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  • Gabriel Costanzo

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    Bennett Lublin Certified Public Accountant, Licensed Builder, Property Manager

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    John Owsinek

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    Robert Robertson

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Please provide biographical information and explain why you are running for City office and relevant qualities and skills you would bring to the position.

What are the top 3 Priority Issues that the city should address and what actions would you take regarding each of them?

I moved to Walled Lake in 1984 when I married, but my history in the area began by assisting my father who built homes and commercial properties. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, I then became a Certified Public Accountant and a licensed builder, where I have used these skills in real estate development, construction, and property management. My father and I were the original developers and operators of Ryan's Tavern, now Uptown Grille. My two daughters attended Walled lake Schools grades K-12 and my family has been actively involved in the community for over 33 years. I was unanimously appointed to the Walled Lake City Council in 2015 and have spent two years making financially responsible contributions to the improvement of our city. I have served as Board Member of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) for the last 17 years and Library Board Treasurer for 5 years. As a Certified Public Accountant, I have proven my fiscal responsibility by continuously supporting the interest of the taxpayer while ensuring the safety of our residents.
The #1 priority issue at this time is fixing our crumbling and deteriorated underground water drainage pipes infrastructure used for ground water runoff throughout the city. We have already video inspected all the water drainage lines and our downtown lakefront along East Lake Drive is in the worst condition. City administration with City Council support is currently in the process of planning a construction project that will not only replace the necessary crumbling underground infrastructure, but renovate and beautify our lakefront without debt! My #2 priority issue is to save the Community Education Building, located in the center of Walled Lake, by forming a public/private partnership with interested developers to create a quality development that will generate property tax receipts, save the school district $750,000 and protect the historic building. My #3 priority issue is to support the 'Rails to Trails' path project to ensure completion, a pursuit City Council has ALWAYS supported. My goal is to make improvements without debt and no property tax increase.
I am John Owsinek and I am retired. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan. My relevant skills as cost analyst and as a long serving member of the Planning Commission, and the Zoning Board of Appeals bring a perspective on the workings of City Governance. Such a perspective is invaluable. My background in cost analysis aids in developing ways to reduce costs of city services to keep city taxes low. For the next term we have similar issues.
The crumbling infrastructure issues in downtown and in our residential areas are a top priority. Our Council in conjunction with the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) are actively pursued fixing deteriorating roads, sidewalks and drainage issues. I will support that as long as there is No increase in the homeowner’s tax bill.

Maintaining a balanced budget by living within our means and reducing long-term debt while also reducing taxes year after year are a priority. We have been able to accomplish much due to sound management practices utilizing highly educated and motivated staff that hold several jobs at no additional cost to the taxpayers.

Working to increase the image and vibrancy of our community by being welcoming to business enterprises. This means working with developers when their proposals are brought to the city. We get the developments we want as a city by using planning tools such as the Planned Unit Development and Commercial Planned Development. This includes close cooperation with our Downtown Development Authority. Private/Public ventures aid the Cityscape
I am Robert Robertson and I am a working small business owner since 1978. My business is located 1.2 miles from the center of the City of Walled Lake so I understand the business owners’ needs. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from Lawrence Technical University of Michigan. My relevant skills as a mentor for the Eagle Scouts, as a U.S. Navy veteran, as an engineer, as a builder and my many years of volunteer experience as a member of the City’s Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals bring a required point of view on the machinery of City operations.

My eight years’ experience as a city council member positions me well to make the budgetary decision that are correct and to the benefit of the residents. I have served with a council majority that did the hard work together and made hard decisions in the best interest of the taxpayer. A generally relevant quality I possess is the record for the last 8 years of never voting for millage tax increase. If I am returned to the council by re- election the voter can expect more of the no tax votes from me.
For me as a homeowner, businessman who raised his children in Walled Lake the priority for the coming four years is the development of our business community suffering from the economic downturn of the early 2000’s. It is my vision that a thriving business community will help and benefit the city overall. I want to continue working to improve the City’s image develop vibrancy in our downtown. We must be business friendly welcoming business with a vision, yet I do not believe that a taxpaying homeowner should ever foot the bill for a business. We should encourage development and all proposal should be given a legitimate review. What is in the best interest of the residents we should approve, if not it gets a no vote from me. A good city development comes by way of the planning apparatus such as Planned Unit Developments, and in commercial ventures, the Commercial Planned Development and can provide tax revenue and relief to taxpaying homeowners. Any development must include the City’s Downtown Development Authority in a private/public partnership but should never take the route of... logo


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