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Deer Park Community City School District - Board of Education Member- unexpired term ending 12/31/19

Unexpired term ending 12/31/19. One to be elected.
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    Paul Godwin retired Engineering Manager

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Education University of Cincinnati - Bachelor of Science Industrial Management
Occupation retired Engineering Manager
Experience 40 years experience managing and operating large, multiple building facilities.
15 year member Deer Park School Board 1992-2005, 2016-2017 Building & Grounds Committee from 1991, Curriculum Committee, Financial Advisory Committee Volunteered on multiple operating & bond levies Facility mgmt, planning & analysis, project mgmt
Improve student performance and post graduate readiness. Develop student competence, empathy, and character in order for them to become involved and engaged citizens. Align our resources to the district goals and demonstrate good financial stewardship.
Encourage communication with district residents through multiple media methods. Continue to use surveys and small group meetings to listen to community residents and to inform them about current issues and future plans. Respond to community members on a one-to-one basis when appropriate. Being an active participant in school and community. logo


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