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The City of Belleville operates with a Council/Manager form of Home Rule government. The legislative and policy-making body consists of a five-member City Council.Four-year term. Vote for two (2).
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    Kelly Bates Supervisor University of Michigan Health Center

  • Thomas Fielder retired high school teacher

  • Gwen Hooks Research Health Science Specialist

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    Jesse Marcotte Battalion Chief of Training - Northville Township Fire Department

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    Jeff Vernon Casual Labor

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What are the priority issues facing this office and what actions would you take to address them if elected?

Education College
My husband Thomas and I have lived in the City of Belleville for 3 years now. I currently serve as a Planning Commissioner. I have served on many different boards and organizations as well as being a supervisor at work I have the experience of moving items forward, making sure that all stakeholders have been able to share input, and acting upon items both new and established to ensure that all items are relevant. I have always been active in my community and I want to continue to build upon the ground work that has been laid by previous residents and Boards while fostering closer relationships with Belleville's residents while improving and providing new resources and benefits to our residents. At the end of each day we are all Neighbors.
We have limited resources and staff, we can look at what has always been done and asked and explore the "why's" to see why and where we can improve upon current processes. It isn't convenient for everyone to attend City Council meetings and we don't have it aired on a local cable channel exploring how we can change this and make sure all residents have the opportunity to even if their schedule doesn't permit. I would also like city council to create a follow-up list with departments within the city so that residents will be informed. I'd also like to incorporate more ways to be encouraged through Health initiatives for our residents, one of my passions is sustainable living and being conscious of how everything we do and use impacts us, I would like to bring more awareness and education of this including our recycling program and establish Community Gardens.
Campaign Phone (734) 740-7464
Education B. A. in history and political science
I am a 72 year resident of the City of Belleville. I taught history and government at Belleville High School for 28 years. During that period I was a member of the city parks and recreation department. I was elected Mayor in 1999 and served 9 years. I served on the Downtown development authority and am currently a member of the city council. I am a board member of Growthworks, and organization that provides youth and family services for western Wayne County.,as well as a member of the Wayne County Substance Abuse Disorder Board. I hope to be able to continue to use these experiences to improve the quality of life for the residents of the City of Belleville.
The major issue facing local government today is the ability to fund both essential services (police, fire, roads) and those programs making our community a special place to live. Funding from traditional sources (State and Federal governments) has decreased in the past 10 years. The city council must identify other funding sources ( grants, cooperation with neighboring communities) to continue to provide the quality of living we have been able to enjoy in the City of Belleville.
Campaign Phone (734) 355-9454
Education MA Counseling Psychology BS Psychology
I grew up in small city much like Belleville, so it immediately felt like home for me when I moved here 5 years ago. I appreciate the walkability and small-town charm. I enjoy long bike rides and short walks downtown with my husband and daughter. I am a passionate reader and I also love to write. Ultimately, spending time with my family brings me the most joy.

As a Veteran service has a special place in my heart; I believe it is the greatest gift you can gift. I want to bring this same spirit of service to city government.

I want to see increased innovation, greater efficiency, more choices, and better overall quality of living.
I think one of the ongoing collective issues is how to engage citizens in the process and encourage them to make their voices heard. There are always the few, but how do we engage the masses. I think it is important to go where the people are, to be visible in the community. This will help me to understand the needs and concerns of all citizens, allowing me to better serve them.

Growth and development are of paramount concern. Figuring out how the city council can support these must be a priority.
Campaign Phone (734) 564-6111
Education BHS Class of 2001, BAS in Public Safety Studies: Siena Heights University, MS in Public Safety and Emergency Management: EMU
I was blessed with the opportunity to grow up in the Belleville/Van Buren community and I am beyond thankful to have been raised in such a great place. As a member of the City Council, I would continue giving back to the community that has given me so much. My mission is not to merely identify the problems that may exist, but to follow-through with the solutions that are needed. My promise to the citizens of Belleville is that I will always serve with the utmost integrity and that I am more than willing to actively listen to every view. I have recently introduced improvements to the way we manage projects within the City of Belleville to ensure accountability, communication and follow-through. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about all of the candidates!
My mission is to use my experience in public service, formal education and homegrown roots to improve our community. My goals are to enhance our public safety, improve our infrastructure, and continuously improve the condition of our local parks to provide the children in our community with a safe place to play. I also have the goal of improving upon our downtown and other areas without abandoning our small-town, family feel. It is also critical that we maintain the shoreline and recreational activities on Belleville Lake as it is a crown jewel of our city. I will work with our residents, businesses, non-profits and neighboring communities to achieve these plans. My objective is to work within our budget to make these things happen. I will continue to seek out creative ways to save money and fund projects such as public and private grants and various fundraising opportunities
Campaign Phone (734) 672-1271
Education I received my education through Washinton Local Schools and Penta county.
I spent my first two years out of school in the Automotive industry before moving into food service and later management. In 2014 I again made a change to a consulting role expanding into a business partnership in a now defunct retail business. Currently I work for Scramblers brand's in a general labor role. I am seeking a council seat in an effort to bring a voice to small businesses as well as residents of Belleville, Mi. It is my belief that prosperity will come through joint efforts of both.
As I see it Belleville as a whole needs to be heard. We are losing services, businesses and students by not at least taking time to listen to those on the front lines so to speak. Business owners should be heard and helped with the new challenges they face. We need to also look to the needs of our youth and seniors by reinstating our parks and recreation. I plan to look into beneficial partnerships to create events that encourage resident interaction along with enhancing local small businesses. I also look to reach out to small Michigan businesses and show them the benefits of being located in Belleville as opposed to other Michigan locations. logo


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