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Town of North Hempstead - 5th Council District

Council District 6
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    Richard A. DeMartino (REP, CON, REF) Banking - Business Development (

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    Lee Seaman (DEM, WFP, IND, WEP) Councilperson, Town of North Hempstead

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What viable tactical steps are you proposing that would attract people to your city/town and keep current residents from leaving Long Island for other states?

What specifically will you do to increase the availability of low income/middle class housing, rental as well as ownership, in order to keep our young people from leaving and to attract other young people to our communities.

Since we are seeing the effects of climate change in the form of serious hurricanes and other weather events here and elsewhere in the country, what will you do to strengthen the infrastructure of our towns and cities to deal with the aftermath of such events?

The impact of high property and school taxes has a tremendous effect on attracting new residents and keeping the current ones, especially for senior retired residents. Nassau county needs to find ways to share services between some of the towns to control those expenses with out raising taxes. Also we need a fair property assessment model for Nassau County.
Developing areas near mass transit is a key to keeping our young people from leaving and attracting new residents. Safe, convenient and reliable railroad is essential in downtown revitilization.
Remembering past winter storms and hurricanes in our area when power lines were down, creating extremely dangerous conditions, no electricity for days even weeks, damage to homes and businesses, etc.. We have to envision the future for our towns to be able to withstand minimal disruption and damage from major storms. I would propose to remove the above ground powerlines and revert to an underground power system.
During my tenure with Supervisor Judi Bosworth, we have practiced responsible fiscal budgeting. Working hard to keep taxes low but continuing to keep the high level of services that the Town has offered for many years. The strong fiscally responsible practices have led to the Town's bond rating to be brought to a Aaa bond rating which is the highest possible for a municipality and the highest in Nassau County. We use that to keep interest rates low and our debt payments in check.
During 2011 and 2012, I supported and helped create a new zoning district which was instituted in the Town. This zoning district allowed for mixed housing and commercial construction. The zoning will create housing options in downtown areas that are near transit hubs. This attracts younger generations as well as professionals that are looking to have easy transportation to their work.

The Community Development Agency also continues to rehabilitate housing in the Town to make sure the community appeal rises and new housing options are created.
The Town after Hurricane Irene and Sandy used a expert to make sure that any opportunity that the Town had to identify areas that could use reconstruction and during that reconstruction the Town made the infrastructure more resilient to withstand any future climate events. This expert also made sure all FEMA funding was properly allocated and used in every situation to maximize the infrastructure improvements. logo


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