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THREE 4-year terms (three highest vote totals) and ONE 2-year term (fourth highest total).Vote for no more than FOUR.
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    Dean Bevacqua Owner, American Newspaper Representatives

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    Stuart Bikson Special Education Teacher

  • Tammy Byers

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    Lynn Campo Sales

  • Ann Peterson

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    Nancy L. Salvia Financial Advisor

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Biographical Information

Please provide biographical information and explain why you are running for City office and relevant qualities and skills you would bring to the position.

What are the top 3 Priority Issues that the city should address and what actions would you take regarding each of them?

I decided to run because Rochester has undergone accelerated growth and change in recent years & I wanted to ensure that the best interests of the people of Rochester remain in the forefront throughout this development process. I am a husband to my wife of 21 years, Melissa and father to our two daughters who are away at college. I have an Advertising Degree from St. Clair College and have spent my career working in the field of advertising. As the owner of a media buying and planning company which does in-depth planning analysis, complex rate negotiation, budget tracking, media buy execution and back-end reconciliation and invoicing, I will bring an analytical mindset and common sense business acumen to the table. Also, my experience over the last seven years as Treasurer, Vice President and recently as President of the Great Oaks Home Owners Association will be beneficial when serving on City Council. Dealing with neighborhood issues, planning and executing beautification projects and social events allowed me to develop and hone skills that are directly transferable to the council.
1) Strike a better balance between spending on residential priorities and business initiatives. Growing residential needs must be more carefully addressed in areas related to core city services, infrastructure maintenance, cautious development, parks, the environment, our history, noise, and traffic. To do so, we will have to pay closer attention to current city budget decisions to ensure resources are being properly allocated to these under-served priorities while maintaining our current commercial success. 2) Improve communications with residents. I think there is an opportunity to engage in social media forums such as my HOA Facebook page in Great Oaks, and other similar forums, when considering major policy changes, tax increases, etc. Better communication leads to better policy. This also touches on transparency. Improved communication fosters trust. 3) Fiscal responsibility and transparency. Ensure effective use of existing resources, prioritizing the entire community’s needs fairly, and making detailed information more accessible and clear will enhance the city’s success.
I have a degree in economics from the University of Michigan and a MBA degree from the University of Wisconsin. I also have a Masters degree in education from Oakland University. I am currently a special education teacher at Waterford Mott High School. I have served on the Rochester City Council since 1999 and have been elected by the people to six consecutive terms. I have served as Mayor for four years and Mayor Pro Tem for six years. I am currently the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners for the Older Persons Commission (OPC). I believe that I can offer the city strong experience that can immediately contribute to the success of Rochester. I believe in a strong police and fire departments, fiscal responsibility and having a small tax burden for our residents. I also believe in providing the city with outstanding city services. I have a strong record on these issues and will continue to work on these issues if I am reelected to council.
1. Maintain a strong and effective police force and fire department. I believe that a great city is a safe city and I have supported the police and fire departments in the past and will continue to support our excellent police force and fire department into the future. Maintaining our local police and fire departments is essential for the success of our city.

2. I will continue to fight to keep our taxes down. Since I have been on council, taxes have been reduced by 19.6% and I will continue to fight for low taxes and efficient government services. Maintaining our low tax rates makes Rochester a great place to live.

3. Reducing the excessive water rates. I voted against the huge increases in water rates and will continue to work to reduce the waters rates in the City of Rochester. The water rates in Rochester need to be reduced and a new water rate structure needs to be adopted.
My husband and I purchased our house in downtown Rochester in 1994, but I have been in the area since 1970 when we moved here from Ohio. I attended Rochester schools and graduated from Adams in 1976. After high school I attended Oakland and graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and Public Administration. I decided to run for City Council at the urging of several people and I have strong feelings towards our city and an enormous sense of pride in the character of our city. Recently there have been some changes I feel don't reflect the true sense of our character. I am a detailed oriented person with an excellent head for numbers that helps in managing finances and balancing a budget. I feel that being an outsider with no preconceived notions will afford me the flexibility of fairness in making decisions regarding the running, the perception of, and prosperity of our city. I feel that it is my time to be of service to a city that has been very good to me. It is service and not self service that will bring our city to it's full potential.
Main Street Image would be my top priority. Being the oldest city on Oakland County should still mean something and history should not be eradicated for modernization. Attracting businesses to the downtown area is a priority but helping them to stay here should also be a consideration of the city. We need to find ways to attract people to the downtown area.

Population. We should be trying to attract young families into the area to fill our playgrounds and our schools. We should also be giving our aging population some special compensation with regards to taxes and services.

Budgeting. The current council has done a good job overall, but there will always be room for improvement. Sometimes some of the beautification projects need to be put on hold in favor of the more mundane but necessary ones. We need to take a really close look at the budget to find areas where a little tightening can be obtained with minimal impact.
I am running for Rochester City Council because the city needs me. There are two very experienced council members stepping down. I have the experience, skills and personality Rochester needs. I am a proven leader as a former Chrysler (FCA) Auto Executive for 18 years in Procurement & Supply. Over the past 10 years I have enjoyed the challenges of business ownership and have established and grown a successful financial planning and investment business managing approx. $100M of clients assets. Serving and giving back to the community is one of my core values and I have served extensively as a volunteer and board member throughout Rochester and the Greater Detroit area. The specific skills and personal attributes I would bring to Rochester City council are: Education: BS of Business Miami of Ohio, MBA - University of Detroit and College of Financial Planning - financial certificates. I am a logical thinker with strong communication and listening skills. I have the time, energy and personality to do the work to serve Rochester on City Council.
My top 3 priorities if elected are:

1)Fiscal Responsibility – Implement 20+ year infrastructure plan (water, sewer and roads) focused on preventative maintenance and reduced costs. Purchasing process review.

2)Transparency and Communication – Improved multi year budget, Regular communication to tax payers on status to budget, promote proactive and timely communication from all departments of the city to the citizens.

3)Celebrated Community Lifestyle - continued hometown/mainstreet charm, prioritize smart economic development, promote a safe and secure community. logo


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