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THREE 4-year terms (three highest vote totals) and ONE 2-yearterm (fourth highest total).Vote for no more than FOUR.
  • Lloyd C. Crews

  • Myron Frasier

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    Sara Habbo Legal Aid Attorney

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    Harold Hill Sr Territory Marketing Specialist

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    Coretta Houge Manager

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    Nathaniel Lewis Jr. Special Education Teacher/Author/Ordained Minister

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    Michael Ari Mandelbaum Councilman, City of Southfield; Sr. Analyst, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

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    Linnie Taylor Senior Payroll Administrator and Auditor

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Biographical Information

Please provide biographical information and explain why you are running for City office and relevant qualities and skills you would bring to the position.

What are the top 3 Priority Issues that the city should address and what actions would you take regarding each of them?

I am a product of Southfield Public Schools, a proud graduate of Vandenberg Elementary, Thompson Middle School and Southfield-Lathrup High School, and have been a resident for about 17 years. I have learned the importance of service through my experiences in high school, whether through volunteering with FitKids360 or providing free legal services with MACC Legal. I continued to pursue my passion for service through my undergraduate career at University of Detroit - Mercy, and even further through my graduate experience at Michigan State University College of Law by working with the Boys and Girls Club of Lansing and participating in MSU College of Law's Street Law program, teaching high school students about Constitutional Law and its impact on their daily lives. Though I left Southfield for a brief period of time during educational pursuits, I have always had strong ties to the community that helped me build a solid foundation for my aspirations.
There are many priorities that residents have shared, but the most consistent issues were regarding roads, safety, and the focus on businesses over residential needs.

There should be a focus on using quality materials to create durable roads and using innovative methods to make the work sustainable like using plastic to help roads last longer. We must maintain the roads as well, which requires creative methods of snow removal, so that the salt does not erode our streets too quickly.

The way to keep safe neighborhoods is to encourage community policing. Residents can look after each other to encourage community trust with their neighbors. There should be free programing for families, so that kids have activities during the summers to stop petty crimes from happening, as well.

Fostering business growth should not come at the cost of the residents. Large corporations do not need personal property tax abatement. Those taxes can and should be used to serve residents. Small businesses should be supported with creative programs, such as tax credits and abatement, to foster growth.
Harold Hill is an ethical, forward-thinking, visionary leader who has been a resident of the City of Southfield formore than27 years. He began his quest for public office three years ago after being encouraged to attend a city council meeting and seeing what he believed could be better operating efficiencies for this City he loves.Thereafter, he became a regular council meeting attendee. He has had an eagle-eye on the process of running the City and become a well-known, vocal advocate when needed to protect his neighbors. Harold is a formidable advisory, when necessary, and has inspired city leadership to “do the right thing” for residents and Southfield businesses. Harold’s helping nature coupled with his marketing expertise, high energy and passion for Southfield sealed his decision to run for public office. “Listening and learning more about the dynamics that make our city operate and gaining a better understanding of the importance of managing our assets compelled me to step in to my comfort zone and run”, says Harold. “I work in Flint. Access to clean water is paramount.
1 Water and Sewage - We should strive to do better than the EPA or even Southfields standards for municipalities to protect our water. I will seek to monitor the water for better safety for municipalities and the residents and businesses in Southfield..

2 Effective Spending of our Tax Dollars — I plan on being a very active member of the budget committee to insure our tax dollars are spent in the most efficient way. Streamlining the budget post mortgage crisis is key to a financially sound and fiscally fit city.

3 Strong Fire and Police - Maintain a salary for both departments that competes with other municipaolities to retain the best of the best among their teams.
For the past 7 years, I was appointed and reappointed by council and served with due diligence on the city’s ACS Commission, Southfield Employee Retirement Board, and the Southfield RHC Benefits Plan and Trust Board for which I served in leadership positions (selected as Chair several times over), working with city council, the city administrator and other city. Professionally, I’ve served within the health care industry in various leadership roles for nearly 30 years; I’ve served successfully in leadership roles at major health care organizations such as the Henry Ford Health System / Health Alliance Plan (HAP), U of M Health System & Hospital, and currently at BCBSM/BCN. I served students as an adjunct faculty at several local colleges and universities. I hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, graduating Magna Cum Laude. I’m running on a platform of “Accountable and Accessible Governance.” I am not looking for a job or career rather I am competent and eager to be one of seven to serve the city as a council person. Read more about me and my platform at
For more info, please visit

(1) Ordinance 1571 – Probably the most urgent and life-impacting issue within the City now. Bottom line, the City failed to enforce this ordinance over the years by staying on top of certifications of septic systems. Homes have been sold and new owners were not aware of this ordinance and for years their septic systems went unnoticed by the City. The City failed in its obligation to monitor the 3-year certification requirement and now the City should: (i) revamp the certification requirement with a new starting point for all home owners in 2018 and (ii) make it a requirement of home owners selling their properties to disclose this requirement to new owners upon closing.

(2) Road Repairs - Residents have been plagued for years with potholes and crumbling roads; we need to have road repair completed by employees and work more closely with the County/State to better completion timelines and proactive solutions.

(3) Property Development - My plan offers suggestions for Northland and other ideas to bring new development to the City.
Reverend Nathaniel Lewis, Jr. is an educator, ordained minister, public advocate, author, editor, and third degree Prince Hall Mason. Rev. Lewis has twenty years of experience as an educator for Detroit Public Schools, eight years of public office experience as a Trustee of Southfield Public School Board, and eight years of service as an ordained minister at Hartford Memorial Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Charles G. Adams and Co-Pastor Christian Adams. Also, he has obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social and Political Philosophy from University of Michigan and he has earned two Master of Arts degrees. In 2006, he received a Master of Arts degree in Education from Wayne State University, and in 2014 he received his second Master of Arts degree in Religion from Ashland Theological Seminary. For the most part, while studying at University of Michigan, he served as an intern in the United States House of Representatives and the Public Relations Department of the World Headquarters of Ford Motor Company. Awards: Outstanding public service from Mayor Kenson J. Siver
I plan to utilize the skills that I have acquired at the United States House of Representatives, the World Headquarters of Ford Motor Company, eight years of public office experience on Southfield Public School Board along with twenty years of experience as a Special Education Teacher to improve and enhance public safety, education, and job growth. I want to work towards a safer community by adding more street lights to the city and by increasing the number of firemen and policemen who service and protect the community. In regards to education, I want to collaborate with school officials to help every student acquire skills that will prepare them for college and the 21st Century job market, as well as, provide assistance to students who are classified as handicapped or who possess special needs. Equally important, I want to produce jobs for residents in the city by bringing businesses to the community, and by implementing free job training in computer literacy so that all residents of Southfield can be competitive in our vast and dynamic digital economy.
As your councilman, I continue to bring my skills and experiences from my community activism, schooling and work background, and combine it with being a husband and father of 3.

Born in Southfield and a longtime local resident, I’ve been working as your Councilman and community advocate on behalf of ALL men, women and children who live, work, play, learn and worship in our neighborhoods. Raised with a strong spirit of volunteerism, especially to help the disadvantaged, I’m honored to have been involved with Southfield’s Total Living Commission for six years, serving as its Chairman for five of them, working to improve quality of life for residents. I also serve on the board of the Southfield Non-Profit Housing Corporation, and am a member of the Martin Luther King Task Force.

I’m a Senior Analyst at Blue Cross. I have a MBA from Wayne State and a Graduate Certificate in Project Management from LTU.
1) Economy: Continue recruiting & attracting new companies. The last 2 years, 20 new local businesses opened along with 6 major companies, creating over 2,000 jobs & a positive impact in tax revenue. I continue to support the rehab of apartment complexes, adding to housing stock. Redeveloping Northland is a top priority & I am committed to attracting the best developments.

2) Neighborhoods: Prioritizing strong training for our officers to ensure fast response times, proper staffing & equipment. Crime rate has decreased 10 straight years. Collaborating with Public Works to fix roads, sidewalks & sewers. Work with the Non-Profit Housing Board, caring for 3 senior complexes. Work to increase property values revising ordinances.

3) Community: Work with the approved 5-year City Master & 5-year Parks & Rec Plans, ensuring new equipment & increased programming for all residents. Continue working to preserve valuable services to our community. Holding government accountable to its citizens, residents will know where & how money is spent. Using technology to create efficiencies.
I have lived in the City of Southfield for the past thirty years where I have raised four children. I also work in Southfield at Federal Mogul where I work as a Senior Payroll Administrator. Over the last fifteen years I have served on the Library Board, the Board of Canvassers, the Planning Commission, and was unanimously appointed to City Council from 2009-2011.

Between the Planning Commission and City Council I have been involved in several important projects in the city including: Northland,updating the master plan, limiting drilling in residential areas of the city, and preventing the privatization of our EMS services, which would have lead to higher response times for higher prices.

I am endorsed by all of our local officials from local government up to national government including: Southfield Mayor Ken Siver, State Representative Jeremy Moss, State Senator Vincent Gregory, and Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, as well as Rev. Dr. Carlyle F. Stewart III.
My top three priority issues for the City of Southfield are: transparency, sustainability and safety.

I believe the city of Southfield needs to be as transparent as possible so the residents of Southfield can easily access where their taxes are going. As such, I will move that the city of Southfield uses its existing resources to televise all government meetings wherever possible. In addition, I will also support increasing the resources and information that is accessible to the public.

While we are making the government more transparent, we need to focus on sustainability.On the Planning Commission I worked heavily on the master plan, and I will focus on building a Southfield that works for residents and businesses while preserving our beautiful city parks.

Finally, we must support our award-winning fire, police, and safety by giving them the resources they need. I will support upgrading safety equipment wherever necessary and will work with these departments to make sure they have the resources they need to keep up their excellent work logo


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