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THREE 4-year termsVote for no more than THREE.
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    Mark Bliss Councilman & Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Madison Heights, & Director of Marketing at Xeeva

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    Ronald Butcher Head of Custodial opperations at Wilkinson Middle School

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    Johnette P. Eggert Substitute Teacher/ Entrepreneur

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    Aaron Flanigan Judicial Clerk

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    Roslyn Grafstein

  • Mark L. Kimble

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    Emily Rohrbach

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    David M. Soltis Health Care

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Biographical Information

Please provide biographical information and explain why you are running for City office and relevant qualities and skills you would bring to the position.

What are the top 3 Priority Issues that the city should address and what actions would you take regarding each of them?

Madison Heights isn't just a place to live for Mark Bliss. He's a lifelong resident of the city which has been home to Mark's family for more than 50 years! 4 generations are still residing in the community, and Mark's children are the 3rd generation to attend our schools & play in our parks. This perspective has been the driving force behind Mark's desire to serve his community. He wants to make Madison Heights even more safe and prosperous than it was when his father, & Mark, were each raised here.

Mark blends these deep roots in the community with his millennial approach and career in startups & modern technology so allowing him to bring an experienced and modern voice to City Hall. He is a certified IT Project Manager & is currently the Director of Marketing at Xeeva, a procurement software company headquartered in Madison Heights. Mark's spoken at conferences on emerging technology & has been responsible for hiring and managing teams and overseeing multi-million dollar departmental budgets.

To learn more about Mark Bliss visit or
A Modern City: Elected to council in 2013, he created a citizen board to advise the city on technology within his 1st 100 days in office & has led efforts like redesigning the city website, getting the city on social media, & getting services & meetings online. In his 2nd term, Mark will keep our city current so that we can attract new residents and businesses.

A Safer City: Mark wants to keep improving public safety by investing in police & fire. In his 1st term we restored SIU, added an officer to an FBI task force, & we upgraded to modern equipment like EMS lifts, a new K9 Unit Vehicle, & NextGen 911. In his 2nd term, he'll keep ensuring that police and fire have all the resources they need to keep our city safe.

A Beautiful & Active City: Mark wants to improve the look of the city, & offer new ways for the community to get together. Recently he proposed a new arts & culture committee that will create new community events. He has also rebooted an internship program for teens, co-authored a tree-replacement program, increased code enforcement efforts, & invested in our parks.
I was born and raised in Mt. Pleasant. I lived there til I was 20 and I moved to Lansing. I was in Lansing 11 years before meeting my wife and moving to Madison Heights. When my wife and I were looking for a home to purchase at the end of 2001, we didn't really know where to start. My wife's co-worker, Dan, suggested that we look in his city, Madison Heights. We started looking at homes, in Madison Heights and were pleasantly surprised at the value of home compared to neighboring communities. We did a bit of research about the city and schools. We also liked the size of the city and the neighborhoods. Our daughters, Samantha 13 and Olivia 6, have had awesome experiences with school and continue to grow into wonderful people. I also have a 24 year old Son who is a United States Army Veteran. We have established many friendships throughout the city and the small town feel. We see this little town, in the middle of it all flourishing and we want to be a part it! I volunteer many hours each year and City Council is the next step for me to help Madison Heights become a leader.
#1. I would like to increase our daily staffing level for Firefighters. Right now we have a minimum of 6 fire fighters per day. That generally means 4 Firefighters at the North station and 2 at the South station. That simply is not adequate. We need to explore federal grants to help with the cost of adding another Firefighter.

#2. A need for increased code enforcement to ensure residents do not have to live next door to blight or overgrown yards/weeds. I want to increase awareness first and if that doesn't take care of the problem then we enforce what we have in place. I feel most people would respond better to a conversation and suggestions. I do understand there are extreme cases and those would have to be handled differently.

#3 We have a fantastic opportunity to create something that is long overdue, a downtown. I want to push forward with more economic development throughout or city. The creation of a downtown with something for everyone is crucial for the progress we need. Walk-able well lighted streets along side of new shops and restaurants - That's Progress!
I’m Johnnette P. Eggert, wife of John Eggert, and mother of Sarah and Johnny Eggert. I was born in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. After graduating high school, I traveled to the United States after a short break occurred in the midst of Liberia’s many civil wars. I arrived here with five dollars and one suitcase with my late father, and later became a naturalized citizen of the United States of America, an honor I’m so proud of to this day. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of Detroit Mercy in 1995. For the past two years, I have served as a member of the City of Madison Heights' Multicultural Advisory Board. Currently I work as a substitute teacher within the Lamphere School District through Edustaff. I bring years of professional experience in leadership with regards to business ownership and understanding its effectiveness towards the growth of a city and as a political scientist, I understand the politics whereby the City Council could encourage our citizens to get involved in the issues of our city and its future growth.
The needs of seniors, children and families are most dear to my heart. As a wife and mother, working with, listening to, and understanding the many needs of seniors, children, families, businesses, and the general public over the years within the district and/or surrounding communities, has prepared me for this wonderful public service call. My vision is for Madison Heights to progress forward through senior citizen and family oriented initiatives, business development inclusive of small businesses, and public safety. For me, this means working with seniors and addressing their needs, creating an environment of a family-friendly city whereby the city council will continue to support and strengthen our local schools and invite more colleges/universities to our city, and the beautification and creation of a downtown, which will attract more small businesses-the back-bone of every thriving small city. I also believe in working with our local police department and making sure that they are equipped with the supplies needed for keeping the citizenry safe.
Aaron Flanigan has been a resident of Madison Heights since 2010. He earned an Associate Degree from Macomb Community College, a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Ferris State University and received his Juris Doctor Degree from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School. He's spent the past four years working for the Oakland County Circuit Court as a Judicial Clerk to the Hon. Nanci J. Grant. Above all else, Aaron is an effective communicator with a strong desire to improve the quality of life for every resident of Madison Heights. His campaign is focused, in large part, on eliminating blight from our neighborhoods and working towards creating a downtown within the city.

In order for our city to thrive, everyone must feel as if they have a stake in the success or failure of the city. When certain areas feel forgotten or neglected, the entire city suffers. Allowing blight to exist in any area creates a negative impression on the city as a whole. We must work to ensure that our existing codes and ordinances are strictly enforced. As well as, adopting new ordinances where current problems are not being addressed.

Next, we must act with a greater sense of urgency to create a downtown experience that is unique to Madison Heights. There is currently a tremendous amount of economic momentum being experienced on the southern half of John R. It is critically important that we do all we can to encourage new business development within our downtown. As well as creating additions that make the downtown identifiable, i.e., lights, flags, street signs, bike racks.

Lastly, we'd like to organize more events that can bring the city together and foster a greater sense of community. With a little effort, we can make Madison Heights the place to be in Oakland County!
Address 29637 Spoon
As a Chartered Financial Analyst & former Certified Financial Planner with an Economics degree, my background is helping people manage money.

Since moving to Madison Heights 13 years ago, I‘ve been appointed to the Parks & Recreation board, I'm a charter member of the Madison Heights international moms club, member of the Womens Club and room parent. I’ve presented and organized environmental presentations for students and been a guest reader. As a Girl Scout leader I helped our troop paint fire hydrants in the Spring. I also co-ordianted the Little Libraries initiative and our troop built, decorated, filled & donated a Little Library to Gravel park.

I’m running because we deserve a council that spends time in the city participating & regularly meeting with residents so they can understand our concerns & provide ideas & leadership to make the city a better place. Things I’ve been doing for years.

Past projects include helping clean & brighten up the city. I am excited to be working out details with the Association of Chinese Americans for a July 2018 Farmers Market.
My vision for Madison Heights includes safe, clean neighborhoods where all families thrive & have access to services & opportunities needed to ensure we succeed.

Blight –This summer the city cracked down on illegal landlords resulting in $40,000 I’d like to see put into enforcing code & cleaning up blight.

Safety -An effective low cost way to improve safety is to increase our sense of community by getting to know our neighbors with block parties, yard sales & other events that get neighbors out meeting each other. However we need to be pro-active in finding the resources to hire more emergency personnel.

Which leads to our third concern. We need to increase efforts to bring new growing businesses to the city. Being by 696 & I75 gives us easy access to all of Metro Detroit. We need to capitalize on this location. More businesses bringing more tax revenue to the city. What motivated me to run for council was the DDA Town Hall last summer where we brainstormed ideas for the downtown as well as numerous vacant lots throughout the city. I will bring new business investment to the city.
Home is where the heart is and my heart belongs to Madison Heights. When I divorced a while ago, I was trying to start a new life and a new beginning. After taking advice from a friend living here, I decided to make Madison Heights my home. From that very moment I loved being part of this community. The citizens of Madison Heights welcomed me with open arms and I am eternally grateful.

As a proud father of three, and a son of a dedicated autoworker, I know how important it is to work hard through tough times in order to provide the very best you can and teach our children about being trustworthy, respectful, responsible and caring.

The character of a person inside is what counts. Leadership and sacrifice is what makes a great council member. I am running to make a difference in this community. I not only consider myself a public servant but someone who says what I what I am going to do and then do it. I always strive for the common good and helping those in need and who may be marginalized or forgotten.
Advocating for three priorities: seniors/veterans, Public Safety and Manufacturing.

I want our city government to make a commitment to give back even more to those retirees who themselves have given so much to this community. I want to honor their dedication, hard work and sacrifice. I help Seniors with numerous issues such as meal on wheels, disabled seniors, traffic/walking issues, lobbying Lansing...

Secondly, I want to make our residents feel safe and secure and let them know they have the very Best Police and Fire EMS around. Keeping our neighborhoods safe and protect all our citizens is my top priority. There was a recent Human Trafficking Bust that involved The MI Attorney General, FBI and our own Madison Heights Police.

Third I came from a long line of autoworkers. My grandfathers worked in automotive plants and so did my father. Automotive Manufacturing in Michigan is the economic bloodline of this city. We can regain that pride again. Our economic future depends on it. We have OVER 200 Manufacturers And GROWING! We need to continue on this path of economic recovery. logo


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