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TWO 4-year terms (Two highest vote totals) TWO 2-year terms (Third and fourth highest vote totals).Vote for up to FOUR
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    Amy Aubry Senior Policy Analyst

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    Anja Barmettler Software Consultant

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    Charles E. Gladue Territory Manager for Advantage Sales and Marketing

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    Steve Gorsline (Write-In) Retired Healthcare

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    Bethany Holland Retired

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    Andy LeCureaux Entrepreneur, Andrew's Appliance Installation

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    Alissa Sullivan Entrepreneur

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Biographical Information

Please provide biographical information and explain why you are running for City office and relevant qualities and skills you would bring to the position.

What are the top 3 Priority Issues that the city should address and what actions would you take regarding each of them?

City-level government has always been a passion of mine, ever since I used to watch city council meetings with my mom. I currently work in city government - the City of Detroit - as a Senior Policy Analyst. Previously I worked for the Wayne County Commission as a researcher/analyst and at Wayne State University researching methods of economic development. I have degrees in Political Science and Public Administration. I feel my passion for city government, combined with my work history and education, make me an excellent candidate for Hazel Park City Council.

I made the decision to get more politically involved and run for office in 2015 when residents were fighting discriminatory breed-specific legislation. I realized that legislation wasn't the only thing harming our city and believed I could offer a new perspective and ideas to make Hazel Park an even better place to live. Especially now, with several current members not seeking re-election, I'm hoping residents will place their confidence in me to make the hard decisions and improve our quality of life.
Hazel Park needs to improve our parks, economic development, and the budget. Quality of life should be one of the things that guide our legislators' decisions. We need to invest in economic activities that improve our quality of life by encouraging businesses that help make our main corridors (John R & 9 Mile) more attractive and walkable through good stewardship. Our parks need modernized facilities and greater beautification through rain gardens, more native plants, and educational opportunities like monarch habitats. Through better place-making and more attractive business corridors and neighborhoods, we will continue to attract new residents and businesses at a faster pace. Lastly, our budget is plagued by long-term liabilities and aging infrastructure. While residents have consistently supported higher taxes to keep us out of emergency management, we need to boost revenues from our city-owned assets so we rely less on the taxing of residents.

While we’ve done well so far, we can do better and I believe some new energy and a fresh perspective will help.
I am a Hazel Park resident for the past 15 years and my background is Electrical Engineering. For the past 15 years I have been working as a Software Consultant. This occupation involves analyzing businesses in regards to their work-flows and procedures to find solutions for the businesses to be able to improve their efficiency and productivity. I bring this and listening skills to the table.

I am running for Council since Hazel Park is at a critical moment in time. Decisions made will impact each of us now and in the future. I care deeply for our community.

I am a member of a Hazel Park Service Group and participate in several Hazel Park Civic groups including the Hazel Park Neighborhood watch program.

1. Code and Building Property values have been negatively impacted by Code and Buildings lack of addressing substandard properties. Accurate, usable and updated on-line information made available to the public will help. Follow ups made by Code and Building Employees are a necessity to correct this.

2.Walkable and Bike-able districts throughout Hazel Park The lack of crosswalks and ADA compliant corners on many of our most traveled paths are an issue. Working with Schools and DDA to identify most used routes by students and shoppers will help to identify those areas for improvement. Creation of new crosswalks, bike paths and ADA Compliant sidewalks are a priority.

3. John R Corridor The stretch between Eight and Nine Mile Road is lacking approachable Retail and Dining options. Redevelopment of the corridor needs to include the entire John R corridor starting from 8-Mile going up to 10-Mile Road.
I am a 22 year resident of the city. I am currently serving on the city's Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Tax Review Board. I am also Vice-Chair Of the Hazel Park Historical Commission and was responsible for setting up the Historical Museum. I decided to run for Council this time around because of seats were opening up, and I thought my experiences on the various boards and commissions would be an asset. I considered it two years ago, however I did not want to run against any of the incumbents. I know them all and respected the fine job they were doing, and I plan on continuing the direction they have set forth.

I'm a listener. I think that any office holders main job is to listen to the citizens concerns and act on them if they are truly valid. I do realize that some valid concerns can not be address, due to limitations within the city's government, such as resources, however I will do whatever I can to answer any concerns, not jus give them lip service. I am very accessible by being out there in the community,
First we need to get the building and code department in order. This includes going after all the unlicensed rental properties within the city. We need to beef-up this department by adding more personal, of which the costs will be offset by the increase in fines and licenses . The payoff will be less dilapidated properties, a major concern with a lot of people I have talked to.

Secondly, Code Enforcement needs to be addressed, . I know lot of residents who have gotten warning letters about small infractions, however they look next door or across the street and see an abandoned dilapidated house , and they have been looking at that for YEARS. This is unacceptable. Again more code officers with better TRAINING is the key, and the costs would be offset by the increase in revenue generated.

The third challenge I see for the city is the budget. Although it has been balanced, I see some major challenges ahead, including rising legacy costs and infrastructure upgrades, Until Heedlee and Prop A go away, this will be a concern, and I will do whatever I can to address this.
Retired from US Federal Civil Service with over 20 years in the Health services field.

I put in 25 years in the US Military. Presently serving with the US Coast Guard. I am a graduate of Madonna University with a Bach degree in Criminal Justice & a 1 year Certificate in Business Management from Neosho College.

I am running for City Council because the City Council of Hazel Park has taken care of its "friends" and not cared about the High taxes levied on its working citizens.

I am not "friends" with any one currently in City Goverment, so I have no allegiance to anyone other than the people of Hazel Park who pay these HIGH city's taxes.

I bring a new vision that focuses on stabilizing tax revenues & expenses. Presently, there is a lot of waste in City Government. I will not keep people on the payroll just because they are my friends. "If your skills are needs: we'll keep you". One of my primary tasks in my years of working in Civil Service was to cut wasteful expenditures. I have a good eye for waste in government with numerous awards for anti waste suggestions.
My 3 top priorities:

1). We have a $7 million dollar ice arena but the needs of our Seniors has been ignored: Sell the Ice Arena & start helping our Seniors.

2). We have a Street Lighting Tax because City Government had to find a way to get around the Headlee Amendment and Proposal "A": Cut the Street Lighting Tax and work on getting the fees from the ordinances that are ignored.

3) The City of Hazel Park has so much waste with Personnel costs, unused equipment & unforced ordinances: Cut under utilized positions, sell idle equipment while it's still worth any money & start getting tough with zoning ordinances.
51 10 year resident Sales/Marketing

For the past 7 years I have been a dedicated volunteer with Hazel Park Schools – many Hazel Park City, Civic & Service groups. I've served on the Hazel Park ZBA and Tax Review Board. I have listened to residents concerns and worked to resolve issues.

I'm running to continue serving the community I love. My professional background in Sales/Marketing is a strength when seeking opportunities to benefit Hazel Park.
HOUSING. Improving/maintaining current housing stock and attracting new construction to fit all ages/lifestyles. 1. Identify build-able lots and market them for new construction 2. Identify commercial properties suitable for redevelopment into mixed use

CODE/BUILDING DEPARTMENTS. Although, very recently, much needed changes made – both departments need updating in how they conduct business. 1. Professional training on Customer Service, knowledge of codes, permit requirements and – no typo – CUSTOMER SERVICE! 2. Hiring a dedicated Department head -- ONLY job is managing the day to day Code/Building Departments operations.

FINANCIAL STABILITY. Unpredictable State Shared Revenues continue to be our biggest challenge. However, there is one important thing we can control. Our property values. Addressing blight not only increases our property values – it attracts new investment.

In 1979 I graduated from R.O. Kimball High School and from the Appliance Repair Course at S.E.O.V.E.C. the South East Oakland Vocational Education Center. During my 19 years of in-home appliance service I developed listening and critical thinking skills. Sometimes I would find the source of the problem was the incorrect installation of the appliance not the actual appliance itself. This led me to start my own business Andrew's Appliance Installation in 1999. Service is the business I've been in and service to my community is why I am running for City Council again. In 2001 when I was first elected, I had no idea how bad the financial health of the city really was. We have teetered on the brink of bankruptcy for many years, and only with help of Hazel Park Residents and Employees have we been able remain the Captains of Our ship. Great things are happening in Hazel Park everywhere you look, 8 Mile and Dequindre, 10 Mile and Couzens and along JohnR with new restaurants. We have our own Art Fair. But we aren't out of the woods yet and I am asking for your vote to continue Our progress.
Financial health, Quality of life and Ethics are 3 areas that we are addressing. When things are going well and starting to look up, we must do some self examination into the way we operate with the goal of operating with the highest Ethical Standards ! In regards to the recent embezzlement allegations, we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. We have had a lot of positive change in Hazel Park; the Tri County Commerce Center and the development at 8 Mile and Dequindre will bring JOBS to our city which adds to the quality of life along with the restaurants and brewery on JohnR and more things to come. The current Mayor and I co-founded the Hazel Park Arts Council and we just had our 6th Annual Art Fair in August. Arts are important for quality of life and also work as economic development tools. We are working with the Michigan Municipal League to educate the State Legislators to reform the way cities are funded in MI. Educating myself through the MML and other sources helps me to be more effective as a Councilman. Service is part of being a public servant. Please vote.
Address Hazel Park
Purchased my first home here in Hazel Park 16 years ago, when I was 24. Prior to purchasing I rented in the neighborhood for several years. I moved because it felt familiar to the town I grew up in, Berkley.

As a resident for 18 years, I felt there was a need for representation from a younger voice in our city politics. I want to be able learn from the experience of the long standing members of our City Council, and bring my volunteer experience and enthusiasm to the table to see what we can accomplish together.

Public service is a fundamental part of my life. I have been volunteering since I was 18 years old.

Currently I am a commissioner on the Hazel Park Planning Commission and I am a member of the Hazel Park Arts Council. I was a co-chair this year in planning the 6th annual Hazel Park art fair. I also co founded an arts initiative to bring free art to children during our Hazel Park Growers and Makers Market. Previously I ran a successful campaign for City Council where I learned a lot about the needs and concerns of my neighbors.
1- I plan to address our current issues with Transparency by seeking additional resources to let residents access information, from posting contact information for current administration, to including agendas & council meetings online via our city newsletter/YouTube channel. Also seeking ways to get this information in print so all neighbors have the ability to find this information.

2- Setup roundtable discussions with nonprofit & volunteer organizations within the city. I want to provide more opportunities for these groups to work together - more services reaching more residents.

3- I plan to address the plight of renters. I hope to strengthen the penalty structure for non-compliant landlords, thus giving renters a leg to stand on when fighting for their right to a safe living situation. I also plan to create a landlords association, so that the city and compliant property owners can work together to address issues that face our rental community ​for both tenants and landlords. logo


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