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Southfield Clerk

ONE 4-year term available.Vote for no more than ONE.
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    Tarita Darden Certified CRO & Reservations Agent

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    Derrick F. Hale Residential Care Counselor

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    Sherikia L. Hawkins City Clerk

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Biographical Information

Please provide biographical information and explain why you are running for City office and relevant qualities and skills you would bring to the position.

What are the top 3 Priority Issues that the city should address and what actions would you take regarding each of them?

My professional career has involved possessing strong skills in leadership, problem solving, and customer service. I successfully managed my own office with Allstate Insurance, trained licensed solicitors, and maintained a fiduciary responsibility. I handled all Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. I have knowledge of procuring contracts along with understanding laws impacting my job. I have served as a Certified Complaint Resolutions Officer under 14 CFR Part 382. I have been awarded National Honor Ring-Allstate Insurance, Outstanding Leadership Award-Waste Management N.A., & continue to receive Outperform Recognition Awards from United Airlines customers. I am running for Southfield City Clerk to maintain the integrity and professionalism of the office. I am committed to the betterment of our city for all people as a 25 year resident! My children have attended Southfield Public Schools and are registered voters. I have worked directly and indirectly with our elected officials. I run to provide citizens with accessible information as the Official Records Keeper.
1. Voter Apathy A. Educate our younger voters and college students by meeting with school officials and conducting Voters Registration Drives.

2. Technology A. Provide ongoing training on the use of our new Election Equipment & Software.

3. Customer Service A. Disseminate information and cross train in order for our city to continue to work seamlessly with zero defects. The Southfield City Clerk must exhibit professionalism, leadership, and understanding of issues facing our community. Throughout my career, I have worked with various software, and understand the importance of learning new technology to help streamline processes within a company. Continuing education is also important. I would continue my education as a Southfield City Clerk to achieve a Masters Municipal Clerk (MMC) professional designation.
Derrick F. Hale Married Sharon L. Hale 5 Adult Children Education: Murray-Wright High School, Wayne State University, BA (Communications) Davenport University University (MBA Candidate) Professional Former State Representative 14th House District (1997-2002) Community Organizer, Election Inspector City of Southfield, Community Associations: Magnolia Park Association, Martin Luther King Task Force, Southfield/Lathrup Village Democratic Club, (ACYPL) American Council of Young Political Leaders, German Marshall Fund, (CLUW) Coalition of Labor Union Women

Qualities that I bring to the office of Clerk for the City of Southfield: Leadership being elected State Representative of the 14th House Disrtict I bring leadership to the office of Clerk, as a State Representative for 3 two year terms I served on various committees and serving 87,000 constituents. I have also had the opportunity thru various memberships to study government abroad this information I share with the residents of Southfield. One more important quality I bring to office of Clerk of Southfield, I come from the community.
1. Voter Apathy 2. Redistricting 3. Office of the Clerk

Addressing voter apathy, as the new Clerk of Southfield, I will establish an ambassador program thru the Clerk's office that will go out in to the community and engage the community concerning the importance of voting and how it impacts every person's life.

Addressing the Redistricting process: I want to make sure as the Clerk of Southfield that i will be engaged in the process and making sure that the redistricting lines that the City of Southfield are included in are fair and accurate.

Office of the Clerk: I want to make the office of the Clerk of Southfield is open and Transparent to the citizens of the city of Southfield.. I will provide open forums and community outreach programs that will provide valuable information to the tax payers and citizens of the Southfield
Sherikia Lavette Hawkins is a native Michigander and seasoned City Clerk; serving as a City Clerk in Oakland County for the last 6 years. Sherikia’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Oakland University and her Master’s Degree in Political Science from Eastern Illinois University. She holds the IIMC designation of CMC – Certified Municipal Clerk. Sherikia is the proud wife of Jahquan C. Hawkins; a higher education professional, She is also the loving mother of their only son Donovan.

I am running for Southfield City Clerk because I am passionate about open and honest government, and I pride myself on being extremely responsive to the resident's needs. I will bring strong transparent leadership to the office and I am a leader that believes in civic engagement and collective impact. I will make sure that all residents are well informed this will include consistent voter outreach through voter registration and education drives. Lastly, I am experienced and have administered 13 elections in Oakland County and I am ready to serve on day one.

As a City Clerk I believe that one of the most important priorities will be operational excellence and efficiency. We must continually improve operational processes and enhance our services through efficient and effective methods and solutions to ensure that we are a city that is customer-focused, consistent, responsible, and pro-active.

Secondly, customer service is very important, The City Clerk's office should always provide services in an open and transparent manner, awhile building cooperative partnerships and strong working relationships. The City Clerk's office should be willing to identify opportunities to extend and improve the services that are provided to meet the changing needs of our diverse community and customer base.

Lastly, but certainly very important, The City Clerk's Office must be committed to Civic Engagement. We must enable and promote civic engagement through the electoral process, participation in public meetings, outreach to and partnerships with community organizations, schools, and the business owners in the City of Southfield. logo


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