency preparedness is a key factor. Ensuring that all emergency personnel, police departments, fire departments, and CERT teams, receive proper response training and are provided with the tools and equipment necessary for disaster recovery is a key factor in dealing with the aftermath of a weather situation or other event that is out of our control.
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Campaign Phone (516) 671-1478
City/Town of Residence Glen Cove
Prior Civic Service Member Glen Cove Volunteer Fire Department 1999-present Member and Delegate Nassau County Fire Fighter Association 2004- present Board Member Congregation Tifereth Israel, Glen Cove 1998-2005 Past Volunteer North Shore Sheltering Program 1998-2008
The public transportation system needs to be addressed first. We not only need to restore weekend service on the N27 and N21 bus routes, we also need to increase the service on these routes. We need to increase the frequency of service on The Long Island Rail Road's Oyster Bay Branch and get the federal, state and local governments to put more subsides in our public transportation infrastructure and lower the fares. The next step that should be addressed is instead of building luxury condominiums on the water front we need to look into creating a Green Economy such as, exploring Green manufacturing plants that would be a tax base for Glen Cove and employ at least 15% of its residents at a livable wage. These livable wages would not only attract new people it would keep people from leaving Glen Cove. I would like to explore a trolley system as a loop to connect the entire town which would give access to public transportation sites. Give incentives to local residents to open stores.
Have a partnership with Housing Urban Development (HUD) and have the city rather than private developers and the residents make the collective decision of building low income housing. Stop subsidizing big developers for luxury housing. Lobby state and congressional representatives to increase the funding for section 8 housing. The HUD formula should be based on net income not gross income. If we create Green manufacturing jobs and livable wages we will have a viable middle class in our community. As an elected official I would lobby our state and congressional representatives to impose a progressive tax base to alleviate the high property tax burden so our senior citizens can remain in our communities and our young people can purchase their first home without paying high property taxes.
Think Globally Act Locally.There are short and long term goals. Short Term: Install jetties along the Long Island Sound in Glen Cove. Work with structural engineers to develop a plan. Prevent any residential development on waterfronts. Coordinate with Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and other agencies. Long Term: We must pay attention to the scientist's warnings about global warming. If we do not take steps such as acting locally to cut carbon usages, we will have more serious weather conditions. We can start by banning plastic bags that release carbon gases into the atmosphere that contribute to global warming.
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City/Town of Residence Glen Cove
Prior Civic Service PTA President
The urbanization of Long Island and the current trend of dense, luxury development must end. We need smarter plans that include affordable housing, green buildings, multi-use parks, and projects that incorporate pedestrian and bike friendly paths that connect our neighborhoods with public transit and downtown retail and entertainment. Our downtown areas should be vibrant and showcase for our local communities displaying the work of local artists and offering the products of local artisans instead of becoming overrun by national chain stores and restaurants.
All residential projects, rental as well as ownership, should require a higher percentage of affordable housing that falls in line with the average income of the specific community as opposed to a regional level. I also believe our focus should shift from speculative projects of dense, luxury residences attempting to lure large numbers of new residents to the needs of our current population to projects that are primarily affordable housing. If we want our children and seniors to be able to afford to stay in the place they call home, we need to stop unnecessary tax breaks and incentives to large developers that are only interested in profit margin and not in contributing to the needs of the community.
All development projects should require the addition of clean energy, such as solar, to minimize the effect of a power outage. We need to look at roads in areas prone to flooding to see what preventative measures can be taken to protect against areas being cut off during a natural disaster. Most importantly, we need to have a complete review of existing building codes to make sure that not only the requirements for new construction are up to date, but to make sure that the codes for older buildings have been brought up to date with the necessary improvements to keep them as safe as possible.
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City/Town of Residence Glen Cove, NY
People are attracted to suburban Long Island to enjoy open space, the outdoors and nature. However, increasingly, precious natural habitat and open space is giving rise to development. Many constituents have expressed concern that increased development is turning LI into an extension of urban NYC thereby causing Long Islanders to leave in pursuit of locations where it is better valued and preserved. This has been a concern for many residents of Glen Cove who state exorbitant taxes, loss of nature and overcrowding in schools is motivating many to move. My solution is to 1) ensure the comprehensive observance of the State Environmental Quality Review Act which protects neighborhoods and natural habitat 2) practice fiscal management and reduce tax breaks to make Glen Cove affordable 3) take measures to create a vibrant downtown in Glen Cove including activities and attractions for all facets of the community 4) preserve green space 5) improve public transportation.
The ability to deliver and establish affordable housing depends on the definition of affordable. For example, in Nassau County is the definition of what is affordable is not the same as in other locations. Since the area median income (AMI) is used in calculations to define affordable, it can be skewed from the reality of what is “affordable”. The Nassau County AMI is close to $100,000 yet the AMI in Glen Cove is only about $68,000. Therefore, what is considered "affordable" for the “average” Nassau County resident is not affordable for the “average” Glen Cove resident. Developers in Glen Cove must be held accountable to provide housing that is truly affordable and attainable for Glen Cove residents. A plan to deliver truly affordable housing options should be the goal of City leadership.
In the case of weather events such as Hurricane Sandy, it is critical to have an emergency plan based on best practices developed from prior events. With regard to electric service loss, it is important to know what is reasonable to expect from the utility service provider. Glen Cove has certain areas that lose power due to terrain and trees which despite resiliency improvements the utility may make, it is prudent to expect loss of service during a catastrophic event and have a emergency management plan. As for climate change, preserving natural habitat such as tree buffers, wetlands, and water purity is critical to protect life on LI. We have not done a good enough job protecting our natural habitats. One reason flooding has become an issue is the failure to protect wetlands and tree habitat which ensures water run-off has somewhere to go. Resiliency starts with environmental habitat protection and preservation.
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Campaign Phone (516) 669-6754
City/Town of Residence glen cove
Prior Civic Service Board member:LICADD; HTMC Former President- Glen Cove Chapter of NAACP
The chief goal is to lower taxes. This will begin to assist people in believing Long Island can be home to them for a long time. The tax base must be broaden through new homeownership and new business that will have a goal of being a long time stake holder. With this initiative we can lower taxes and raise affordability.
This is a goal I am passionate about reaching. I am currently researching resources and education on the matter
I will seek to further education about science that helps the voter to understand more of how climate change is a reality and help to make it part of a discussion candidates must have with potential voters before being elected
City/Town of Residence GLEN COVE
My goal is to increase accessibility all those with mobility impairments. Additionally, I am supportive of the the South Side Creek project at the John Maccarone Memorial stadium which will expand the availability of sports venues in Glen Cove, and provide additional activities for all its citizens to become involved in.
I will be supportive of any project that dedicates itself to additional low income house.
I would like to expand our public servant-related programs, such as the EMS, volunteer fire department, police department personnel, and encourage programs that would assist our citizens how to care for themselves in case of unexpected climate-related experiences. logo


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